Ordering the bus you get

1 new bus

2 faultless service Summit

3 professional drivers with experience of not less than 10 years

4 Transportation in good conditions


Yutong 6122N9/2017, the most successful model of the manufacturer and is made by individual order


The leased bus has

1 air conditioner blow each passenger individually with the ability to disable

2 compartment 12.5 cubic meters which fits all luggage that can be carried out only

3 Bus is equipped with an independent suspension with airbags which makes movement on it very comfortable

3 51 full seats + 2 seats for the driver and guide

4 new generation Seat equipped with a two point safety harness with regulirkemym tilt the backrest, seat also slides out into the passage that long journeys very convenient.

5 led backlight system for each passenger

6 Lcd monitors 19 and 17 inches with an installed DVD player that really helps out on long journeys

7 and most importantly there is a fridge in the bus

Our service:
We do our best to make customers happy. We have everything you need for travel in travel box (toilet paper, wet wipes, knife, toothpicks, humidifier and even a whole bunch of any different. Our machine is equipped with everything you need.

Included services:
Car with driver
Car without driver
Fuel, petrol
Driver's expenses (meals, accommodation)
Included equipment: We have equipment for picnics, tables, gas burners, etc.
Transport: Bus/Minibus
Car model and year: Yutong ZK6122H9 - 2017
4wd: No
Air conditioning: Yes