Tour to Quba&Qusar(winter tour)

                                       1st day

Firstly we ll visit Qachrash village of Quba.Qachras-it s village with great nature, green forests, rivers, waterfall and restaurants, hotels.You can enjoy here beautiful nature, delicious foods and fresh air. After we ll go to the Chanlibel village and here we ll visit Chanlibel lake, green forests too. Here you can see great nature,drive boat and Ride horse. There are many restaurants here too. After from here we ll go to the Quba city and Juma mosque.Juma Mosque was built in the 19th century. The mosque was built from the red brick and it was erected in 1802. It is also called "Jama". This mosque was constructed in typical Quba province style mosques. The brick for the mosque were made in the village of Igryg. In appearance it resembles a faceted cylinder, and it's shaped like a regular octagon. Inside of the mosque there is a big hall crowned with a huge 16 m diameter dome. After we ll go other historical place Chuxur Hamam. Chuhur hamam is a bathhouse. The hamam is unique in its beehive shaped dome made of brick. The building of the bathhouse was built from the red brick. Its large dome enabled it to maintain the right temperature and humidity inside the house.


At the end we ll visit Village Qırmızı qəsəbə (Red Town).The village is located across the Qudiyalçay River (or Kudyal River) from the larger town of Quba. It is the primary settlement of Azerbaijan's population of highland, or mountain Jews who make up the population of approximately 4,000. The most widely spoken language in Qırmızı Qəsəbə is Juhuri. Qırmızı Qəsəbə is considered to be the world's last surviving shtetl. The settlement is sometimes referred to as the Red Town or the Red Village, possibly because of the red tiling used on many of the roofs.Red Town(Yerusalem of the Caucasus) The village is located accros the Qudiyalcay river from the larger town of Quba. İt's the primary settlement of Azerbaijan s population of highland,or mountain Jewish and who make up the population of approximately 4000. The Jewish residents continue their worship in the remaining synagogues.

2nd day

Second day in the north of Azerbaijan we ll create tour to the Khinalug, ancient village of Azerbaijan that it's 5000 years old.Khinalug, Khinalugh, or Khinalig(Azerbaijani: Xınalıq; Khinalug: Kətş; also rendered as Khanaluka, Khanalyk, Khinalykh, or Khynalyk), is an ancient Caucasian village going back to the Caucasian Albanian period. It is located high up in the mountains of Quba Rayon, Azerbaijan. It is also a municipality in Quba Rayon, which consists of the villages of Khinalug and Qalayxudat.It is located just north of Quba in the middle of the Greater Caucasus mountains that divide Russia and the South Caucasus. Khinalug is also the highest, most remote and isolated village in Azerbaijan and among the highest in the Caucasus. The weather changes dramatically during summer and winter, ranging from −20 °C to 18 °C. Khinalug has a population of about 2,000 people.This small group of people speaks the Khinalug language, which is an isolate within the Northeast Caucasian language family, although many speak Azerbaijani as well.

3rd day

We ll go to the Qusar city and Shahdag Mountain Resort Complex.The winter season in Shahdag begins in the second half of December and finishes at the beginning of April, depending on snow conditions. In the website of Shahdag the opening information is constantly updated for every season.The Shahdag Mountain Resort Complex (Şahdağ Turizm Merkezi) was open to the public in 2012. It is located in the Azerbaijan's Greater Caucasus range, the site is located near Shahdag National Park, which is known for having an intact ecological system and an untouched flora and fauna.It is the first and largest ski resort in Azerbaijan. Plans for the project include 10-12 3 star hotels, golf-clubs, 160-180 cottages, Aqua Park and other objects (places for living of employees, car parks, workshops for technical works etc.) in the complex. Shahdag Mountain Resort offers a wide range of activities to suit all ages during the summer, from an Adventure Park, to inflatable castles and quads bikes to Nordic walking and even Orienteering.

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