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My name is Khanat (nickname is Canat)

Since 1 , I started to work as English speaking guide for European, Japanese and American photographers and writers from BBC, Nat.Geo, Patagonia, Dutch Nat. TV and Japanese TV9 by all over Mongolia.

One can read a book called “Eagle Dreams” written by Steve Bodio, where you can find Kazakh Eagle hunting history and legends. Also how I started my business based on this unique Altai Kazakh culture.

We are operating as a tour operator since 1 . We are expert for adventure and cultural tours within Mongolia (specially western, northern and southern parts). Have worked with many professional photographers for Kazakh Eaglehunting, Reindeers /Tsaatan Culture and Gobi desert.

We emphasize the quality of human contacts and encounters with local people. Respect for the horse and local equestrian traditions, from which many lessons can be learnt. Shared adventures. To travel with us means travel with the horses and the local people in the great outdoors, choosing the life of the nomad. It is an active holiday calling for some effort but with moments of complete relaxation and pleasure.

We are able to provide trips to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan upon request.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Kazakh Eagle hunting culture and explore mystical places, expert and professional guide for trekking and cultural tours in western, southern and northern areas of Mongolia, Russian Altai, mountain areas of Kazakhstan

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 26

17 open listings

4 received reviews (100% positive, 4/4)


This is one of our memorable trip. It gave us a lot of unique experiences. We were enchanted by the Western Mongolia beautiful scenery. The guide was very helpful and the driver was skillful and resourceful in the Western Mongolia. Long drive in Gobi Desert, we got a chance to see the changes of landscape and weather.

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Yoke Chan

It was a wonderful trip that was organised by Khanat. He had ensured our safety during the trip and communicated a lot before our trip. This trip was not only about scenery but a well blend of local culture, a very memorable one that I will not forget and definitely want to participate other tours organised by Khanat. The crew included a cook, 3 drivers and an English speaking guide, food prepared by the cook was really good. 3 drivers were really good with the road condition and able to solve any problem during the roadtrip, our english speaking guide was also really well communicated and knowledgeable. Most importantly, we got along very well. Thank you everyone for giving us such a memorable trip.

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The team Canat put together were excellent and looked after me very well. Very considerate, good food, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and great help in the rather arduous park conditions for a 75 yr old. Enjoyed travelling the countryside very much. The only disappointment was the lack of wildlife viewing.


Our trip through Mongolia was absolutely amazing. It was something my friend and I will never forget.

Our guide Bakhitgul and her team (Lussia and Idos) were simply amazing showing us around Western Mongolia. We experienced so much of the beautiful Mongolian landscape and culture which we will be forever grateful.

I would highly recommend this trip, and Khanat to anybody looking to tour through Mongolia.

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