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The tour offers you a rare opportunity to visit two unique natural monuments: Lake. Baikal and the Tunkinsky Alps. The Tunkinsky loaches (the Tunkinsky Alps) are fanned by romance, ancient legends, beckon with extraordinary beauty. The mountains here have pronounced alpine landforms, bordering the Tunkinskaya valley from the north, which stretches for 200 km. This place is aptly named by the outstanding explorer of northeastern Siberia S.V. Hoop "Tibet in miniature." Here you will find mountains of extraordinary beauty, valleys rich in mineral springs, and familiarity with the cultural and ethnographic values ​​of the local population.
Having resorted to poetic images, one can say that Baikal is the blue heart of Siberia, and Olkhon Island is the heart of Baikal. The island is the geographical, historical and sacred center of the lake. Olkhon concentrated on its territory all the diversity of the natural landscapes of the Baikal shores. For wildlife lovers and photographers, this is a real reserve of surprisingly diverse and majestic landscapes.
In one round, you will visit 2 worlds with unique nature, traditions and culture, 2 sacred places of Baikal and the Baikal region.


Day 1

Meeting in Irkutsk at 9:00 at the airport, at 10:00 at the railway station (local time, ahead of Moscow by 5 hours). Car sightseeing tour of the city. Old Russian churches and a Polish church, wooden houses, ingrown into the ground by the window, and stone houses of the richest Siberian merchants, the history of Siberia lives here, the history of the Russian state ... Today Irkutsk is 357 years old!
After the tour - back on the road. We are going to the mountains! (moving 230 km). The road along the beautiful mountain serpentine will lead us to the fabulous world of the Eastern Sayans, to the Tunkinskaya valley. Accommodation at the recreation center in the village. Arshan.
Walking tour of the village Arshan. The center of the balneological and mountain-climatic resort and one of the most picturesque villages of the Tunkinskaya Valley - Arshan - is located at the foot of the majestic Sayan Mountains, just 100 km from the border with Mongolia on the banks of the mountain river Kyngarga.
Passing into the resort area of ​​the village, you will visit the exotic local market of souvenirs and medicinal herbs, and then, along a beautiful forest path, moving along the picturesque canyon of the r. Kungarga, get to the place where the river ends down a waterfall. You will try different kinds of mineral water from healing springs and visit the existing Buddhist temple - datsan Bodhiharma.

Day 2

Sightseeing car tour of the Tunkinskaya Valley. Having left Arshan, we begin movement along the picturesque mountain valley, along the road leading to Mongolia. You will learn the history of the settlement of the valley, the ancient legends and traditions of the locals, which are observed to this day, visit the sacred places, which is full of the valley. We are waited in the Buryat family to acquaint ourselves with the traditions and way of life of the Buryats - ancient nomadic pastoralists and hunters. At the end of the excursion - visit to the resort Nilova Pustyn
On the way back we'll stop in the village. Pearls, where anyone can swim in the pool or shower with water from mineral springs (if desired for an additional fee of 200 rubles / person).
At 17.00 departure to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation.

Day 3

Today we are waiting for a trip on about. Olkhon. Olkhon Island is considered the sacred center of the entire Buryat people. Here, according to legend, the first Buryat shaman received a shaman gift
 In the late 1990s, the shamans of the Republic of Buryatia officially recognized Olkhon Island as “the main sanctuary, the cult center of all-Mongolian and Central Asian significance, personifying the sacred original homeland of the Buryats”.
Before heading to about. Olkhon, we will visit the shaman, who will talk about the sacred places of Olkhon and the whole of the Baikal region, the significance of such places, shamanistic rites and attributes, the structure of the world, and the shamanism of Buryatia and other regions of Siberia.
Those interested can get individual advice (in gratitude for the help - pay on the spot, at your request).
Transfer to Olkhon Island, to the village of Khuzhir (300 km). A small ferry trip through the Strait of Olkhon Gate. Accommodation at the recreation center

Day 4

Day trip to Cape Khoboy (the northern tip of the island).
The spectacular pillar-like rock that gave the name of the cape has its own legend. The cape is located near the widest place of Baikal (79.5 km). It is here that you will have the opportunity to assess the size of the lake, which locals habitually call the sea. On the way, you will see all the variety of landscapes and natural monuments of the Island: the picturesque steppes of northern Olkhon, the Three Brothers rock, stilted trees of the Peschanoye tract.
On a halt, you will have to wait for a picnic lunch cooked on a fire.

Day 5-6

Rest on the island. Olkhon concentrated on its territory all the diversity of the natural landscapes of the Baikal shores. Visit the famous 3-km long white sandy beach of the Saraisky Bay: the unusual nature and the purest water of Baikal!
You can also visit water, horse and car tours (optional, for an additional fee).
You can order excursions from the administrator of the base or from the village excursion bureau: to the Buryat village (from 600 rubles per person), in the southern part of Fr. Olkhon, on the lake Yalga, in the paddy of Tashkina, on the salt lake Shara-Nury (from 800 rubles / person) excursions by boat on the lake to the island Ogoy (~ 650-1450 rubles / person), etc.

Day 7

After breakfast we say goodbye to Olkhon and return to Irkutsk, transfer to the railway station. Check out home. Please note that arriving from Olkhon to Irkutsk in the evening. We recommend to purchase return tickets with departure no earlier than 19 / 20.00 local time.
If you leave Irkutsk the next morning, do not forget to book a hotel and transfer in advance! (for additional fee, according to the price list of hotels)

Number of days: 7
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