Charyn canyons, 2 Days trip for 5 guests

A comprehensive introduction to the canyons of the Charyn and Temirlik rivers.

Almaty oblast is rich in a variety of mountains and steppe metamorphoses of nature. These include canyons which basically are in the immediate vicinity of the Charyn and Temirlik river basins. However, there are canyons that are not directly related to the rivers.

We prepared an itinerary that fully reveals the beauty of Almaty canyons.


Day 1.

Almaty - trekking in the Valley of Castles of the Charyn canyon (5 km) - Trekking in the Lunar Canyon (4 km) - a panoramic area of the Moon Canyon - panoramic area so called Stone shelf - a panoramic area of the Valley of Castles - a small trekking in the Bestamak canyon - dinner and overnight in Bestamak in tents.

Day 2. 

Bestamak Canyon - Trekking (4 km) in the canyon Temirlik - Almaty.


An alternative to a boring road along Kulja path is a road along the Big Almaty Canal, that built at the initiative of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev.




The road runs along the scenic foothills which provide with excellent panoramic views.
Raiymbek District welcomes its visitors. The majority of the canyons are on its territory. The Canyons are perfectly visible from the Almaty-Narynkol highway.

The first stop is a visit to the Valley of Castles at Red canyon (Qyzylsay). In addition to the passage along the bottom of the canyon of the second point of the route there is a visit to the panoramic site of the top view of the Valley of Castles.




The next point of the route is a visit to Lunar (Zhabyr) canyon. Inside the canyon an hour walk around the neighborhood with a final exit point to the Charyn River is scheduled.




The Lunar canyon abounds with streams and small waterfalls. The road to the river is interesting with its small rocky obstacles. After visiting the canyon we visit a view point - Lunar canyon panorama, top view.




Passages are carried out on dirt roads, sometimes there are obstacles surmountable only on car with large clearance. Landslides and avalanches are frequent. Particular difficulty may be caused at the rise of the cars from the bottom of the canyon: canyon descents in the majority are simple, and climbs back may cause problems for some drivers.

Another panoramic platform of the rout is an unforgettable stunning view onto the Charyn river and the mountain gorge, where we take a little break for a lunch.




The stone shelf is a unique place in the Charyn Gorge. The majestic view suddenly opens to visitors, capturing the spirit. Visitors should observe precautions when visiting a stone shelf, the height of the wall reaches 250 meters. The landscape of the stone shelf resembles the landscapes of mountain belts, which are located at an altitude of 3 500 meters, but in fact tourists are at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.



Unforgettable, stunning views of the river and the mountain gorge Charyn.

After 30 minutes there is a planned stop at the next viewing platform - a view of the Valley of Castles. Photo session is for 15 minutes.




The next place to visit in Charyn canyon is called a panoramic view of the valley of the castles. In fact, we go around the Charyn River and return to the first location, where you can see the valley of the castles from the right bank of the Charyn River.
Scale landscape, castles of the red canyon in the form of Greek amphitheaters will remain forever in the memory of tourists.

Canyon that is comfortable for the night is Bestamak Canyon – it is compact and small with a characteristic reddish tinge of the rocks.




In Bestamak we prepare for the dinner and overnight in tents by the river. After dinner in the dark the night walks through the canyon are especially interesting - daytime slopes at night create other opposite feelings.






The next morning there is breakfast and relocation to Temirlik Canyon. We take one and a half hour sightseeing tour of the canyon. Temirlik Canyon runs along the bed of the river of the same name, sometimes extending for several hundred meters.




All movement between canyons are taking place across the steppe of Sogetinskaya and Zhalanash Valleys. The spring valley is particularly unique with its yellow-green grass.

After visiting the Temirlik canyon we return to Almaty.




Route Difficulty: standard, suitable for people with average physical training.

Precautions: 1-2 liters of drinking water, a mandatory cap, sunglasses, anti-bugs repellents. 

The average time on the road is 9 hours per round trip.

Overnight in the Bestamak canyon, a night walk.

The total length of the route: it is a two-day itinerary of a weekend, 600 km by car and 10 km of hiking trails.


Number of days: 2
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Not included: soft and alcohol drinks, snacks rent of personal clothes, shoes telephone calls, personal expenses breakfast of the first day, dinner of the last day
What to bring: 1,5-2 liters of drinking water, a mandatory sun hat, sunglasses, anti-bug repellents.
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