Tracking to East Sayan, Shumak sources and rest time in tourist camp on the bank of Baikal.

 12 days, 11 nights, summer 2019

This is the price per person in the group of 6-7 people. Please check the availability!

This tour is for fans of productive leisure on the nature, mountain tourist itineraries – travel to Shumak sources – a unique natural phenomenon. More than 70 hot and cold mineral sources can be seen at bottom of mountains at height of 1550 m.

Sources are famous for miracle medical influence to human body. All best properties of mineral water of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Tshaltubo are concentrated In them.

In the ending you are expected by a wild resort with the picturesque knickknacks made and presented this place by tourists. And, of course, mountain air, beautiful nature is better than any doctor will work on your health!

To visit Pribaikalye and not to have a rest on Baikal? Only not in this tour. The meeting with «the sacred sea» expects you after tracking. You can perfectly have a rest on a sandy beach and make various excursions.


 Day 1

Arrival in Irkutsk – capital of eastern Siberia by train or a flight. A meeting at the train station (airport). A greeting, acquaintance to the instructor, tasting of fragrant, encouraging tea, luggage reception.

Today we are waited by a way to a southern point of Baikal – settlement Kultuk (1,5 hours – 90 km). Here, on a survey platform it is a good time to admire opened picture of lake Baikal and to try tasty Baikal fish (omul, grayling, sturgeon) made variously. Lunch in road cafe (at own expense).

Then we will continue a way to the Tunkinsky valley which is famous for the mineral sources, through border with Buryatiya. Majestic hills of Eastern Sayan and ridge Hamar-Daban will opened for us. Further a transfer to Nilov Pustyn's settlement (3 hours of a way).

In 4 km from settlement, under sacred mountain of the Hill-ula Buddhist temple is located. Under the legend, on this mountain the spirit Khan Shargaj Nojon, the head of spirits of Sayansk mountains has fallen. Local belief asserts, that sand of sacred mountain multiplies man's force, and brings good luck in affairs. Now on a grief there is a complex of the constructions of Buddhist church and a Christian chapel. We will visit this place next day during a tour.

Placing in one of boarding houses in DBL and TRPL rooms. A free time. A dinner independently at own expense in a boarding house dining room, spending the night in boarding house.


Day 2

After breakfast and packing we will begin our adventure in mountains. The pedestrian transition by

forest road to wood border (about 8 km). On road we will visit datsan where you can make pictures and pay a tribute of respect to these sacred places.

Picnic with hot tea.

The beginning of a track waits for us at the big glade. The track is cleared well away and safe. However, it is necessary to go all time uphill that is not so easy. Time for adaptation of an organism to mountain air and a backpack behind the back is required.

Along a track there are different medicinal grasses and flowers of Pribaikalye: dense thickets Sagaan-Dali, Kuril tea and many mountain flowers. Camping on wood border. Dinner. Overnight in tents.


Day 3

Today the most difficult day of a tour – it is necessary to overcome mountain pass Shumaksky. After breakfast – transition to pass bottom. Picnik. Lifting on Shumaksky pass of 2760 m (4-5 hour). From pass you will see valley of the river Shumak and mountain lakes. In good weather you may take excellent photos.

Descent from pass to two small lakes. Rest. Further transition to wood border. Camping in a valley of river Shumak near picturesque waterfalls. A dinner at a fire, overnight in tents.


Day 4

It is a little more patience and you will appear on sources. After a breakfast and packing – transition to Shumaksky sources (4-5 hours). Camping. Lunch. Acquaintance to Shumaksky sources, acceptance of radon baths. Do not forget to be smeared with curative clay, and then to lay on the sun and after your clay skin will start to fall off separate slices, your new skin becomes gentle as at the child. If you have a desire to prepare fire wood it is possible to go to Russian banya. Dinner. Overnight in tents or small houses.


Day 5

This day we will continue acquaintance to mineral sources and vicinities. You can have a rest, walk downwards on river Shumak to the known sandy columns towering on opposite coast of the river Shumak, to rise on one of right inflows of Shumak to admire the cascade of waterfalls.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner in camp or with itself in the form of a ration. Returning to sources. Dinner. Overnight.


Day 6

Breakfast in camp. It is time to say goodbye to Shumaksky sources. Today we properly will sleep and till a dinner once again we will walk and we will have a drink of various kinds of water for memory of this surprising place.

Packing, lunch. The way beginning in the opposite direction on already familiar track. An exit upwards on river Shumak to wood and waterfalls border. A stop on lodging for the night. Dinner. Overnight in tents.


Day 7

Today we will not have time for a long dream any more. After early breakfast and packing - the beginning of a way to pass bottom. An ascension on pass from this party easier, since a hillside is more sloping. Only at the saddle the slope becomes more abrupt. Transition through Shumaksky pass. It is necessary to be ready, that the pass can be in snow even during the hottest period of July. Lunch-picnic. Descent to wood border on river Ehe-Ger. Overnight in tents.


Day 8

The purpose of a route of this day – to appear at night in pure bed. Easy descent in Nilov Pustyn's settlement. Placing in boarding house. Radon baths. Lunch and dinner at own expense. Overnight in boarding house.

The basic adventures are finished and it is possible to have a rest a little. Tomorrow we are waited by road to Baikal.


Day 9

After breakfast in boarding house, we start our way to settlement Utulik (220 km). We will come back the same road on the Tunkinsky valley.

On a way we will visit curative, mineral sources in settlement Zhemchug. Here it is possible to take mud baths, a curative shower.

Further from settlement Kultuk we will go along Baikal on an East side to a camp site of Baikal which is located nearby from settlement Utulik.

Arrival in hotel, placing in double comfortable numbers. Lunch and dinner at own expense. Overnight.


Day 10

It is possible to devote this day to rest on a sandy beach and to bathing in gulfs of Baikal. Interested persons can choose also excursions which offer in hotel. Lunch and dinner at own expense. Overnight.


Day 11

After breakfast we also have free time till lunch. Lunch in hotel at own expense.

After lunch and packing we leave to Irkutsk (3 hours of a way, 170 km). Upon arrival in Irkutsk, we will check-in to the family hotel in DBL or TRPL numbers. Solemn delivery of nominal certificates

Free time in a city, a dinner independently (at own expense), overnight.


Day 12

After breakfast and packing we go to the airport or train station, farewell. Departure from Irkutsk.


If you wish you may continue travel, having visited other places on lake Baikal. There is a set of variants how to combine your route. We can offer both active, and excursion kinds of rest. For this purpose it is necessary for you to let us know in advance and we will help to develop the further part of your travel.


The additional information:

1. gth of a foot route of 120 km.

2. gth of a way by the bus from Irkutsk to place of start and back to Irkutsk more than 600 km.

3. It is necessary for each participant of round to have a set of personal things: a backpack not less than 80 litres, a sleeping bag, rug, a suit protecting from a wind and a rain, the individual first-aid set taking into account features of the tourist, a small lamp, ware, matches.

4. If you have no personal equipment and are not going to get it, you can lease it at us for separate cost.

5. A food thrice.

6. All participants of an alloy will be insured from accident taking into account possible necessity of evacuation by helicopter (additional cost).

7. All work on camp installation, preparation of courts of food carry out the instructor and the cook. However, if you suddenly have a mood to help, they with pleasure will accept your help.

8. In case of bad weather (strong winds, storm weather) the tour operator reserves the right to itself to change the program, in advance having informed participants of group.

9. About presence in group of vegetarians is necessary to notify in advance for the coordination of the separate menu.

Number of days: 12
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Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
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