Winter tour to Manpupuner through the Dyatlov pass – 5 days

Tour starts from Ivdel city, so please plan your trip from Moscow to Ivdel on your own. Train tickets from Moscow to Ivdel are not included in the tour price.


Day 1

Meeting at the Ivdel train station. Transfer to the village of Vizhay, Sverdlovsk region. Accommodation in the Guesthouse, acquaintance, checking equipment, snowmobiles. And dinner from Genadich, it's just a song!!!

Day 2

8:00 Breakfast.

8:30 Briefing, the placement of things in the saddlebags.

9:00 Start on snowmobiles in the direction of Ushma village.

In the USSR there was a zone of settlement.

Further movement on the road or on the river Lozva.

Photoshoot cliffs, caves, Mansi village “Triscolye” (it is not even on the map)!

14:00 Lunch in Ilyich's hut.

18:00 Arrival to the tract of Mansi Sambidalovs. Dinner.

The length of the trip - 135 km.

Day 3

8:00 Breakfast.

8:30 Briefing, the placement of things in the saddlebags, fuel. Photo shoot with the local population.

9:00 start of the snowmobile in the direction of the sacred lake Turbat to the river Bolshaya Sosva, at three rivers the rise to the main Ural range on the mountain Pacheryekhalodchakhl’ and to the source of the river Pechora, photo session.

18: 00 visit to the nature reserve on Manpupuner plateau. Overnight in the house of rangers- guards of the reserve.

The length of the trip - 80 km.

Day – 4

8: 00 — Breakfast.

8:30 — Briefing, the placement of things in the saddlebags, fuel. Photo shoot at the Manpupuner rock formations (pillars).

Depending on weather conditions, the route can be looped to go on the Ural range by snowmobiles to the Dyatlov pass through the mountain Otorten. Throughout the whole trip on the ridge you can have beautiful views for your photo session.

18:00 — Arrival in the House of Ilyich on the river Lozva, dinner.

The length of the route is 100 km


Dyatlov pass is a notorious place located near the mountains Otoren and Kholatchakhl, which translates from the languages of the local tribes as "don't go" and "mountain of death". These names of the mountains have received it long before the case of group of Dyatlov. In ancient times, local shamans sacrificed animals to the goddess of death on the tops of these mountains. One day, instead of animals, shamans sacrificed not animals but nine young hunters of their tribe. Since then, the goddess of death requires the sacrifice of only people, and be sure to nine people. Locals do not go to these mountains without the need, and if they go, they ensure they are not nine men.

To pass a tour on snowmobiles to the pass Dyatlov is not easy, and for impressionable people can even be scary, knowing about the dark legends of the Northern mountains, but deciding on this campaign, you will never regret! The beauty and grandeur of these places surpasses all other Northern peaks!

Day 5

8: 00 — Breakfast.

8:30 — Briefing, the placement of things in the saddlebags, fuel. We move to Ushma village with the rise of the ridge Chistop. Photo session.

16: 00-Return to the base of Vizhay, if desired, you can stay and spend the night or go home.

The length of the route is 130 km

Number of days: 5
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Beverages (non-alcoholic)
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Fuel, Petrol
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Not included: individual warm clothing for riding on snowmobiles
Transport: SUV 4x4
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