Khovsgol Horse Sleigh Expedition - 6 Days * can be adapted

Northern Mongolia Winter Exploration | Homestay at Darkhad family | Three-day horse sleigh expedition | Frozen Khovgsol Lake | Ulaanbaatar City Walking Tour | Homestay with Nomads

This trip is customisable for January, February and March 2019

Winter in Mongolia is a remarkable experience for those willing to take themselves outside of their comfort zone. Pack your thermals and come to Mongolia in winter and do something out of the ordinary.

Join us this winter as we spend time with one of the Darkhad families  that we work with at Khovsgol Nuur National Park directly throughout the year. These are our own personal friendships that we have personally built up over the past 13 years. We use no agents or tour operators - we work directly with all the families as this leads to a more personal insight for you as our guest.

Khovsgol Nuur is Mongolia's largest freshwater lake and known as 'Dalai Ej' - Mother Sea by local Mongolians and it will provide the dramatic backdrop to this winter expedition. Sleighs are a common form of transport for the Darkhad at Khovsgol in the winter months. These are the sleighs you will use and it is the local knowledge of the Darkhad family that will guide and lead the trip.

We leave the route entirely flexible and in the hands of your local guide as this leads to a more organic and Mongolian type of exploration. However, this does mean you need to be flexible as the route will also be dependent on the weather and also the conditions of the lake.

Each evening you will be hosted by local families that make their winter home alongside the lake shore.

We insulate the horse sleigh with our hand made traditional goat skin blankets. We also provide you with your own hand made full length goat skin del (traditional Mongolian coat) and a pair of Mongolian felt boots. Lunches are taken always with a small camp fire. Having these picnic lunches allows us to explore the sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, forested coves and the small cliffs that can be found alongside the lake.

Yes, there will be challenges but this style of experience provides a  rare tranquility, The immensity of the lake and its landscapes are awe-inspiring. You’ll find complete freedom as you fly over the ice listening to your sleigh guide singing traditional songs about horses and love. The ice is pure and transparent - virtually untouched - and you can lose hours of your day looking at the trapped air bubbles and being mesmerised by the colours. This is an extraordinary adventure.

 The price is on a sliding scale - depending on final group numbers.  The maximum gorup size is six as this leads to a more personal experience for you. Transfers to and from the airport/train station are FREE. 


Number of days: 6
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Central Mongolia
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Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
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Not included: Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar
What to bring: Warm winter clothing - but we have a detailed packing list
Transport: SUV 4x4
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