Shaman Tour with amazing Monasteries & Gobi Desert, 16 Days

Tour lenght: 16 days

Tour distance: 3200km

Tour attractions: Gobi Desert, Khongor sand dune, Bayanzag / Flaming Cliffs, Yoliin am Gorge, Ancient Capital Kharkhorin Erdenezuu monastery, Khustai National Park, Terelj National Park, Chinggis Khaan statue complex, Amarbayasgalant monastery, Aglag monastery, Ongi monastery, Khovsgol lake, SHAMAN STAY.


Day1. Welcoming day in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to 2 room apartment hotel in center of the city. /L.D/

Day2. Drive to Dalanzadgad, center of South Gobi province. Experience with Mongolian food on the way for lunch. Overnight in Local hotel. /L.D/

Day3. Travel to Khongor sand dune which is well known name by “Singing dune” and stretches for 180km and more than 300m high. Hiking up to the golden sand dune. During summer time the area makes Oasis with rocky mountain, golden sand dune and green steppe. On the way we will visit to Yoliin am gorge which is located in the mountain named Gobi gurvan saikhan (3 beauties of the Gobi). Gorge is 2800m high from above sea level and named by Yol (Lammergeier) bird. Hiking through the beautiful valley. Ger stay /B.L.D/

Day4. Arrive in Bayanzag. Here you will see Gobi’s saxsaul forest and red flaming cliffs. Bottom of Ancient Sea which excited 60-70 million years ago where a lot of Palentological findings have been discovered. The place is known as Flaming Cliffs so named by Roy Andrew Chapman American explorer, who had visited Mongolia in 1920. During the 2 years he searched through the Mongolian Gobi desert and unearthed over dinosaur skeletons of different species. Guest house in Bulgan village /B.L.D/

Day5. Arrive in Terelj National park.Local hotel. /B.L.D/

Day6. Visiting through Terelj National Park and Chinggis Khaan statue complex. In the evening arrive in UB. Hotel

Day7. Drive to Khustai National Park see Takhi - Przewalskii wild horses. Tourist ger camp. /B.L.D/

Day8. Arrive in Kharkhorin which once was capital of Great Mongolian Empire in 13th century. Visiting to the first Buddhist monastery ErdeneZuu. local hotel. /B.L.D/

Day9-10. Shaman family stay. We will see real ritual ceremony, how shaman connect with spirits in the sky. /B.L.D/

Day11. Bulgan city. Local hotel./B.L.D/

Day12-13. Travel to Khuvsgul lake, the second largest and the freshest lake of Mongolia, located in Khovsgol province. The lake is connected by rivers with Baikal lake in Siberia and occupy 1% of all fresh water on the earth. Khovsgol lake is 130km long, 40km wide and 200m at the deepest part. More than 90 rivers flow into the lake and only one river flows from the lake.a Local hotel/B.L.D/

Day14. Arrive in Erdenet city. Local hotel /B.L.D/

Day15. Drive to Amarbayasgalant monastery. Drive to Amarbaysgalant Monastery – one of the the largest monastery of Mongolia, built in 17th century in the memory of the Bogdo Lama Zanabazar- head of Mongolian religion. Located in the northern province Selenge, the Monastery lies in beautiful surroundings good for walking. Ger stay /B.L.D/

Day16. Arrive in Aglag monastery. Created by Buddhist artist and lama G.Purevbat to practice meditation, to educate and create books. The monastery gate protected by Garuda griffin, which is laying its 8 eggs and a beaver with fish head to guarding. The paradise monastery and Buddha portrait exalted in the position on honor, Yanjinlkhama goddess on the right wall, and the paradise and the hell paintings on the left wall. There is a gecko and Scorpion statues on the gigantic stone in the monastery. What's more, there is a road with special vacuum environment for meditation, blessing and anyone, who walk by this road able to understand human and natural linkage, to care for the earth, and to purify their spirit and mind.  Tourist camp /B.L.D/

Day17. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Dinner at Mongolian grill barbeque restaurant. transfer to hotel. /B.L.D/ 



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