Bishkek City Tour on weekends - Feel the hospitality

Are you looking for a personal guide in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan?

Кыргызстанга Кош Келиниз!

Добро пожаловать в Кыргызстан!

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!

Willkommen in Kirgistan!

It is my pleasure to offer you an unforgettable city tour in the heart of Central Asia. You will explore many new things for yourself and enrich your mental furniture.

Bishkek is well known for its variety of monumental Soviet architecture (Philharmonic, Opera and Ballet Theater, Ala-Too square, Old square, Government buildings, Historical Museum, Victory Square) but modern monuments depicting traditional Kyrgyz culture are also featured (Monument of national hero Manas, Kurmanjan Datka, Monument of Independence). We will also visit Russian Orthodox Church and Mosque in the city.

Bishkek is full of shops and restaurants of different cuisines so you will easily find the dish you like during your stay. The city is also famous for being one of the greenest in the world, due to its countless parks and alleys.

During your tour you will be able to try national food "Besh-Barmak", "Kuurdak", "Shorpo", "Plov", "Manty", "Oromo", taste the national bread "Boorsok", "Mai Tokoch", drink Kyrgyz beverages "Kumiz", "Shoro", "Maksym", traditional tea with milk and adding crystallized natural sugar "Navat"and etc. Visit the local Osh bazaar to buy a beautiful handmade souvenirs from felt, leather and wood, silk scarfs for a very low price for your loved ones. Enjoy the shopping of one of the best dried fruits from every corner of the country and learn to bargain with the local sales persons. You will try Kyrgyz honey and learn how to bake a Kyrgyz bread in outdoors.You will have a chance to take a walk in the open-air Art gallery of local artists and admire the beautiful paintings. You may even purchase the painting and hang it in your home in remembrance of your trip to Kyrgyzstan.

At the end of the tour we will take a walk in Ala-Too square and in the green boulevard "Erkindik" which means "Freedom", Old square and enjoy the evening life in Bishkek.

You will learn the history of the country from a real Kyrgyz lady who was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan.

During your stay I will make sure that you will live at least one day like a Kyrgyz people.

You will enjoy every moment of your life in Kyrgyzstan and I believe it will be one of your best travel experiences ever!

So, I invite you to be my guest.

Included services:
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Entrance fees (i.e. parks, events)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Accommodation (Hotel)
Transport: Minivan