Pamir Highway Drivers


Planning a tour on Pamir highway may be daunting if you don't spend time researching and reading lots of information online, worse it may go not as expected if you choose the service provider who either doesn't have experience or is neglectful about how the trip will go. 

One of the most important elements of the road-trip like Pamir Highway is the type of the vehicle and a driver you choose. The Highway runs at least 1300 km and is done at least in 5-6 days. Driving more than 6 hours every day on a potholed, dusty, mountainous and sometimes offroad road, it is important to choose the driver who is not only experienced but also can be a good travel companion. This is exactly what we offer!

By we, I mean myself and several other drivers who are committed to delivering the best experience on the tour and take good care of you. 

We use reliable fully equipped 4 wheel-drive cars and can make your trip along the Pamir highway the one that you will be recalling very often. 

We all speak English and know all the in and outs of the Highway, making us also as guides.

Our Standard rate is 0,8$ per kilometer and it includes the following services:

- Accommodation booking

- Food and other logistics

- A car 

- A driver and all his expenses

- Excursions and sights explanations

 Discounts apply, for more than 1700km

Itinerary options and distances:

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Included services:
Car with driver
Car without driver
Fuel, petrol
Driver's expenses (meals, accommodation)
Included equipment: Binocular, Chairs, dishes,
Transport: SUV 4x4
Car model and year: Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan
4wd: Yes
Air conditioning: Yes
Payment Method

For a confirmed booking, a deposit of (10%) is required. Deposit is paid by credit card (secure payment via Stripe, no credit card fees). The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon start of the trip - unless Host & Traveler agree on different payment methods.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 30 days prior to the beginning of the booked service. The deposit (10%) is only refundable if the booking is canceled at least 30 days in advance.