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Day 1 arrival to airport, pick up with a comfortable 4x4 car, drive to Bishkek (30kms) morning coffee after we do a city tour in capital city Bishkek (visits of main square Ala-Too, seeing parlament house, museum, the big statue of in, square of victory dedicated to the fallen of the second world war. accomodation in the hotel.

Day 2 drive to Chonkemin valley, on the way visits of Burana tower, little coffe break, upon arrival to Chonkemin valley horseridings if You want it, and trekking to the mountains of the Chonkemin valley. This place is not only a beautiful destination but also is a good place to let You to acclimatize to the altitudes.

Day 3 drive to Karakol town - the biggest town of the Issikul oblast, along the way we will see nice views of the biggest mountain lake of Kyrgyzstan and visit open air museum of ancient stone engraivings, Gregoriev and Semenov gorges there we will make a little coffee break. Upon arrival accomodation in hotel.

Day 4 early in the morning we will head to Jetioguz valley - the seven bulls named so due to the seven red cliffs that rise from one place. we will walk around in the alpine forests of the national park Jetioguz have some nice little coffee break and after drive to Barskoon valley-the valley of the Snowleapard, this valley is famous by its beatiful views and waterfalls and also it was the favorite place of the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin, we will head to the high mountain pass Sook - the bone, named so after people who died in that pass by the russian soldiers in 1916 when kyrgyz revolution took place. after seeing this 4k meters pass we will drive back down to the valley and head to KajiSai village, upon arrival accomodation in the hotel.

Day 5 early in the morning we will head to Tosor pass (almost 4k meters) it will be a very beautiful road (off the beaten pass) towards Naryn city, it will be a long drive (is only 230kms but bad road) but it worth it thanks to the beatiful and contrast landscapes. upon arrival to Naryn city accomodation in the hotel.

Day 6 drive to Kolsuu lake, one of the most stunning and beautiful lakes of the country, which is elevated to 3500 meters above the sea level and is like trapped in between the rocky mountain ranges. for many years the lake was full with water and has attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world, and in 2018 the lake desappered which made it even more attractive and let people investigate its bottom and drive on it. accomodation in a yurt or in a hotel if needed.

Day 7 drive to Tashrabat - an ancient stone caravanserai used mainly by the silk road merchants. The Caravanserai was built in 10-11 ceturies a.c. out of stones and has a unique style, it has 30 rooms in general, all with ventilation on the roof and some of them have two entrances, also there are 3 big rooms, 2 of them long and narrow and have something like a big shelve made out of stone probably for people to sleep on. 1 big saloon with a eastern style cupola. the whole builfding itself has a eastern appearence. Not only that but the road itself to Tashrabat is very nice and beautiful with Icelandic looking sceneries. accomodation in a yurt.

Day 8 drive to Sonkul lake through MELS mountain pass - Marks, Engels, in, Stalin. the name of the pass is the abbreviation of the names of this 4 famous people, the pass itself has nothing to do with these persons, and is very beautiful way with a lot of contrasts; You will see how the landscapes changes while we drive, from desert like place to a grasslands and high snowy peaks. upon arrival to accomodation in a yurtcamp. 

Day 9 drive to Bishkek through beatiful mountain pass Kalmak ashuu - the pass of Kalmaks - the chinese tribes lived here approx. 400 years ago and gave the name to the place, on the way visit of Kochkor town and we will see how the local women make felt out of the wool of sheep and make lot other hand made products out of felt. upon arrival to Bishkek accomodation in the hotel. drop off to airport.

end of service.


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Not included: alcohol, souvenirs, extra days, horseridngs
What to bring: warm clothing, good shoes, two types; for cold and hot wether, warm and water/wind proof jackets, sunglasses, sun cream, pills for high altitude, phone charger, extra batteries for cameras and phone powerbank for personel uses only
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