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I have skills for office job, house-holding and extreme activities. But the key is - everything I do, I do with great level of responsibility. My favorite thing in any activities is organization. The team-buildings, corporate event, family party or active vacation. I always try to find a way to make it especial.
I really love new impressions and experience and I enjoy exploring both the beauty and treasure of local nature as cultural heritage of world's capitals.

To met new people and share with them with abundance of our Nature is best way to tap my skills interests.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: As a daughter of climber I spent my formative years climbing, camping, trekking, rock-climbing and different competitions. It defined my interests. I accumulate the experience and memories from my adventures.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 5

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Kristina is very professional, trustworthy and reliable. I had an enjoyable Almaty City tour with her. She has very good knowledge of the city, its main attractions and the history behind it. In terms of communication, she has good English communication skills and very easy to talk to. I am happy to recommend her for any tours in and around Almaty.

Tarundeep about listing Almaty 7 months ago.

She’s so nice and everything went smoothly. I covered all Almaty in one day! She even sent me to airport After long day in Almaty. Thank you Kristina

Amira about listing Almaty one day tour 9 months ago.

Kristina has been an exceptional guide and a smooth driver on our trip to Big Almaty Lake. Prompt, affable and polite , Kristina turned out to be an exceptional Indy-Guide sharing with us loads of local information. I highly recommend her services for any one visiting Kazakhstan, and, Almaty in particular.

Meenakshi about listing Almaty Lake booking 9 months ago.

Everything's went smoothly, Kristina was amazing, very nice and intelligent young women . Very professional. Highly recommend her. Thank you Kristina.


I had a 3 hour guided tour in Almaty where Kristina did a very good job. Well prepared and shared about Almaty in an enthusiastic way. Her family stories from Almaty was also interesting. And good English skills. Will much recommend her.

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