Road Tripping to Teriberka

Teriberka Journey... Travel Real Russia!

Guide: Tony Terentev


IMPORTANT: This is a road tripping from Moscow to Teriberka in a Soviet military UAZ van. The itinerary is fluen! We may drive from 7 to 14 days depending on your wishes. Please, contact us to get customized itinerary.


Tony and the Van


1 Day. From Moscow to the Golden Ring

We will start from Moscow in a Soviet van and drive straight north. That will be a good highway road that goes through several «Golden Ring» towns famous by its Medieval architecture. We will make a first long stop at Yaroslavl, «the capital» of the Golden Ring. We will have 4-5-hours walk to see its main attractions. I recommend to spend the night there.  On our way to Yaroslavl, we may visit Sergiev Posad and Rostov, other popular Golden Ring towns.

 Its also possible to get there by a train. It takes 4 hours instead of 6 hours driving by car.


2 Day. We will continue driving north. Vologda in the next town where we can make a short 1-2 hours stop. Vologda is a typical countryside town in the European part of Russia, not so many attractions, but a lot of a «local life». Russia will slowly turn to the «middle of nowhere» straigh after Vologda. This day we will drive about 500 km to get to the «starting point» of our northern adventures in the Vytegra town.


3 Day. In the morning we will visit museum at the real Soviet Submarine located in Vytegra. Then we will drive north. The road will be emty… few cars, almost no people and villages. Only forests and snow. And GULAG monuments. We will drive to Medvejiegorsk town (translation — town of bears). It is the typical grumpy town in Karelia with few people and almost no attractions. It is located about 300 km from Vytegra. The town was occupied by Finland during the WWII; they made a large fortification system there. If it is interesting for you, we will make a short excursion to see it.


4 Day.  This day we will visit famous Kizhi Island, amazing open-air museum with unique wooden church. Kizhi is an island located almost in the center of Onega Lake. However, it is possible to get there by roads. We will drive about 140 km by a regular road, then 40 km by a small snowy road then walk about 1 km by ice on the lake to get there. We will drive back and spend the night in  Medvejiegorsk.


Day 5-6. Driving 500 km north through the nowhere of Karelia republic. Norther nature, millions of lakes, snowy forests… The region is very similar to Finland (and very close to it). We will drive to the touristic base in the Zasheek village. Perfect banya, fishing at the lake, snowmobiles, reindeer farm, millions of short tours. I recommend to spend at least two nights here.


Day 7-8. Driving a little bit north… and we are on Kola Peninsula! We will turn to the west and drive along White Sea coast by an icy road that slowly turns to the off road. We will cross snow dunes and snow dessert, and possibility  see wild horses. Our goal is to visit Tonya Tetrina. It is the guest house (or almost «guest village») building in the traditional Pomor style. Pomors are ethnical group of fishermens living in the northern Russia along the White Sea. Tonya Tetrina is amazing place to live as they did many years ago… All houses are authentic, there“s no electricity, a lot of fishermen staff and hospitable hosts. It is not easy to fing such non-touristic and authentic site in Russia… We will have banya and experience the traditional way of life. I recommend to stay for 2 nights.

If we want to visit this place, we need to have permissions for you! I will try to get them if you confirm the trip.


Day 9. Way to Murmansk

We will drive back by snowy road to the normal one and then drive about 300 km north to get to Murmansk town.


Day 10. Way to Teriberka. One day of driving to Teribarka by an icy roads. Depending on the weather, we can get there for several hours or several days (it“s a joke (I hope)). Actually, we may have problems only in case of snowy storm when the road will be full of snow, so we will be «off-roading» all the way there. However, probably the road will be good enough.

On our way to Teriberka we will make several small stops to see some art objects and other beautiful places. There would be the open spaces of tundra, white snow for many many kilometers around and snowy mountains.


Day 11. Teriberka excursion

This day we will walk in Teriberka and visit some nearby places. We will go to Barents see and visit graveyard of old ships, a creepy place. You will see a lot of the normal (and little bit depressing) life of the typical countryside town located in the middle of nowhere. Teriberka has a strong vibes of Soviet era everywhere. Abandoned schools, some old grocery stores and five block houses.


Day 12. Teriberka excursion

We will go outside Teriberka town to see severe northern nature as it is.  We will walk alone the Barents sea, watch frozen waterfall and rocky cliffs along the coast. Hope, one of these days we will see Aurora Boreals as well! We will also explore some traves of WWII… old fortifications and so on.


Day 13. Day in Murmansk

We will drive back to Murmansk to have one extra day before departure to make sure that we will make it in time. If everything is OK, we will spend this extra day walking in Murmansk, one of the biggest city in the Russian North. We will visit the unique nuclear ice-breaker in as well.

Number of days: 14
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