Pure nomad – Pure adventure Tour, Mongolia, 14 Days

Tour highlights: Khar Bukhiin Balgas, staying with Nomads, Horseback riding, Trekking, Mountain Khognokhaan, Kharakhorum, Tsenkher hot spring, Orkhon valley, Khustai National park (with wild horses)

Day 1 Welcoming day
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia. Transfer to your hotel. In the evening enjoy a traditional art performance and Welcome dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel. D

Day 2 Travel to a nomad community
Travel to Gurvanbulag soum (a local administration unit) in Bulgan province around 280km for 4-5 hours. On the way we will visit to Khar Bukhiin Balgas, an interesting remain of ancient town of nomad tribes dated back to 10th century. Afternoon, we will reach to the nomads. Visit the nomad family, will welcome you with their unique traditional hospitality. They offer unconventional home-made special dairy products, such as “aaruul”- dried curds, Mongolian salty milk tea – Suutei tsai and so on. You can interact with nomad people and get more intimate with their nature hugging lifestyle. Stay overnight in community based Ger camp. BLD

Day 3 Horse based nomad culture
Today we will watch how Mongolian skillful cowboys catch horses by “uurga” – traditional wooden lasso and training an untamed horse that has never been ridden before. You will learn more in deep about traditional technology how to make halter and hobble by leather. Enjoy horseback riding for an hour. For dinner you will enjoy “Khorkhog”, is real Mongolian barbeque, grilled with hot stones. Stay overnight in community based Ger camp. BLD

Day 4-5 Trekking
In the next 2 days, enjoy your walk through the steppe, sand dunes and mountains and reach the Khognokhaan Natural Reserve. Day trekking for about 18-20kms. Stay overnight in tent. BLD

Day 6 Exploring around the sacred Mountain Khognokhaan
Our trek takes you along on the holy mountain Khognokhaan. Visit to local Buddhist temple Erdenekhamba and ruin of ancient Uvgun monastery. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 7 Enjoy camel riding
Today you will enjoy camel riding. We will visit to a camel herder’s family. Followed by brief instruction for riding Mongolian Bactrian camel you will get acquainted with the camels and tacks. Camel ride will take about 4-5 hours for a day. Camel riding across the sand dunes of Ikh Mongol Els. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 8 Travel to Kharakhorum
Travel to Kharakhorum for 90kms. Kharakhorum is the ancient capital of Mongolia where Chinggis Khaan established his headquarters in 1220. In 1235, his son and successor, Ogodei built a Palace enclosed by walls. You will visit to Erdenezuu Monastery, the largest and first Mongolian Buddhist temple complex built on the remains of 16th century Kharakhorum city and newly built Kharakhorum Museum. Late afternoon we will visit a local cooperative to attend a workshop for making small felt items. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 9 Travel to Tsenkher hot spring
Travel to Tsenkher hot spring for 100kms. The hot spring with water at +86.5 degree Celsius is very popular in the area. After having a rest you can hike along the surrounding forested mountain and in the evening enjoy taking a hot spring bath. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 10 Exploring Orkhon valley – the UNESCO World Heritage Site
Travel along the famous Orkhon valley for 120kms. The area is known as the cradle of Mongolian nomadic civilization, where  many  of  Mongolia’s  ancient monuments lie within its borders. On the way we will explore Tuvkhun temple, is high in the mountain, marking the north side of the Orkhon valley. Hiking up to mountain for 3kms about 1-1.5hours. Visit the site that Mongolian first religious leader saint Zanabazar founded in 1653 and lived, worked and meditated for over 30 years. Several pilgrimage sites have grown up around the temple and hermit’s caves, including one that is said to be Zanabazar’s boot imprint. Continue drive to Orkhon valley. Stay overnight in tent. BLD

Day 11 Trekking along the Orkhon valley
Today you will enjoy full day trekking for 18-20kms about 6-7 hours. On the way you will visit nomad families who breed yaks and horses. Enjoy a beautiful scenery over the valley and Orkhon river. Stay overnight in tent. BLD

Day 12 Travel to Khustai National park
Travel to Khustai National Park for 280kms. Khustai National Park encompassing an area of 50.620hectare is the habitat of resurrected wild Mongolian horses, popularly known as Takhi (Przewalski’s Horse). Visit the Information Center for having an introductory presentation of the National Park. Explore the park to see the Takhi horses in the wilderness. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 13 Travel back to urban civilization
Today you will travel for 90kms to Ulaanbaatar. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your hotel. Guided city sightseeing tour including visits to Gandantegchinlen Monastery, Chinggis Khaan square and National Museum. Shopping for cashmere and souvenirs. Farewell dinner. Stay overnight in hotel. BLD

Day 14 Departure

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