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Hey there, I'm Kuba. 

After Graduate from French business school, i'm come back to my lovely land and take my lovely job. Since 2005, I accompanied more than 60 groups and more than 750 tourists. 

At this time, I work as a local partner of several europeen agencies. 

I'm glad to offer you all kind of customized adventure and discovery tours depending on your budget preference.

I'll be happy to share with you the best image of our nomad's culture.

kindly yours, 


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Horseback ruiding guide, Middle mountain guide, Cultural guide. Travel, history, culture, entertainment.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 15

5 open listings

4 received reviews (75% positive, 3/4)


We enjoyed ourselves. Kuba organized a very nice tour and is trustworthy.

ruth about listing jeep tri 4 persons 2 years ago.

Well, I’ll try to be fair here.

Kuba might be great if you’re a French tour group, wanting to do the standard things, but I’d have to say not great for independent travellers.

For a start, having received lots of offers from various guides via Indy Guide, I chose Kuba because he sounded like he knew what he was doing. Then a week before I arrived I discovered that he wasn’t going to take us but had sub-contracted two other guides (both of which I’d already declined via Indy Guide).

So, If you’re going to use Indy Guides, make sure you ask if they are actually the ones who are going to be taking you.

Having agreed a plan, which included 4 days of horse trekking, it turned out that the guide for that part of the trip was more interested in doing what was familiar and easy for him, so we never did get to do the route we agreed. I should also add that this was great fun, if a little touristy.

Lastly, the problem with all of the guides in Kyrgyzstan appears to be that they are so used to tourists wanting to do ‘sights’ they are completely unused to independent travellers wanting more of an authentic experience, like wandering around an interesting village or chatting to local people in the market.

In hindsight, I would have been far better off just hiring a driver to get me to Kochor or Naryn and then organise each experience from there.

I have no problem paying good money for a great experience and expect any guides I hire to put in the extra effort to deliver it. I can only hope that guides in Kyrgyzstan gradually develop more sensitive ways of working with independent travellers rather than standard tour group formula.


Very well, Kuba was very reactive and made sure we have everything we needed. So far, perfect :)

Delphine about listing Osh - Bishkek in 4 days 3 years ago.

We met Kuba in Bishkek in April 2017. He is experienced, a nice and reliable guy and speaks English.

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