Rent a car without a driver: Niva

For proper understanding: the site shows the cost of renting a vehicle / day. Additionally, you will need to get a driving insurance. The deposit for the car is paid in addition, after returning the car, we check the fines and return the deposit (if everything is okay with the car)


We have only 2 documents (ID and rights). Spend no more than 15 minutes to register. Sign a simple and understandable contract, seal it. Get a clean, fixed car without scratches and damage.


Rental Period The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Sending on the lease term is considered the moment of signing of the vehicle transfer and acceptance certificate. After the end of the last day of the lease. Additional day rental fee.


Car rental conditions and requirements for persons authorized to drive a car:
identity card / passport.
Driving license (driving experience from 3 years).
The age of the tenant - from 21 years.
Deposit - $ 150 (returned by the manager after renting a car for 3 days).

All cars are insured under compulsory insurance.

Prices: Includes rental cost, car maintenance, insurance. Do not include: the cost of gasoline, paid parking, fines, car wash.


When renting any car mortgaged. The size of the deposit depends on the model of the rented car. The deposit will be refunded after the return of the vehicle, provided that the vehicle has not incurred any damages.

From the amount of the security deposit, fines can be removed, fixed by videotakers of the city of Almaty during the rental period
In addition, the cost is not insured automotive equipment, and can be deducted from the security deposit.
The amount of rent for one day. If you want to cancel the reservation, this should be reported 1 day before the start of the rental, in case the deposit will not be returned.

Included services:
Car with driver
Car without driver
Fuel, petrol
Driver's expenses (meals, accommodation)
Included equipment: -
Transport: SUV 4x4
Car model and year: Niva 2017
4wd: Yes
Air conditioning: Yes