Altai is a vast territory in the south of Siberia: a whole country of endless steppes and snow-capped mountains, silent taiga and mountain lakes, wayward rivers and curative springs. A country full of legends and traditions is a mysterious country. Crossroads of cultures, ancient history and primeval nature.

Altai was called different ways: the navel of the Earth - for being in the very center of our planet; and the country Sinegory - for the blue haze of mountains; Someone in these parts was looking for Shambhala - a place where "... the earth and the sky unite together and reveal their wisdom and holy knowledge to man ...". The gray-haired Altai is full of mysteries, and he does not reveal his secrets to everyone. To solve them is not enough for a lifetime. But to touch them and feel the energy of this place is within the power of everyone ...

This route will introduce you to two subjects of the Russian Federation: the Republic of Altai and the Altai Krai (the region). The tour does not require you to be in excellent physical shape and has no age restrictions, anyone can take part.

Note: this is a group tour for group of 5-10 persons, check the availability up front. Single stay is the subject of 178$ additional cost.


Day 1

Meeting at the airport (railway station) Barnaul. Brief sightseeing tour of Barnaul - the capital of the Altai Krai.

Moving Barnaul - Biysk (165 km).

Brief sightseeing tour of Biysk. The oldest city of the Altai Territory - Biysk was founded in 1709 by the personal Decree of Emperor Peter I at the confluence of the Biya and Katun rivers as an outpost of the Russian state. Transfer to the resort town of Belokurikha (65 km). Hotel accommodation. You can independently walk around the resort. All entertainment and health infrastructure of Belokurikha is at your service.

Day 2

Sightseeing tour of Belokurikha. You will learn the history of the resort, climb the sacred mountain Tserkovka. Moving to Biysk. Today here, from the sign “Kilometer ”, our journey to Gorny Altai begins along the famous Chuisky tract. Excursion to the museum of the Chuysk tract. Transfer Biysk - Chemalsky district of the Altai Republic (150 km). Accommodation at the recreation center.

Day 3

Today there are 3 auto-pedestrian excursions in the Chemalsky district, one of the most picturesque areas of Gorny Altai.

 Excursion to Chemal. The key sightseen of the entire Chemal region is the Chemal hydroelectric power station, the first hydroelectric power station in Altai, built in 1935. Not far from the hydroelectric station is the confluence of the Chemal and Katun rivers. The best viewing point is the place named after the hero of the Altai epic, the Sartakpay Gate. In addition, you will visit the temple on the island of Patmos, where you will touch the history of the founding of the Christian mission in Chemal, you will see the icon being renewed itself.

Excursion "Valley of mountain spirits." Excursion to the tract Chech-Kysh - rocky canyon in the valley of the river. Katun You will hear the legend of the tract, climb the observation platform, from where a magnificent view of the Katun. (moving per day 160 km).

Excursion "Village of Masters". You visit the village of Askat, where every third resident is engaged in some kind of creativity. There are three permanent exhibitions, souvenir workshops.

Day 4

Free day. Today, you can relax in a hotel, go for a walk or go on a tour of the Chuysky road - the road included in the 5-ku most beautiful roads of the world according to National Geographic. (optional, for an additional fee of 2500 rubles / person). But not only beauty and natural monuments of interest this road. For centuries, this land has been a crossroads. Hundreds of nations passed here, leaving signs of their stay in the form of rock paintings, stone sculptures, mounds, in the form of traditions and beliefs of local residents that still live.

You will overcome the passes of Seminsky and Chike-Taman, you will see the beautiful Katun and Chuya rivers, the place of their confluence and some rapids (3-5 categories of difficulty) along which the water routes pass. Moving along the Chuisky path deep into the Altai, we will see a change in natural climatic zones. The Chui tract “climbs” higher and higher, and with it, we find ourselves in the Kurai and Chuya steppes - one of the highest in the world (the height of the sea level is up to 2000 m). The majestic panorama of the North-Chuisky Range, steppes and semi-deserts ... - today we have many opportunities to see and capture the extraordinary landscapes! (moving per day approx. 500 km)

Day 5

Transfer to Lake Teletskoye (auto, 250 km). Along the way, an excursion to the VC "Manzherok", the ascent of the lift to the town of Sinyukh, from where a magnificent view of the valley of the r. Katun (visibility is up to 100 km in clear weather). Arrival in the village. Artybash, located on the northern shore of Lake Teletskoye. Accommodation at the recreation center. Sightseeing walking tour of the village Artybash.

You will get acquainted with the history of exploration and study of the Lake, visit a silver source, hear Altai legends about Altyn Köl, climb the Tyalan-Tuu mountain, from where a magnificent panorama of Lake Teletsky opens up from a bird's eye view. Excursion to the ethno park. Acquaintance with Altai traditions. Tasting dishes of national cuisine.

Day 6

Boat trip on Lake Teletskoye with a visit to the Corbu Falls. (The entrance to the territory of the Altai Reserve is paid additionally, 100 rubles per person, children under 14 are free of charge). It is possible to extend the walk to the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye with a guided tour and swimming. (Additional payment from 1800 rubles / person for a group of 6 people or more, order and payment must be made in 1-3 days of the tour). In your free time you can book excursions (for an additional fee of 500 rubles): a walk through the most interesting places of the taite taiga, rafting on the Biya, horseback riding, etc.

Day 7

Transfer to Barnaul. On the way, a short tour of Gorno-Altaisk, an excursion to the National Museum of the Altai Republic named after AV Anokhin. The museum holds unique collections of the first local historians of Altai, archaeological materials from the excavations of the Ak-Alakh mounds from the Ukok plateau, the largest collection of pictorial and graphic works of the first Altai artist G.I. Choros-Gurkin. Excursion to Srostki village, the writer V. Shukshin homeland. Visit to the writer's museum. Transfer to the airport, to the railway station. Estimated time of arrival in Barnaul 19.00

If you leave Barnaul the next morning, do not forget to book a hotel in advance! (For additional fee, according to the price lists of hotels).

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