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I'm an American Expat who moved to Kyrgyzstan in 2012 and is loving life living with nomads, riding motorcycles and horses, driving 4x4s, and just life in general in the Tian Shan Mountains. My primary work is with cars and 4x4s providing rental services to travelers who want to start in Bishkek and travel through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. In 2016 my wife and I also purchased a Bed and Breakfast (Guesthouse) in Bishkek and would be happy to host you when you come through. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Camping, Outdoors, Travel, 4x4s, Motorcycles

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Destination countries: Kyrgyzstan

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I rented a self-drive car to go from Bishkek to Tadjikistan (Pamir Highway). The Ford Ranger was a good car and in good condition. Ryan is a friendly guy who knows the country very well. I can definitly recommend Ryan. He runs a well organised professional car rental. On my way I met other self-drivers with a bit cheaper cars from ther companies: they suddenly weren't allowed to cross the boarder to Tadjikistan or had problems with their cars very often.

David about listing Ford Ranger 4x4 expedition vehicle 4 months ago.
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We met Ryan during our Central Asia trip in 2016. He's a very nice and reliable guy. We can recommend his services.

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