Pamir Highway Cultural Tour

Pamir Highway Cultural Tour

About the trip

Pamir highway cultural tour is one of the intensive tours of Pamir Highway. The Pamir plateau, which is around 800 km long, with altitudes ranging from 5-7,000m above sea level, is known as the highest region in Central Asia. On this tour, you will explore all major sights along Pamir highway and Wakhan Valley. You will see some of the most ancient fortresses in the region which guarded the silk road a long time ago. And also you will see and experience traditional Pamiri culture and hospitality. This tour can be an unforgettable journey for you.





Day 1  Dushanbe - Kalai khum


We start driver ng at 8 am in the morning. The road will go south Tajikistan until joining Panj River and then north to Darvoz region along the river. From the other side of the river will be Afghanistan, and you will see some Afghan villages on the road. First, we will drive to Kulob city where we will have lunch, and also we will visit an old fort from Samanids time. Then we will continue our drive to Kalai khum. We will make stops every 2 hours to rest from driving and at to take pics where you want. After we arrive to Kalai khum we will go to Romas homestay and stay there for a night.


Day 2 Kalai khum – Khorog


Today we will drive to the capital of Tajikistan Pamir - Khorog. The road today will be more difficult because of bad road. But more interesting on Afghan side. We will see many villages and the first high mountains today. Our lunch will be in Rushan. In the morning we will visit the Karon archeological site in Darvoz and learn where polo game was born. We will arrive Khorog in the evening. Night in homestay. Evening walk in Khorog central park.


Day 3 Khorog – Ishkashim


Today we have short drive. In the morning we will visit Khorog botanical gardens, see the first truck that drove the Pamir Highway and visit meseum. After the lunch we will drive to Ishkashim town. Diner and night in Ishkashim Anis Guesthouse.


Day 4 Ishkashim - Langar

Today will be the most interesting day. We will drive along wakhan valley, high Hindu Kush mountains and ancient fortresses with shrines will be the highlights. Today we will visit mysterious wakhi shrines adorned with ibex and ship bones, Yamchun and Kaha Kaha forts, we will bath in Bibi Fatima hot springs, visit the Buddhist stupa and if time will allow hike to Abreshim forts from where beautiful view of wakhan is available. Lunch on the road in village home. Dinner and night in homestay in Langar.


Day 5 Langar- Murgab


Our driving today will go through high mountain deserts. We will pass Khargush pass (4320m) and join Pamir Highway again.  From there we will drive to Bulunkul village. Near Bulunkul there is a huge Yashilkul lake where we will also drive to see and take pictures.  We will have lch in Bulunkul and will drive back to the main road and continue on Pamir Highway. Near Alichur we will visit Sacred Akbalik lake with Crystal clear water and hundreds of fish. We can have lunch in Alichur and try this mountain fish. Later we will stop near the lonely mountain, climb to the top and take superb pictures of wide Alichur valley.

Later on the road we will drive to nearby Ailak to visit local shepherds and see the real yurt where we will also try Yak yogurt. After the Ailak we will drive to Murgab l, go to homestay and rest the rest of the day. Dinner and night in homestay.


Day 6 Murgab- Tulparkul lake

Breakfast. Drive  from Murgab to Sarymogol village. On the road we will see green pastures and yaks grazing around. Arrival in Sarymogol village and cross the bridge to get to yurt camp at Tulparkol lake (3500 m) next to the base camp of in Peak. Enjoy the beauty of snowcapped mountains of in Peak (7134 m). Walk around the lake. Overnight & dinner in yurt.

Day 7 Tulparkul lake- Osh

Today we will drive to Osh city.  The road will go along amazing mountains and high passes. End of trip


Number of days: 7
Covered regions:
Wakhan valley
Fann mountains
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