BAIKAL RING - 10 days

Tour across Southern and Middle Lake Baikal

 (Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Baikal Circum Railway – Slyudyanka – Ulan-Ude – Ivolginsk – Ust-Barguzin – Chivyrkuisky Bay – Olkhon island – Irkutsk)

 10 days / 9 nights. The tour is available all year around. Summer transportation on Baikal Lake is on boats, in winter by SUVs.

This is the price per person in the group of 6-7 people. Please check the availability!

 This tour will allow you to visit on two coasts of Baikal and island Olkhon, to cross lake by the ship and to visit picturesque places. The nature of the Barguzinsky valley, the Chivyrkujsky Bay and island Olkhon will not leave you indifferent. Travelling on the Krugobajkalsky railway, you will see art of masters of the last century, and visiting of the centre of the Buddhism of Russia in settlement Ivolginsk will adjust you on relaxations about spirituality and eternity.

Tour has a ring itinerary and as a whole is very logical. In the ending stay on island Olkhon will allow you to relax and have a rest.

Tour itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Irkutsk – capital of east Siberia by train or a flight. Upon arrival we meet you with professional bi-lingual guide and provide transfer to Listvyanka settlement – «the Gateway to lake Baikal» located in the mouth of Angara-river, 70 km away from Irkutsk.

And here – rendezvous to Baikal! Near Angara river source, at the Shaman’s rock we will listen a legend about the father Baikal and his daughter Angara. Then we will arrive to comfortable cottage and check-in. Rest till lunch. Lunch (not included).

After lunch we depart for a tour of Baikal Ecology Museum of Limnological Institute which has a large display of unique exhibits of the lake’s flora and fauna, see an interesting  video about Lake Baikal and also visit the Baikal fresh water seal aquarium.

Short Walk along the shore of the lake. We will visit a central square where it is possible to buy some souvenirs, and also to try fish (Omul, grayling).

Walk back to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight

Day 2

After breakfast, we will go to a ferry on which we will cross Listvyanichny Bay and a source of Angara. Landing to a tourist train in port Baikal. Our terminal station – the city of Slyudyanka located at southeast coast of Baikal. During a trip along southwest coast of Baikal we will make some stops in the most picturesque places of the Krugobajkalsky railway which is a monument of architecture and engineering art of the beginning of the XX century. Long tunnels, stone galleries and retaining Italian walls are punched directly in rocky clips of the Seaside ridge hanging over Baikal. Dinner – a lunch-boxes. Upon arrival to Slyudyanka, first of all we will visit a building of railway station, unique in the world, completely constructed of marble. Then on a minibus we will drive to the guest house at the museum of minerals of Zhigalov. A family of Zhigalov is in its king a sight of Slyudyanka as well as a museum of minerals where more than 10 000 exhibits from around the world are collected. Valery Alekseevich Zhigalov or his wife Ljubov Mihajlovna will tell us about minerals during excursion. After a tour of the museum dinner.

Then we will return to the railway station to take an evening train and to go to republic Buryatiya capital – Ulan-Ude. Spending the night in a train.

Day 3

Arrival in Ulan-Ude early in the morning. We will be met at the train station and transferred to hotel "Buryatiya". Here we will have breakfast and after short rest we will go to Ivolginsky settlement (1 hour). Attention: we will leave things in a left-luggage office and we will check-in to the hotel after arrival from excursion, as arrival time in hotel 13.00.

The purpose of our trip – the Buddhist monastery of Gandan Dashi Chojhorling, the Buddhism centre in Russia.

Excursion in the monastery accompanied by Huvarak (monk-student); visiting of the main temple, a museum of a monastery, library of Buddhist manuscripts. After excursion it will be possible to buy various Buddhist souvenirs.

Drive back to the city, check-in to the hotel, rest. Lunch at hotel restaurant (not included). After dinner a walking tour on downtown where we will see in's monument (the greatest head of in in the world), and also we will visit the centre of the Tibetan medicine where it is possible to carry out diagnostics of health. Go back to the hotel, dinner (not included), free time, overnight in the hotel.

Day 4

After breakfast we will go to Ust-Barguzin settlement (260 km away from the city, will take 5 hours). The road lies along east coast of Baikal. On the middle of a way we will see legendary island Olkhon. Picnic during one of stops. In second half of day we will arrive to settlement Ust-Barguzin which is located in the mouth of Barguzin river. In a valley of this river one of the strongest Baikal winds Barguzin is born. Placing in rural houses (banya, outhouses). Russian bath. A dinner in a family. Enjoy the heat of the Siberian bath, Russian cuisine dishes, Siberian hospitality! Overnight.

Day 5

After a breakfast we will go to a full-day trip on the Barguzinsky valley - storehouse of archaeological and natural monuments. At first we will go to see petroglyphs (65 km) near to the Dushelan village. After that we will see so-called Suvinsky castle which is a nature sanctuary. Then we will visit a sacred place the Buryat – the Bull-stone that indeed reminds a head of a bull. The next stop – "the Rock-garden" located in territory of 10

Picnic. The next stop in the Barguzin settlement which became the first Russian settlement beyond Baikal and a unique city in Russia, lost the status of a city. Here we will visit museum of local studies, walk on streets of settlement and have a look to ancient houses. Drive back to the Ust-Barguzin. Russian banya, dinner.

Day 6

Today we will make a boat trip crossing lake Baikal to Olkhon island. After breakfast we will go by Russian off-road cars «UAZ» on ferry to the Sacred nose peninsula which enters into territory of Baikalian national park. The population of brown bears (about 80) lives in peninsula.

The road lies on the narrow isthmus separating the Barguzinsky bay from Chivyrkujsky bay – one of the most picturesque places on Baikal. In the summer water in a bay gets warm to 18-24 degrees. Excellent fishing, sandy beaches, the wild nature and hot thermal sources do this place attractive to tourists. We will reach the village Monahovo and then will take a boat Jaroslavets to have one-day cruise to Olkhon island. On the way we will come into a Snake bay, named so in honour of numerous harmless whip snakes. During a short stop we will have a possibility to bathe in hot wells, and also in the bay. Continuation of our cruise through Baikal (10-12 hours) to the biggest settlement of island Olkhon – Huzhir. Lunch and dinner on a boat. Our way will pass by the well-known rookery of a seals on islands Ushkany, then by northern cape of island Olkhon – Hoboy. On the Small Sea along island we will reach settlement Huzhir. Having arrived to settlement, we will take places in guest manor in double rooms. Overnight

Day 7

After breakfast we will walk through the settlement. Visit to the museum of local lore (on demand, not included) where the collection of the ancient subjects reflecting a life and culture of islanders is collected. Then you will see the rock of Shamanka still known as cape Burhan. A lot of legends tell about the rock. At its bottom Baikal and Mongolian shamans spent their tailagans. And then, after Buddhism came here, the rock became a place of carrying out of religious practices of Buddhists of Pribaikalye.

Local residents piously believe that in this rock there lives spirit of Baikal. Buryat beliefs forbid people to approach close to a rock, especially to females. In a rock there is a aperture where shamans appear unexpectedly, surprising and inspiring fear to the people. A rock of Shamanka - one of 9 relics of Asia, called in the past "stone-temple"; it is a residence of the main thing from 13 Inhabitants of heaven - Khan Hute-Baabaja, who gone down on the earth to make human destinies. At rock bottom the mysterious rock painting and an inscription on a Sanskrit was saved.

Near to a rock there is a Bay of youth, having bathed in which youк soul and body will get younger if to believe of course. Lunch in manor. After lunch free time to have a rest. From settlement Huzhir to the north of the Sarajsky bay beautiful sandy beach lasts. You may enjoy your staying there. Dinner. Overnight

Day 8

Today we are expected to have full-day tour to the northern extremity of island Olkhon – cape Hoboj. The cape is in the widest place of Baikal. Here there is a platform where shamans held their tailagans. From here it is quite often possible to see a seal – a unique fresh-water Baikal seal.

The road passes through natural boundary Peschanoe or Sandy (20 km to the north of settlement Huzhir), known for the picturesque sandy dunes. The constants of a wind blowing from the sea, transfer sand from coast and form sandy adjournment which in the form of high hills, ridges and dunes occupy the space about 3 sq. km. In 1950 ashore fishing settlement of 20 houses were constructed. By 1970 it was almost entombed under sand, and inhabitants have been compelled to leave settlement.

The name of cape and rock came from Buryat word "canine". The shape of the rock also reminds a female profile with a bust. Therefore sometimes they call her the Rock maiden. The legend about which you will be told by the guide during visiting of this place is connected with it. The trip will remind more jeep-safari since the road passes on wood, sandy fields and steppes without a firm covering. Especially it is difficult to drive there after rains. Therefore here there is a basic way of moving – off-road cars UAZ.

While we will take pictures of rock towering over water our instructors will prepare picnic for us. Having tried fish soup and smoked fish, we will continue a way to the island East side where we will visit small village Uzury. One of the Baikal meteorological stations was set up here. Further we will visit one of the rocks of east coast from which it is possible to see the East side of island.

Go back to manor. Dinner. Bonfire evening. According to your desire (additional service) you can get acquainted with the local Olkhon shaman who saves knowledge of ancestors, cultural customs, and also abilities of doctoring observing traditions of its clan. You may talk to him, learn more about spirits of Baikal, about Shamnism, customs and employment of local residents. He will sing some songs, will tell us the parts of the epos about great Batye Gesere in verses, will answer your questions. Overnight

Day 9

After breakfast departure to ferry station. If at you will have enough free time awaiting a ferry please visit mountain of sinners and a stone. There is a belief among local residents that each stone left on a grief – someone's sin. And stone is so hard as far as sin is serious. So weigh!

Lunch in roadside cafe (not included). Arrival in Irkutsk, check-into the house hotel in double rooms. Free time, dinner in one of city restaurants (not included).

Day 10

Transfer to the airport/train station after a breakfast . Departure from Irkutsk.



1. Participants of tour should have necessary comfortable clothes for productive leisure: the sports jacket protecting from a wind and a rain, sports trousers, snickers.

2. In case of bad weather (strong winds, storm weather) the tour operator reserves the right to itself to change the program, in advance having informed participants of group, but having rendered instead of not taken place service adequate under the price and quality.

3. About presence in group of vegetarians or the persons having rigid restrictions on acceptance of this or that food, we ask to inform in advance for the coordination of the separate menu.

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