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Hiking through Dyatlov Pass to Manpupuner, 14 days

Hiking through Dyatlova Pass to Manpupuner, 14 days

Plateau Manpupuner - a unique natural object that is considered as one of the "wonders of the world." Powerful rock formations, the height of a 9-floors house, does not look natural on a completely flat grassy plateau. It is striking that some are narrowed to the base. There are a lot of legends available about these rocky boulders. For example, the people of Mansi assure that they are enemies who went to war with the Gods and were petrified at their behest.

On the way to the plateau Manpupuner, during our hike, we will visit other interesting and mysterious places of the Northern Urals. One of such places is the tragically known Dyatlov Pass, where in winter, in the still unclear circumstances, 9 tourists of the Ural Polytechnic Institute died. Tourists will be introduced to the main versions.

• The Manpupunur Plateau tour lasts 14 days. During this time, tourists travel 212 km.

• After passing the hike, each participant will receive an official confirmation of participation in the route: a certificate of the route, the “Tourist of Russia” badge and will fulfill the standard for assigning the third category of sports tourism.

• Obligatory following to recommendations of instructors at all stages of the route - from preparation of equipment to climbing - guarantee of a successful trip.

Trip dates:

24.06.2019 - 07.07.2019
05.07.2019 - 18.07.2019
16.07.2019 - 29.07.2019
20.07.2019 - 02.08.2019
07.08.2019 - 20.08.2019
19.08.2019 - 01.09.2019


1 day

General gathering at 15:30 (local time, MSC + 2) at the monument on the square of the railway station of the city of Yekaterinburg. Each tourist should have with him a pre-purchased ticket for the train Yekaterinburg – “Ivdel 1” station for train No. 337 E. For the time before the train leaves, we distribute food and equipment, pack staffs and prepare for take off. Attention! Departure will take place at 16:46 local time (at 14:46 Moscow time).

2 day

Early in the morning we arrive at the “Ivdel 1” station. Loading in a truck, such as "Vakhtovka", which takes us to the village of Ushma and then to the Auspiya river. The duration of the journey is 6-7 hours. Here begins the active part of our route. On arrival we make a stop for lunch (or a late breakfast). According to the plan on the first day to go 11-14 km. and spend the night at the left tributary of the Auspiya River. The path begins along a dirt road, passing into the path, around the dense North Ural taiga.

3 day

Approaching the Dyatlov pass. At the camping place the "Fork-Spoon" we make a stop for lunch. We rise to the pass itself and small rocks. Around the mountain tundra. The panorama of the Main Ural Range opens. From the pass you can make a radial ascent to the mountain of Solat-Syakhla (translated from the Mansi language as the mountain of the dead). For the night we go down to the headwaters of the stream.

4 day

On this day, according to the plan, ascent to the highest point of the route - Otorten Mount (1234 meters). It seems a little, but given the small relative height of the surrounding ridges, the height difference is quite decent. At the base of the summit is a picturesque lake. After the ascent we move to the mountain Yanyghachekhahl (1024 meters). The length of the day transition is more than 20 km.

5 day

Further we move in the northern direction along the Main Ural Range. During this day we will approach the headwaters of the Bolshaya Sosva river. The length of the day transition is about 25 km. This is usually 3-4 transitions before lunch (40-45 minutes each) and 4-5 transitions after lunch. Between the transitions halts for 10-15 minutes (short rest).

6 day

Moving in remote places of the Northern Urals, along the Pechora River. Scree plots alternate with tundra and forest tundra. 1.5-2 hour stop for lunch. The length is 23 km. In the plan is to approach the sources of the Pechora River at the border of forestry.

7 day

We are climbing light (without backpacks) to the reserved part of the route - the Manpupuner plateau. We admire the unique rock pillars, and then return to the camp at the source of the Pechora River.

8 day

Reserve day of rest in case of bad weather. Even in summer, the weather in the Northern Urals is very unpredictable. Often there are rains, sometimes lingering. After all, the Ural range is a barrier to the movement of air masses between Europe and Asia. Therefore, every tourist should pay special attention to their equipment and clothes.

9 day

Heading back. Traverse ridge in the opposite south direction. The length of 25-27 km. to the camp place.

10 day

A further goal is the headwaters of the Sult River, to them - 26 km of the way to the most interesting places. If you're lucky, there are berries and mushrooms on the route.

11 day

We are moving along the Lozva River, the length of the route is 24 km.

12 day

Day for the rest or reserve day for bad weather. It can be used in any part of the route.

13 day

We approach the river Auspiya, from where our route began. Pre-ordered motor transport "Vakhtovka" is waiting for a group near the river Auspiya. Ahead of 6-7 hours drive to civilization - the city of Ivdel. We'll stop at the bathhouse before the train, so as not to “frighten” the passengers. At 21:57 local time (19:57 Moscow time) the train will take the group back to Ekaterinburg (train No. 522Е on June 28 and August 4; train No. 338Е on July 21, August 21 and September 4). Each participant buys a ticket in advance.

What is included:

Unlimited patience and responsibility of the instructor, who is with the group since the collection;

Group equipment, which does not have to purchase additionally (boilers, fire tent, cable, ax, saw, etc.);

Meals for cooking on the route. Cooking shall be done individually in turns on the fire and burners. The instructor is always ready to help.

Transportation to the Auspiya River and back - the beginning of the hiking route;

Permit to visit the reserve;

Sauna in Ivdel at the end of the route;


Not included:

Train ticket to the Ivdel station and back; Meals on the train and the road to the beginning of the route.

Number of days: 14
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Train ticket to the Ivdel station and back; Meals on the train and the road to the beginning of the route.
Transport: Bus/Minibus
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