Biking through the epic trails in Mongolia, 14 Days

• Places to visit: Ulaanbaatar – Terelj National Park – Khar Zurkhnii Khukh lake – Baldanbereeven monastery – nomadcommunity     at Jargalant valley – Uglugch wall – Khurkh valley – Gun Galuut Natural Reserve – Ulaanbaatar

• Category: Biking tours Mongolia

• Activities: Biking, exploring cultural and historical sites, experiencing nomadic life and traditions, visiting Buryat Mongolian   family and enjoying local culture

• Duration: 13nights / 14days

• Covering distance: 860kms

• Biking distance: 430kms

• Season: June – September 

Day 1 Welcoming day
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia. Transfer to your hotel. Evening enjoy traditional art performance and Welcome dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel. D

Day 2 Travel to Terelj National Park
Travel to Terelj National park for 70kms until reaching to a Ger camp where you will enjoy staying in traditional dwelling – Ger. Start your biking experience in Mongolia. Make a warm up ride to and from a local landmark, a turtle shaped rock for 10kms through a simple dirt track. Visit to a local Buddhist temple Aryabal. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD (altitude app. 1792m above sea level)

Day 3 Biking to Statue Complex of Chinggis Khaan
After breakfast we will bike to Chinggis Khaan’s statue complex for 30kms by asphalt paved road. Visit to the Statue Complex and Historical museum. Attend an interesting lecture for Mongolian history by a historian scholar. Continue travel to Kherlen river for driving 110kms. Stay overnight in tent. BLD (altitude app. 1317m above sea level)

Day 4 Biking to Khar Zurkhnii Khukh lake
After having a hearty breakfast we will bike as heading to a famous historical spot Khar Zurkhnii Khukh lake, where Temuujin was enthroned as a king of united tribes of Mongolia and titled as “Chinggis Khaan” in 1189. We will ride over 30kms on paved road and about 50kms on land road. Exploring the area, your guide will be told an interesting story of ancient Mongols. Stay overnight in tent. BLD (altitude app.1613m above sea level)

Day 5 Travel to nomad community
Biking to Khangal lake for 45kms by land road. On the way we will cross over 2 passes which are slightly upwards. And continue ride for another 20kms to a nomad community at Dund Jargalant valley, where ancient historical monuments are exist. Visiting to a nomad family enjoy local hospitality and taste traditional food and beverage. Stay overnight in Ger of Nomad family. BLD (altitude app.1316m above sea level)

Day 6 Learning Nomadic culture
Morning we will enjoy a round bike trek to and from Baldanbereeven monastery for 40kms. You will visit the renewed main temple and explore around the old remains of once famous monastery in the history. After your return to the nomad family in the late afternoon, you will enjoy and experience nomad’s daily life and traditional customs. You will learn how to make traditional dairy products like aaruul-dried curds, Mongolian vodka and so on. Optional horse riding trip is available. Stay overnight in Ger of Nomad family. BLD (altitude app.1316m above sea level)

Day 7 Biking to Steppe Eco camp
Today we will continue on biking for 60kms to Steppe Eco camp at the Khurkh valley. We will spend next 3 nights in this famous historical and energetic area. Stay overnight in Steppe Eco camp. BLD (altitude app.1197m above sea level)

Day 8 Exploring famous cultural heritage sites
We will enjoy biking to Rashaant Khad, where ancient petroglyphs, carvings of tribe stamps and Arabia-Persian, Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian old scripts are found. Many findings such as tools belong to Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Ages, deer stones belong to Early Bronze Age and graves of Huns and Kidan Empires are common excavated in this area. Exploring around the site and enjoy a special spot where Chinggis Khaan stand and rule his army. Continue on biking to a cultural heritage site Uglugch Wall for 15kms. You can explore around this ancient historical area that keeps secret of Mongolians history and interesting architectural remains. Biking back to Steppe Eco camp for 18kms. Stay overnight in Steppe Eco camp. BLD (altitude app.1197m above sea level)

Day 9 Visiting Buryat family
Morning we will be biking to visit a Buryat ethnic family. You’ll get to know the distinction of the different ethnic groups of Mongolia and experience their unique lifestyle once you reach there. We will ride back to the camp in late afternoon. Stay overnight in Steppe Eco camp. BLD (altitude app.1197m above sea level)

Day 10 Biking to Khurkh river
Today you will enjoy biking for 60kms in a wide open steppe through Khurkh valley. Along the road you’ll take a beautiful scenery of Kurkh valley and river, which is close to our camping spot. The Khurkh river is a main tributary of Onon River and it is 190kms long. Stay overnight in tent. BLD (altitude app. 1292m above sea level)

Day 11 Travel to Gun Galuut Natural Reserve
In the morning we will bike for 25kms. On the way we will cross over two passes which are bit challenging. Afternoon we will drive for 170kms to Gun Galuut Natural Reserve where protects the endangered and wild animals. The Natural reserve is truly breathtaking combination of high mountains, small lakes, river, and wild animals that includes Wild mountain sheep. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD (altitude app. 1249m above sea level)

Day 12 Exploring around Gun Galuut Nature Reserve
This morning we will bike through the Kherlen river valley to Berkh Mountain to explore around. We will travel for 30kms to and from the mountain to have a chance to see a herd of wild sheep. Stay overnight in Ger camp BLD (altitude app.1307m above sea level)

Day 13 Travel back to Ulaanbaatar
After the remarkable biking experience in the countryside we will travel back to Ulaanbaatar for 130kms. Once we reach in Ulaanbaatar we will take a guided city sightseeing tour including visits to Gandantegchinlen Monastery, Chinggis Khaan square and National Museum. Shopping for cashmere and souvenirs. Farewell dinner. Stay overnight in hotel. BLD

Day 14 Departure
After breakfast transfer to airport for departure. B


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