One of the brightest and most dynamic tours is designed for those who want to see the main treasures of Baikal, for those who are not used to sitting still.
A rich program offers an introduction to the most legendary and interesting places of Baikal. You will visit one of the most magical places of Baikal - Olkhon Island, a place of ancient legends and historical legends; a monument of engineering architecture - the famous Circum-Baikal Railway; "Gate" of Baikal - pos. Listvyanka; and you can relax and swim in one of the warmest bays of the Small Sea.
 In addition, the tour includes excursions that are not in any other of our tour: boat trip on. Olkhon - Irkutsk, ethnographic excursion to the center of the Buryat Autonomous District - pos. Ust-Orda, tour of the Tazheranskaya steppe.


Day 1

Group meeting in Irkutsk at the airport at 8-00; at the railway station at 9-00 (local time, ahead of Moscow by 5 hours). Car sightseeing tour of the city. In 2019, Irkutsk turns 358 years old. The city has written many wonderful pages in the history of the Russian state and today, thanks to the preserved historical center of the city and the position of the Eastern Capital of Siberia, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in our country.
Hotel accommodation.
Car tour in the village. Listvyanka, located on the shores of Lake Baikal, 70 km from Irkutsk.
On the way, an excursion to the “Taltsy” architectural and ethnographic museum. “Taltsy” is a unique open-air museum, a collection of historical, architectural and ethnographic monuments of the XVII – XIX centuries: the “corners” of the Russian and Buryat villages, the Evenki camp.
Arrival in Listvyanka. Visit to the Baikal Limnological Museum (SB RAS). This is the only museum in the world whose expositions acquaint with the history of studying the lake, its flora and fauna. Since 2004, the museum has a “living exhibition”: in the museum aquariums one can see some representatives of the Baikal fauna: omul, whitefish, sturgeon and, of course, the seal.
Free time for walking along the village’s quay, visiting the observation deck, buying souvenirs. Return to Irkutsk, to the hotel.

Day 2

Transfer to the Small Sea (300 km). On the way, an excursion to the village. Ust-Orda is the center of the Buryat Autonomous Region. Visit the State National Museum. You will get acquainted with the history, culture, religion and customs of Buryats from ancient times to modern times. At the end of the excursion, the shaman will lead a traditional ceremony on a successful road. We will also visit the Ust-Orda datsan, which has its history since 1919, the official opening of the restored datsan was held on August 4, 2011. The datsan is trimmed with Chinese silk, and the statues of saints are made in Tibet. On the walls are ancient tanks with prayers, jewels and sandalwood. Next to the datsan, a blacksmith's shop was set up to revive the folk traditions, and here it is planned to place a medical home for the doctor.
Arrival at the recreation center on the Small Sea. Accommodation

Day 3

Auto-walking tour of the Tazheranskaya steppe: curative salt lakes, the valley of stone spirits, an observation deck in the Zmeinaya Bay (approximately 4 hours). An amazing and memorable adventure through sacred places to the valley of stone spirits, to the guardians of the Tazheranskaya steppe. Are they stuck in the stone forever or just waiting in the wings to wake up? This journey will reveal some mysteries and secrets of the Great Baikal. And in conclusion, you will find an amazing and breathtaking view of Baikal from the observation deck.

Day 4

Rest on the Small Sea, you can walk along the coast of the Small Sea, enjoy the beautiful landscapes, clean air and bright sunshine. To swim in Baikal - its waters return youth and give a surge of strength and energy. On the shore there is a boat rental, catamaran and a mini-water park.
Upon request, for an additional fee (from 1500 rubles per person). Automobile excursion Kurma, Sarma and Silver source: Kurminsky cape is known for its grottoes and wonderful sandy beaches. We drive along the picturesque mountain road over the Mukhor Bay along the Primorsky Range. On the way, you will be met by flexible larches and stately cedars. Allow yourself to dissolve in the beauty and uniqueness of this place! Continuing the journey, you will visit the Sarminsky gorge. It is from here that one of the mighty winds of Baikal, the hostess of the Small Sea, Sarma, begins its journey, and at the end of the excursion, the Silver Spring, known for its healing properties.

Day 5

Early departure from the recreation center. Moving to Olkhon. (90 km). Accommodation at the camp site. Walking tour to Shamanka Rock (Cape Burkhan), a sacred and mysterious place where shamans have been carrying out their rituals for a long time to this day. The extraordinary beauty of the cape inspired awe to the locals for a long time. There is a beautiful legend that Cape Burkhan is the earthly haven of the great spirit Khan Hute-baabai. His other two ghostly palaces are in heaven and underground.
On request, for an additional fee, you can visit the Museum of Local Lore. Revyakina N.V., where the expositions are presented, telling about the life of the indigenous people of the Island.

Day 6

Day trip to Cape Khoboy (the northern tip of the island).
The spectacular pillar-like rock that gave the name of the cape has its own legend. The cape is located near the widest place of Baikal (79.5 km.). This is where you will have the opportunity to assess the size of the lake, which the locals habitually call the sea. On the way, you will see all the variety of landscapes and natural monuments of the Island: the picturesque steppes of northern Olkhon, the Three Brothers rock, stilted trees of the Peschanoye tract.
On a halt you will have a picnic lunch and hot tea cooked on a fire.

Day 7

Free day at the island of Olkhon. You can order water, horseback riding and car excursions (optional, for an additional fee) from the administrator of the base or from the settlement bureau: to the Buryat village (from 600 rubles per person), in the southern part of Fr. Olkhon, Yalga Lake, in the Tashkin Pad, on the salt lake Shara-Nury (from 800 rubles / person); excursions by boat on the lake Ogoy island (~ 650-1450 rubles / person), etc

Day 8

Departure from the recreation center at 11:00. Transfer to the pier in the Bay of Zgli. Boat trip on Baikal (by boat): within 8 hours you will pass more than 200 km along the water area of ​​Baikal, enjoy the view of the open sea and the view from the water of the picturesque shores of Peschanaya Bay. Arrival in Irkutsk, (tentatively at 20:30). Transfer to the hotel or railway station, departure home.
ATTENTION! If the flight from Olkhon will be canceled by the river shipping company, the transfer to Irkutsk will take place by minibus, in return an additional boat trip will be included in the program of the stay on Olkhon
If you leave Irkutsk in the morning of the next day, do not forget to book a hotel and transfer in advance (for additional fee, according to the price list of the hotel).

Day 9

Upon request, for an additional fee, an excursion on the Circum-Baikal Railway (surcharge for the hotel from 8 to 9 days, a tour of the Circum-Baikal Railway, transfer to the airport or railway station). On the excursion train, you will pass through the section of the old Circum-Baikal road, in 1905 a “golden buckle” connecting the Trans-Siberian Railway - the “steel belt” of Russia. Great interest among tourists is caused by tunnels, powerful retaining walls, viaducts made of ashlar, wooden buildings in the modernist style of the early twentieth century. The road and the territory adjacent to it include not only numerous monuments of engineering and technical art and architecture, but also a variety of nature monuments - geology, mineralogy, zoology, biology.
Arrival in Irkutsk, in the square to them. Kirov, approximately at 22:00. Transfer to the airport or railway station, departure home.
ATTENTION! If you leave Irkutsk in the morning of the next day, do not forget to book a hotel in advance and transfer (for additional fee, according to the price list of the hotel).

Number of days: 9
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