The Tsaatan are a community of nomadic reindeer herders, originally from Tuva in Siberia, who have historically inhabited the border region of Russia and Mongolia. Ethnically, the community identifies as Dukha and Uighar, but their lifestyle as reindeer herders earned them the Mongolian name Tsaatan, which means roughly “with reindeer.” For millennia, the Tsaatan have depended on domesticated reindeer for nearly all of their basic needs, such as milk for food, skins for clothing, and antlers for tools. For meat, the Tsaatan have depended on wild game, while nuts, berries, and flora of the taiga also supplement their traditional diet. Reindeer are also used as both riding and pack animals in the rugged taiga environment the Tsaatan call home. Said to have been domesticated several thousand years ago, reindeer play a central role in the spiritual, socio-economic, and linguistic traditions of the community. The one of the highlight of this tour is we built special TIPI base camp close to reindeer tribe and only clients who coming with us will stay in that camp. And a sleeping bag will be a present for our clients and after the end of the trip travelers can take sleeping bag with them or can give as gift to local people.

 Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar city: Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar (UB), a guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to a hotel. After refreshment and short rest, the tour program starts with city tour to the Museum of National History with displays related with Mongolian history and its splendid collection of Mongolian traditional costumes exhibits. Possible evening tour around UB with beautiful sunset view of the city. Welcoming dinner at a local restaurant. Stay overnight at 4*hotel. (D)

Day 2 :Ulaan Uul, Khuvsgul province: Early morning fly to Murun, Khuvsgul province (2,5hrs). Arrive in Murun town and drive to Ulaan uul village (220 km’s). Stay overnights in a tourist Ger camp. (B, L, D)

 Day 3-5 :Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake) Tsaatan base Yurt (Tipi) camp, Khuvsgul province: Drive to Tsagaan Nuur village (The White Lake lies in Darkhad valley, northernmost region of Mongolia, 220km). From the village we drive around 30km to the Taiga and camp near a Tsaatan family with more than 30 reindeers. For 3 days we will stay with a Tsaatan family to experience and photograph the daily life, tradition and culture of Tsaatan people. Stay for 3 overnights in a Tsaatan Yurt (Tipi) camp especially prepared for our customers. (B, L, D)

 Day 6 :Khuvsgul Lake (Khatgal town), Khuvsgul province: Drive to Khatgal town (250km) Khuvsgul Province. Photography of ancient deer stones and petroglyphs. The deer stone is originated during the late period of the Bronze Age. The deer stone is believed to provide an over-whelming feeling of relaxation and peace when comes in contact with stone. Believing that Deer stone has great mystic power the ancient warriors sacrificed to Deer stone before long journey and great hunting for receiving favor. Khuvsgul Lake is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the border to Russia, at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains. It is 1,645 m above sea level, 136 km long and 262 m deep. It is the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia, and holds almost 70% of Mongolia's fresh water and 0.4% of all the fresh water in the world. Its watershed is relatively small, and it only has small tributaries. It gets drained at the south end by the Egiin Gol, which connects to the Selenge and ultimately into Lake Baikal. Its location in northern Mongolia helps form the southern border of the great Siberian taiga forest, of which the dominant tree is the Siberian Larch. The lake is surrounded by several mountain ranges. The highest mountain is the Burenkhaan / Munkh Saridag (3,492 m), which has its peak north of the lake exactly on the Russian-Mongolian border.  Stay overnight in a Ger camp. (B, L, D)

 Day 7:Ulaanbaatar: Drive to Murun city and fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Accommodate in Hotel. Afternoon city touring. (B, L, D)

Day 8:Ulaanbaatar/Tsonjin Boldog: Morning visit Gandan Monastery and after continue drive to Tsonjon boldog to see Chinggis Khaan statue. Lunch at Tsonjin Boldog. Chinggis Khaan statue complex, the world’s largest statue of a rider on a horse. Mongolian “XIII Century Theme Park”, the old micro kingdom tour to 13th century life atmosphere will leave you unforgettable Mongolian remembrance. The statue of Chinggis Khaan (1162-1227) with a golden whip in his right hand has an indoor museum inside and it is the right spot for selfie and photos. Return to UB late afternoon. Overnight in hotel. (B/L/D)




Number of days: 9
Covered regions:
Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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What to bring: If you think you are going to need something while travelling in Mongolia, make sure you purchase it before you come to Mongolia, but do not expect you can buy it in Mongolia. The following is a rough guide of things that you will need to pack for your trip to Mongolia. Although this may not suit everyone’s needs, it can be adapted to personal requirements or the type of trip that you are planning to take. Please bear in your mind that local flight alllows 20-30 kg’s per person to check into flight and exceeded lugguges and carry on will be charged (1.5$-2$ per kg). Clothes and equipment - Boots suitable for walking or riding with thick socks - Lightweight shoes - Warm/rain jacket and pullover - Trousers suitable for riding - Long sleeved shirts , T-shirts, Shorts - Gloves - Waterproof clothing: trousers and top - Woollen hat - Clothes suitable for the city - Sun hat, sun cream - Camera and spare film batteries - Torch and batteries – for camping head torches are very useful - Pen knife - Plastic bags to protect your items from moisture - Photocopy of passport and other important documents - 4 season sleeping bag (will advice on each tour) - Medical pack and toiletries - After-bite cream for mosquito bites (mosquito is not infectious in mongolia) - Broad spectrum antibiotic - Loo paper and tissues (avialable at Ulgii province) - Lip balm (avialable at Ub and Ulgii province) Apart from these, we suggest you to be prepared for the following common health problems that travellers may experience: - Altitude sickness (1500-2300 m.a. sea level) - Constipation - Stomach upsets (most foods are cow and chicken meat based) - Headache or other pains - Sunburn and skin irritations - Wounds and cuts Other It is a good idea to include small gifts in your packing list, as you will inevitably be visiting local nomadic families in the country. It is polite to offer them some small gifts to show your gratitude in return for their hospitality. The following items make suitable gifts: - Small toys and sweets for children, smal gifts , cigarettes (available in mongolia unless wants to bring something special from your home country)
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