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We organize trips to the Pamir and Tien Shan mountains, the most beautiful and remote corners of our planet. The mountains of Pamir are called “The Roof of the World” by travelers from all over the world. These majestic mountains really touch the sky, the highest point is Kongur peak (7,719 meters) in the eastern Pamirs. Therefore, when you look at the mountains at their foot, it seems that the mountains of the Pamirs are the real Roof of the World. And when you look from the top of the mountains, you find that it is a knot that diverges in different directions. to the world's highest mountain ranges, such as the Karakorum and the Himalayas in the south, the Hindu Kush in the west and the Tien Shan in the northeast.

 We also organize tours to the regions of Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.

       Kyrgyzstan is a country with its fabulous, charming and alluring natural beauty. And the country warmly welcomes every traveler who comes to this wonderful country and shares its beauty with the hospitality of the people of Central Asia. It is absolutely impossible to say everything about Kyrgyzstan right away, because it is practically not feasible, because nature is so diverse and the tourist potential is so huge. You should definitely visit the two cities of Bishkek and Osh in Kyrgyzstan.

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My family and some friends, group of 20 people, had a wonderful trip in the Pamirs in July 2018. This was only made possible with Kuba and his team's planning and assistance. Kuba arranged the route/transportation/lodging. He and his team of guides and drivers were very professional and helpful. In fact Kuba himself is an expert on Pamirs geography and culture. The trip took us all the way from Dushanbe to Osh, across the Pamirs plateau via legendary M41. And we also ventured off road into the heart of Big Pamir, arriving at the magnification Zorkul lake. This is a trip of lifetime, both in terms of landscape and culture. Kuba's service is highly recommended.

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We were the first clients Kuba took to the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan in July 2018. We had a great time! After driving through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, we spent three nights in the Wakhan, visiting Sultan Ishkashim, Khandud and Kala-i-Panja. Kala-i-Panja has an interesting ruined fort, and Sultan Ishkashim’s bazaar is worth checking out. There is a very small bazaar in Khandud too. We stayed in the Marco Polo guesthouse in Sultan Ishkashim (good food) and Shah Ismail’s guesthouse in Kala-i-Panja (nice rooms).

While it is expensive, and there are security concerns, we enjoyed our time in the Wakhan. The views of the mountains are quite different on the other side of the valley. Sultan Ishkashim is strikingly different in culture from the Tajik side, with women wearing blue burqas in the streets and men wearing kurtas. A few kilometres up the valley, the culture changes again and Wakhi women wear colourful clothing and some do not wear headscarves.

Kuba is a careful and safe driver. He takes great care and pride in keeping his vehicle clean and tidy for guests. This is something of a miracle in the Wakhan, where the “road” is incredibly dusty! His Mitsubishi Montero was reliable and comfortable. There are not many cars in the Wakhan corridor, so we enjoyed being able to travel with a driver we trusted and in a car we were familiar with.

One of the advantages of using Kuba’s services is that he speaks a lot of languages. Obviously he speaks Russian and Kyrgyz, but he also speaks good Wakhi which is very useful since most of the people in the Wakhan outside of Sultan Ishkashim speak Wakhi, as do the Tajik border guards. He also speaks some Tajik, which is similar to the Dari language spoken in Sultan Ishkashim.

Kuba says that his English is not very good, but actually it is completely fine for 95% of situations you need to talk about! It is good enough for him to tell jokes and explain things about the sights you see on the road. For really complex matters, he has Google Translate on his phone. He can arrange English-speaking guides if you want, but we did not have one.

Kuba has a number of contacts in Afghanistan, including local guides and guesthouse operators. However, communications are unreliable on the Afghan side, and the limited number of hiking guides can be out of cellphone reception for weeks at a time, so be prepared to wait. Similarly, although Kuba is usually quite fast to respond on WhatsApp and email, he does not have a secretary. Parts of the Pamir Highway do not have cell phone reception, and during the tourist season he is driving most days, so you may need to be patient while he answers the many messages he receives.


Kuba has organized our tour very well. He has always been kind and helpful. It gave us the chance to know a country and some wonderful people.


We really enjoyed our 16 days in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan with Kuba and Nicky. Kuba was very organised, he arranged great accomodation and was always happy to stop for us to take photos. The car was reliable and comfortable and we felt very safe with Kuba’s driving. Would definitely recommend!

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I came across Indy Guide and all of the guides and their different tours. I finally made my choice to contact Kuba (guide) and we organized a wonderful 15 day Jeep - tour starting in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and ending in Osh1, Kyrgyzstan.

He fetched me at my hotel in Dushanbe and off we were on this adventure. Kuba was friendly, helpful, patient and disciplined throughout the whole tour.

His knowledge about all the different landscapes, villages, people, culture and history is exceptional.

Kuba was always willing to stop whenever I wanted to take photos, videos and get some footage. He also always made sure that I am satisfied and happy with how things are going.

I really enjoyed the tour, never had a dull moment or bad experience whatsoever! Therefor I recommend you to use Kuba if you are looking for one of the best experiences of your life.

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ubanych met me on the Tajikistan border and after 2 weeks we ended up in Bishkek.

It was a most interesting trip which took me to many interesting and, sometimes, remote places and gave me an infinite opportunity to meet local people and to photograph.

Kuba was a most pleasant and knowledgeable guide and we had a most relaxed trip together. He was always ready to stop for a photograph even when it was 45deg. outside.

His interest and involvement in whatever we were doing was unexpected and added a lot to this trip. His local awareness and preparation as well as his flexibility were very much appreciated.

Kyrgystan and the Pamir are the most amazing locations and to visit them with a local guide just adds to their value.The type of experience is seemingly endless and often so unexpected.

I cannot thank Kuba enough for his outstanding efforts to ensure the richness of my trip and the friendship which developed over this time.

cheers, Rob

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Kubanych was a great guide and communicated very well with me prior to arrival. He checked up on me constantly after we departed to ensure I didn't need anything. Highly recommended! No issues whatsoever.


It was a great tour !

Kubanych and his interpreter have been polite, funny and well organized companions, who have been very flexibel, when I wanted to change routes, etc.

They allways kept their word and have been very reliable. Their knowledge about Kyrgyzstan is excellent, as well as their SUV-car was. We hadn t any breakdowns and K. is an excellent, save driver.

I can fully recommend him for organising and executing a tour through Kyrgyzstan.

Some minor negative aspects are not important to mention.

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