Central Mongolia and Gobi Desert Tour /9 nights, 10 days /

1 day. Terelj National Park                                         Terelj National Park is one of the most visited and interesting national parks of Mongolia. It is connected with Ulaanbaatar by a paved road with 70km.The National Park is by its natural beauty, forested alpine mountains and interesting rock formations (Massive woolsack weather conditions) very well known. Highlights: Turtle Rock, Meditation temple Ariyabal and visit local nomadic families. During the summer there are great opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, flower and bird watching. The Turtle Rock, or called Melkhi Khad by the locals, is an interesting rock formation looking like a turtle. This giant rock formation is a popular spot for visitors to the area. There are you can ride a camel or travel on horseback around scenic nature. Ariyabal meditation temple is situated in the scenic area of Terelj National Park, 3 km from Turtle Rock. Buddhist Monks performs meditation ritual for many years amongst beautiful and tranquil mountains. 

2 days. White Stupa  / Tsagaan suvarga/                 Tsagaan suvarga, 90degree of straight, consists of many colors of clay deposits. This is 65 km south west of Ulziit sum, Dundgovi province. Tsagaan suvarga is big escarpment with 200m height and 400m long. In ancient time there was a big sea in a Khevtee and Bosoo valleys of Tsagaan Suvarga. After dried up the sea this area became area with many glacis and escarpments, covered by many different sedimentary deposits.

3 days. Yol valley /yoliin am/                                     South Gobi provinces Dalanzagdad is west of the mouth of the Gobi three beautiful mountain east of good, which is located 45 km Yol . mountain gorge called the name of the bird. Above sea level, an average of 2,800 meters. Area 64 km. Züünsaikhan mountain is a narrow canyon river flowing setlen left behind. Gorges River flowed a small stream in winter covered by ice coating. ice is ice melts over the years, but most part due to global warming in recent years. Gorges eternal will remain no more than cast a thick ice 1 meter in some areas. Rain rainy years had come into 4 separate waterfalls on the canyon. Because shadow cast There are many cool places with lasting fresh, cold air is flowing through the canyon river. Gorges some steep rock walls are high liver of up to 200 meters. El hunting of birds: a rare bird is not only in Central Asia. 1500-3000 features live editing meters above the nest. Wing height of 2.0-2.5 meters. Back to khökhövtör pale beige, and abdomen head neseg a mustache under your chin. Carcasses of dead animals, very attentive to suspicious enough birds feed on bones, which features do not come much down to earth

4 days. Great Sand / Khongoriin els/   

South Gobi Sevrei . , Bayandalai soums which is located in Sevrei, Zöölöngiin back . behind a sand dune extends approximately 180 kilometers. Continuous northwest toward the southeast total area of 965 square kilometer. The most wide 27 km to the north-west side, the fine sand is 800 meters in the central part. When on top of sand continue to look beyond a few hundred dune hills. Khongor sand near the area marked in front of the whole look very beautiful to look rocky mountains, through which plants grow beyond sand dunes, oases and the northern slope of the main green than flowing

5 daysFlamming Cliffs /Bayan zag/                         South Gobi province of Bulgan soum . east of Juniper Bogd mountains  is a clay deposit located along the valley. Approximately established south trending stretches and 5 km wide and 8 km long. Mongolia established hardened red sandy clay soil cracks is. Land slightly higher Tsonj word. Bayanzagiin tsonjnuudyn is up to 20-50 meters high. As community formation shape Desk pot  and Camel pot. so-called places as. Zag called Bayanzag as wood forests. Rarely grow higher than 2 meters and a branch of the trees are different in SL takhiij urgadgaaraa features. Because most ilchtei tree desert called "growing carbon"

6 days. Ongi Monastery
Formerly one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia, Ongi monastery was founded in 1660 and consisted of two temple complexes on the North and South banks of the Ong river. The older southern complex consisted of various administrative buildings as well as 11 temples. The northern complex built in the 18th century, consisted of 17 temples-among them one of the largest temples in all Mongolia. The Ongi monastery grounds also 4 Buddhist universities and could accommodate over one thousand monks at a time. During the 1930’s communism spread throughout Mongolia. As part of their ideological campaign and rise to power, communists arrested most monks around Mongolia. In 1939 Ongi monastery was completely destroyed over 200 monks were killed and many surviving monks were imprisoned pr forced to join the communist controlled army.

7 days. Orkhon waterfall                                              Chinghis khan’s choice of Karakorum as the capital of the Mongol Empire was no coincidence. The surroundingOrkhon Valley was the center of preceding nomadic empires for centuries and had enormous symbolic importance. The valley had attracted humankind since Paleolithic times some 750,000 years ago. Therefore Orkhon valley is one of the world’s most important cultural regions and recognized as a “Cultural Landscape” of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2004. The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape is the place to visit for anyone who wishing to follow the historical path of the Mongol Empire. Orkhon valley is boasts its’ natural beauties, making it one of the favourite places among tourists. You will witness unique lifestyle, culture and rare historical memorials. Beauty of Orkhon Valley, Orkhon waterfall formed by combination volcanic eruption and earthquakes some 20000 years ago cascades down from a height 27 meters

8 days.Tsenkher hot spring                                     Arkhangai province is famous for its many old volcanoes. These volcanoes explain the presence of the springs natural hot water that flows all year long at 1860 meters (1.16 mile) above the sea level and  its water is not mixed with soil waters because it is hot. Also the spring is kept in high pressure under the ground flow rate is high, 10 liters per seconds. This natural bounty is located 27km south of the town Tsetserleg, and in the center of the Arkhangai province. Tsenkher hot springs have healing properties notably on articular diseases and nervous system’s diseases. Composition: sodium carbonate, hydrocarbonate, sulfate, fluorite, hydrogen sulfide. In a pleasant verdant wooded area, some yurts camps with equipment and baths with a less hot temperature have been set up for the travellers .There is several tourist camps which are offering for tourists indoor and outdoor baths. They transfer the hot water via tubes from and built some pools. Curative water and amazing nature featured by wooden mountains make this an excellent place for relax. Night bath is great. Sitting in the pool drinking while seeing stars at the dark sky is one of the favorite activity in here

9 days. Kharkorum

Kharkorum was the capital of Great Mongolia Empire in thirteenth century. It is located on the right bank of Orkhon river, 400 km south-west of Ulaanbaatar which is the current capital of Mongolia. All around this stronghold, craftsmen's and traders' quarters and other houses were gradually built, until, by about 1230, the area had taken on the appearance of a town.

In 1380, Karakorum was destroyed. But approximately two centuries later, on the same site, there arose the yurt of Avtai Khan, founder of the Erdene Zuu Monastery. The great circular platform which form its base is still visible today. The monastery of Erdene Zuu is a focal point in the history and cultura of the Mongol people.

 10 days.Ulaanbaatar                                                         seeing around the city, restaurant, gandan monastry, zaisan monument,                                                                

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