Demonstration show of birds of prey (eagle, falcon, hawk).

Демонстрация хищных птиц (орел, сокол, ястреб)

и охотничьи собаки Тазы в селе Нура

Энбекшиказакский район

 Охотники в национальных костюмах показывают, как они воспитывают и обучают охотничьих птиц элементам охоты.

Демонстрационное шоу занимает около двух часов.


Золотой орел:

• Назовите беркута на руке беркутчи

• приманка на чучело лиса

• охота на зайца

• Народная охота


• Приманка приманка


• знакомство

• охота на голубей

• охота на фазана

• Кроличья охота

 Тазы (охота с собаками)

• охота на зайца

• Корсакская охота

 After the show we bring to your attention the national game "Kokpar" (goat-shooting).
Cost of the show of hunting birds for one person:
up to 10 people - $ 30
20 people - $ 25
30 people - $ 20
over 40 people -15 $

We also offer:
1) horse hunt for foxes and hares in the vicinity of the village of Nura at the foot of the Sugut Mountains and the Bugut Mountains.
2) Hunting with a license for the hunting farm “Manul”, “Bartogai-Orman” for kekliks, hares, pheasants and Siberian mountain goat.

At the price of hunting, you can agree.

Additional services: lunch (national cuisine, beshbarmak).
Order in advance.

 Berkutchi hunting skill is a true art and work. To be able not just to get along with the bird and tame it, but to become one with it in order to achieve the same goal.

A nestling that has come to a man and grown up in his environment does not know another life and, therefore, tolerates bondage more easily. However, for hunting wolves, saigas and gazelles, golden eagles, which were caught by adults, are more suitable. Such a bird is distinguished by greater courage and dexterity - qualities acquired in the wild.
It is much more difficult to accustom adult golden eagles than a nestling taken from a nest. The bird is not allowed to sleep as soon as the predator slumbers, they begin to rock the roost, so much so that the slave loses her balance and foothold.

But then he trusts the man who extended his hand to her. They give soaked meat. No matter how much the eagle eats it, it remains hungry. This food is not nutritious for the bird of prey. And suddenly she was presented with the meat of freshly cut ram with blood. For the golden eagle this is a feast. Gradually, the bird gets used to take meat from the hands of the owner. Moves for a delicacy from place to place, flies from one place to another, and then to Berkutchi’s hand.

У каждого охотника есть несколько шкурок лисы, набитых сеном. В ожидании, пока орел не станет очень голодным, кусок мяса привязывают к чучелу головы. Помощник тренера натягивает искусственную лису на длинный тонкий пояс, и беркучи отрывает шапку, закрывающую глаза птицы. Хищник, увидев, что ужин уходит, плотно бросается за ним, цепляясь за кожу когтями. Наслаждайтесь мясом беркю, падающим на ходу. Вот как орел учится ..



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