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Ice Festival+nomadic adventure 2020

ce festival is one of the most attractive and biggest winter events in Mongolia which offers unique chance to sense and explore one of the fascinating and mysterious corners of the earth in the winter. You can enjoy and experience the race of skating marathon on the natural black ice of most magnificent Lake Khuvsgul
Day 1. (Feb 29) Amart monastery
After breakfast start your journey to Amart monastery, one of most beautiful monasteries in Mongolia. It was build between 1726 and 1736 and dedicated to Undur Gegeen Zanabazar and built by Manchu style. Stay in local family
Day 2. (Mar 1) Khatgal
In the morning drive to Erdenet which is the second biggest city in Mongolia. Keep drive to Khatgal small town. Stay in local family.
Day 3. (Mar 2) Khuvsgul lake /ice festival/
In the morning drive to Khuvsgul Lake. Enjoy the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Ice Festival. Today will mark the beginning of the first round of the Ice Marathon. Visitors can enjoy competition of horse sledge for 12 kms, driven by local nomads and traditional ice game. We will watch Ice carving competition, Ice sumo wrestling, Ankle bone shooting, Bonfire, Mongolian traditional folk music concert and shamanic ritual. Stay in local family
Day 4. (Mar 3) Ice Festival
Ice Marathon 2 kms short distanced competition will take today. Ice sumo wrestling, dog and horse sledding, horse riding, visit to a nomadic family, and many other activities are available for you.
Day 5. (Mar 4) Shine Ider small town
Drive to Shine Ider small town.
Day 6, 7. (Mar 5, 6) Khorgo Terkhiin tsagaan nuur National Park
Early morning drive to Khorgo Terkhiin tsagaan nuur National Park. Extinct volcanic craters, pine-clad lava fields and the occasional herd of grazing yaks, the Great White Lake, as it’s known in English, is the natural highlight of Arkhangai province. Today you will have plenty of opportunities for hiking to magnificent volcanic area of Khorgiin Togoo.
Day 8. (Mar 7) Kharakhorum
In the morning drive to Kharakorum which was ancient capital of Mongolian Empire in 13th century. In 1220 Genghis Khan chose to move his capital from Khentii to Karakorum. Though the city was not completed until after his death it was, for a time, the political, economic and cultural center of the vast Mongol Empire, housing great palaces, mosques, churches and monasteries representing many of the world’s religions. We will visit the largest monastery, named “Erdene Zuu” by Mongolian and local museum where see the Great Mongol Empire, Stone Age, Bronze Age. Also we will see phallic and turtle rocks. Drive to Khugnu Khan Natural Reserve. You will ride a camel to sand dunes.
Day 9. (Mar 8)Semi Gobi
Drive to Elsen tasarkhai /Khugnu Khan Nature Reserve Area/ which are mountains, forests, steppes, Gobi desert and mineral water sources all in one location represents three different natural zones. Around area is nice place to hiking, climbing. You will visit to older family to explore the nomadic lifestyle and to have talking with nomads about their life and tradition. We will ride a camel. After dinner you have a chance to play Mongolian traditional game by ankle bones with nomads. Stay in nomadic family.
Day 10. (Mar 9)Khustai National Park and Ulaanbaatar
Today we will drive to Khustai National Park. Khustai was established in 2003. Unique wild horse – Takhi reintroduction project at Khustai National Park started in 1. Keep drive to Ulaanbaatar.

Number of days: 10
Start Date: Feb 29, 2020
End Date: Mar 9, 2020
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Beverages (non-alcoholic)
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Fuel, Petrol
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Not included: travel insurance, alcohol drinkings, personal items, international airfare
Transport: Minivan
Start in (City): Ulaanbaatar
End in (City): Ulaanbaatar
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