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Beijing-Shanghai 7-Day Tour

Day 1

Meet at designated locations, fly to Beijing, the capital, and pick up at Beijing. Live in Beijing (including dinner)

Day 2

after breakfast, visit the world's largest city center square [Tiananmen Square] (about 120 minutes) to present a photo of the Tiananmen team family portrait, leaving your beautiful figure; visit [Mao Chairman Memorial Hall] (in case of policy closure, only Visit the exterior), then visit the world's largest existing palace complex [The Palace Museum] (about 120 minutes). After lunch, walked in the filming area of the old artillery [Houhai]. The sea is a place where there is water and can see the mountains, the floating land of the weeping willows, the houses and residents on the shore, the surrounding palaces and celebrities' former residences are more paved with Beijing flavor and The infinite charm of history. After the scene, you can enjoy the [large-scale Olympic performance] (the ticket is 380 yuan). settle down in hotel after visiting. Live in Beijing (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 3

After breakfast, take a bus to Changping District, Beijing to visit one of the world's eight wonders [Badaling Great Wall] (tickets have 150 minutes). Enjoy the spectacular scenery of Yanshan and Juyongguan along the way. After the Chinese meal, return to the city to visit the National Stadium “Bird's Nest”, the National Aquatics Center “Water Cube”, the National Stadium, the Linglong Tower and other magnificent high-tech stadium buildings. Photographed on the background of [Bird's Nest] and [Water
Cube], and the appearance of the world's second 7-star hotel - Pangu 7 Star Hotel. After to visit the famous Park [Yuanmingyuan] (pass in the park to explain) (120 minutes). settle down in hotel after visiting. Live in Beijing (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 4

after breakfast, go to the Qing Dynasty and is also the most beautiful royal garden in the world. [The Summer Palace] (about 2 hours). Its predecessor was Qingyi Garden. It is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, 15 kilometers from the city, covering about two hundred and ninety hectares, adjacent to Yuanmingyuan. It is based on Kunming Lake and Wanshou Mountain, and is based on Hangzhou West Lake. It is a large-scale landscape garden built by the design method of Jiangnan Garden. It is also the most preserved royal palace, known as the “Royal Garden Museum”. . After the Chinese food delivery station, take a bus to Shanghai. Live in Shanghai (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 5

After breakfast, go to the [Shanghai CCP General Assembly Site] (about 60 minutes). The Memorial Hall of the CCP General Assembly Site is the residence of Li Shucheng, the brother of Li Hanjun, the Shanghai representative of the "one big" of the CCP. It is a Shikumen Building. Here we can trace the history of the birth of the Communist Party of China and recall the great moment. The memorial hall was built in 1952 and consists of a "large" conference room, a CCP-created history showroom and a temporary exhibition room for revolutionary history.
After the tour [Oriental Pearl], located in the center of the Lujiazui financial district on the Huangpu River, 360° overlooking the panoramic view of Shanghai, reflecting the cloud walk. Visit Shanghai History and Culture Exhibition Hall to experience the historical and cultural changes in Shanghai. The two sides of the Pujiang River represent Shanghai as the symbol and epitome of Shanghai. It brings together the essence of Shanghai's urban landscape and feels the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.
After visiting the [China Art Palace], it is an art museum located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China. It is located in the former China Pavilion of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Its predecessor was the Shanghai Art Museum, which was founded in 1956, in October 2012. Moved to the current site on the 1st and changed its name to the China Art Palace. The museum is mainly composed of Chinese modern and contemporary art works, with more than 14,000 collections, a total construction area of 160,000 square meters, a display area of 64,000 square meters, and 27 exhibition halls. Check into the hotel after dinner.

Day 6

After breakfast, visit the “Shanghai Museum”, located in the People’s Square in the center of Shanghai. It is a large ancient Chinese art museum featuring bronze, ceramics, calligraphy and painting. The collection is rich in quality and exquisite in quality. Enjoy high reputation at home and abroad.

After the tour [Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street], a world-famous commercial street in Shanghai, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the whole stadium is 1033 meters, the road width is 18-28m, the total land is about 30,000 square meters, west from Tibet Middle Road, east to Henan Middle Road There is a dark red marble screen at both ends of the east and west. The above is the six characters of "Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street" written by President Jiang Zemin. Nanjing Road has a history of more than 100 years.
After the tour [Bund], it used to be the scenery of Shanghai Shiliyangchang, the Bund east of Huangpu River, south of Yan'an East Road, north to the Waibaidu Bridge on the Suzhou River, west by Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Chinese and Western. The central Shanghai financial center and the
concentration belt of foreign trade institutions consisting of 52 classically-reformed buildings of different styles, such as the wall. Check in at the hotel after the end.

Day 7

After breakfast, visit [Chengdu Temple] is located in the south of Huangpu District, near the Yuyuan Garden. Legend has when the Three Kingdoms were founded by Wu Sunsun. During the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, it was transformed from the original Jinshan Temple. There are three cities in the Chenghuang Temple, namely Huo Guang, Qin Yubo and Chen Huacheng. The front hall is dedicated to the Jinshan god Huoguang, the main hall for the city god Qin Yubo, the back hall is the palace. In the past 100 years, the Chenghuang Temple has been transformed

from a temple market into a shopping mall. There is a memorial archway built in 1535 in front of the door. The stage was built in 1865.
After lunch, according to the number of trains, send group timely.

1.On October 4th, Beijing South-Shanghai Hongqiao High-speed Railway G9 times, 12:00-16:36.

2.[Full stay in Beijing, Shanghai, accommodation, tickets, transportation, meals, etc., total cost: 2800$/ person]

Note: This fee does not include visa and airfare from the departure point to Beijing, as well as visa and airfare from Shanghai to the place of departure.

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