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I'm Norwegian. I love to travel and to do hiking, and I'm really looking forward to travel in Kyrgyzstan.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Travelling, hiking

Country: Norway

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

About my trip: Now I have further planned my holiday in Central-Asia and Kyrgyzstan. I would like to do a 1-day hiking tour in Ala Archa National Park and then 4 days in the Karakol area included some hiking - or something quite similar. Totally 5 days, starting and ending in Bishkek. I will do my travelling in the period 13. - 17. August. Early on 18. August I have a flight back to Europe from Bishkek. Please let my know if you can arrange such a trip for me. What will the cost be (in USD) for one person? Best regards Knut Johansen

Travel month: August 2019

Number of days: 4

Number of persons: 1

Status: Booked

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Yes. Mr. Knut is soul responsible and kind man i have ever seen. He is really enjoing his life. Because he has been travelling about 80 countries. He likes hiking.

So Mr. Knut saw and hiked very many places. He really enjoyed and delighted

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Last seen 9 months ago