To the most popular and intense tour of the Altai, we added a visit to one of the most remote and inaccessible areas - the valley of the r. Chulyshman and a cruise on Lake Teletskoye. Now this is the most real world tour around Altai, a surprise for the most demanding and inquisitive travelers!

This is the best tour to understand and feel the Spirit of the Great Altai - the land where people still live in unity with nature, preserving the ancient traditions of their ancestors.
This is the best tour to see all the beauty and diversity of the Altai Land: the tour will take you along all the roads of Altai - to the Mongolian, Chinese and Kazakh borders; You will see all the variety of landscapes and climatic zones. High mountain steppes and snow-ice mountains, arrays of impassable taiga and alpine meadows, lakes and waterfalls of Altai. When crossing Altai from north to south, not only the animal and plant world, but also the lifestyle of the local population changes.
Now you can be proud that you have visited all areas of the Altai Republic! But the Great Altai keeps a lot of unknowns in it and will wait for you again and again to give you the joy of new roads and discoveries.


Departure of the group from Novosibirsk at 22:00 (“0” - howling day). Local time, ahead of Moscow by 4 hours.
Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk on the first day of the tour.

Day 1

Transfer and accommodation at the recreation center in the Maiminsky District of the Altai Republic. Relaxation.
Excursion in with. Chemal (car + pedestrian). You will visit the picturesque temple on the island of Patmos, where you will touch the history of the founding of a Christian mission in Altai. You will walk along the narrow “goat” path, you will see the “Sartakpay Gate” - a panorama of the confluence of the Chemal and Katun rivers, the Chemal hydroelectric station - the first hydroelectric station in Altai, built back in 1935.
Excursion "Valley of mountain spirits." Excursion to the tract Chech-Kysh - a picturesque rocky canyon in the valley of the river. Katun You will hear the legend of the tract, climb the observation platform, from where a magnificent view of the Katun.
In your free time you can order excursions (optional, for an additional fee, 300 - 700 rubles per person): Tavda caves, horseback riding, rafting on the Katun river, etc.

Day 2

Transfer to Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic (380 km). On the way excursions and stops at 4 passes
Excursion to the Gorno-Altai Botanical Garden of the SB RAS. You will get acquainted with rare and medicinal plants of Gorny Altai. Experts will help you choose teas or medical fees.
The beginning of the tour of the Chuisky tract.
Hotel accommodation. Excursion in with. Top-Uimon, in the museum N. K. Roerich.
The Roerich Museum-Reserve was opened in the estate of V.S. Atamanov. Here, the famous scientist, traveler and artist Nikolai Roerich stayed during the Central Asian expedition. According to the results of the expedition, Roerich published a huge number of scientific articles, created hundreds of beautiful paintings and a project for the construction of the settlement of the future Zvenigorod in the Uimon Valley. You will be able to get acquainted with the cultural and scientific heritage of the Roerichs.
A visit to the gems shop, where you can get acquainted with the unique products of local craftsmen.

Day 3

Excursion in the Uimon Valley. C XVIII in the old believers settled here on the outskirts of the Russian Empire. For centuries, the protected valley has attracted freedom-loving and dissident people who sought not only salvation from the persecutors of the faith, but also the legendary country Belovodye, where "everyone lived in justice and in the Divine law." Until now, in search of Belovodya and Shambhala, many people from all over Russia come to the Uimon valley, some of them remain here forever. Try to “touch” the secret of the Uimon Valley!
You will get acquainted with the nature and history of the valley, visit sacred places for local residents (Altai and Old Believers), meet interesting people, get acquainted with the folklore and life of Old Believers in the Museum of History and Culture of Uimon Valley, visit the apiary and much more.

Day 4

Free day. You can devote this day in the reserved Uimon valley to rest, walks, wellness procedures at the hotel or (if you wish, for an additional fee of 1500 rubles / person, pay on the spot) to go on an excursion to the Multinsky lakes or Red Mountain. All day (about 9 hours) you will spend among the picturesque nature of the Katunsky reserve. On off-road vehicles (GAZ-66 or UAZ) from the village of Multa we reach the Lower Multinsky lake. Walk along a simple path to the Srednyaya Multinsky lake. The trail passes through the "Noises" - a picturesque channel between the Lower and Middle Lakes, formed by huge boulders, this ridge of stones is the final moraine of the ancient glacier. Water breaks through this dam, forming a contrast with the quiet surface of two lakes.
Transfer to Ongudaysky district of the Altai Republic (approx. 250 km), one of the largest districts of the Republic. The traditional beliefs and lifestyle of the Altaians are still preserved here. Accommodation at the recreation center.

Day 5

Sightseeing car excursion to the ethno-natural park "Uch-Enmek", Karakol Valley: "Secrets of the sacred valley." You will be met with the specially protected natural territory of Altai - the Karakol Valley, which since ancient times has sacred significance for the indigenous population. During the tour, travelers will come into contact with the history of Altai, get acquainted with the archaeological complexes of the ancient Pazyryk culture, and rock paintings. A unique opportunity to discover the secret knowledge of the people who are entrusted with the preservation of the cultural wealth of Altai.
After lunch, you will be offered an auto-foot (or auto-horse) journey to the reserved mountain lake Aru-Kem (optional, for an additional fee). The locals worship the lake as sacred. Several surprisingly beautiful and mysterious legends are associated with the lake, and the Altaians consider the young woman to be the spirit of this place. Return to the recreation center.
In the evening a folklore concert (throat singing), dinner with tasting of national dishes.

Day 6

Excursion along the Chuisky tract. In the next 2 days, we will drive more than 500 km along the legendary Chuisk Route, which is rich in historical geographical and natural monuments, and will reach almost the Mongolian border.
Karakol - Kosh-Agach. Today we will overcome the famous Chike-Taman pass, we will see the beautiful Katun and Chuyu rivers, the place of their confluence and some rapids (3 -5 categories of difficulty), along which water routes pass, we will visit the ancient complex of Kalbak-Tash petroglyphs. The complex contains more than 500 compositions consisting of more than 5000 drawings, the oldest of which date back to the 8th millennium BC. e. Here we will continue to get acquainted with the unique culture of the peoples inhabiting the Altai. Moving along the Chuisky path deep into the Altai, we will see a change in natural climatic zones. The Chui tract “climbs” higher and higher, and with it, we find ourselves in the Kurai and Chuya steppes - one of the highest in the world (the height of the sea level is up to 2000 m). The majestic panorama of the North-Chuisky Range, steppes and semi-deserts ... - today we have many opportunities to see and capture the extraordinary landscapes!
We will drive through the heart of Altai - Ongudaysky district and stop in the Ulagansky district of the Altai Republic, in the village of Aktash. Hotel accommodation.
Excursion to the Geyser Lake. According to local residents, this lake is a mystery. If you come to him with good intentions, it will show you either the future or a huge picture. The spirit of this lake does not like when it is treated without proper attention. Then this lake will be silent.

Day 7

Discover the sights of Ulagansky and Kosh-Agachsky districts. These are the most remote, high-mountainous areas of Gorny Altai. In addition, these are areas with their own, excellent culture. Most of the population of Kosh-Agach district are Kazakhs, and Ulagansky is one of the oldest ethnic groups inhabiting Altai - Telengits.
We will continue the journey along the Chuisky highway, having traveled almost to the border with Mongolia, we will visit "Mars" - a place with an extraordinary "cosmic" landscape.
We are waiting for a visit to the "mixed" Kazakh and Telengitsky family, dinner with dishes of national Kazakh cuisine. We will take part in the preparation of the ancient drink of nomads - haan tea.
Excursion to kumysnuyu farm (or parking animal breeder, depending on the season).

Day 8

Leaving Aktash. Moving with. Aktash - with. Ulagan - per. Katu-Yaryk - the valley of the river. Chulyshman. (110 km.) On off-road transport, we set off on the Preserved Earth. A day full of discoveries awaits us — picturesque natural and archaeological monuments, places of ancient legends and sensational archaeological finds; having passed through steep passes and severe high mountains, we will descend into the warm, gentle valley of Chulyshman.
The first stop on the long road is the famous natural monument Red Gate, then we will stop at Lake Cheybekköl, popularly known as the “Dead” and learn about the legend associated with it. And soon after overcoming the pass - the village Ulagan, (translated into Russian, "the great Khan"). After a tour of Ulagan, after traveling for about 20 km, you will see the famous Pazyryk barrows in the same tract and hear the amazing story of their excavations. Sensational discoveries from these places, surprisingly well preserved due to the considerable height of the terrain above sea level, climate features and the construction of mounds, made a great contribution to history. In the St. Petersburg Hermitage there is a whole room dedicated to the culture and art of the nomadic tribes of Altai II-VII centuries. BC, which presents a unique complex of archaeological finds, discovered here in the middle of the last century.
Descent to the valley. Chulyshman along the almost steep serpentine of the Katu-Yaryk Pass. Accommodation at the recreation center.
Walking radial excursion to Kurkure Falls (4 km one way). The waterfall consists of two cascades whose height is 30 and 12 meters.

Day 9

Car tour of the Chulyshman Valley.
Valley r. Chulyshman, 130 km long (from the Katu-Yaryk lane to the mouth of the river - the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye) is sandwiched between high mountain ranges. This is one of the most picturesque and inaccessible places in the Altai, characterized by a unique nature and a special aura. Walking excursion to the “Stone Mushrooms”, amazing natural formations in the Karasu tract, a natural monument of the Altai Republic.

Day 10

Moving to Kirsay cape - the southern tip of Lake Teletskoye. Boat trip on Lake Teletskoye with a visit to the waterfalls, the cordon of the Altai Nature Reserve, evening fishing and fish soup on the fire. Arrival in the village. Artybash, located on the northern shore of the lake. Hotel accommodation.

Day 11

Sightseeing walking tour of the village Artybash.
You will get acquainted with the history of exploration and study of the Lake, visit a silver source, and hear Altai legends about Altyn Köl. Those interested can climb the mountain Tyalan-tuu, from where a bird's-eye view of the Teletskoye lake opens up. A visit to the "ethno-park" - acquaintance with the history and traditions of the Altai clans.

Day 12

Departure to Gorno-Altaisk (240 km). Short tour of Gorno-Altaisk, excursion to the National

Day 13

Departure to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk / Novosibirsk in accordance with the ordered transfer.

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