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Camel farm, camel riding from Almaty

For our guests, we have prepared a nice gift.

The cost of the tour for 2 people.

Multi-day tours.

The program: a walk through the steppe of the national park "Altyn-Emel". Accommodation in a guest house, a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Singing Dune, Aktau Canyons. Visiting a camel farm, riding a camel, try shubat, lunch in nature.

Sample tour program:

1 day

8.30 transfer from the hotel

13.00 Arrival in the CIS, registration, lunch.

14.00 departure to the canyon of Aktau

15.00 walk to Aktau

17.00 departure to the hotel for overnight stay

19.00 Check-in at the hotel, dinner.

2 days

8.00 breakfast

9.00 departure to the singing dune

11.00 walk through the dunes

13.00 transfer to camel farm, riding a camel, lunch on the farm,

16.30 departure to Almaty

21.30 Return to the hotel, Almaty

The State National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel" established the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 416 of April 10, 1996. The total area is about 520 thousand hectares.

Own area ha. GNPP "Altyn-Emel" is located in the pool with a pond.
The National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel" has the status of environmental protection and scientific support of the republican significance of agriculture in agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Big and Small Kalkan, 120 meters high and about 3 km long. The sandy mountain consists of the smallest stones that generate wind. Its sound resembles the sound of an organ. Sometimes the dune gives a strong drum beat.
A magnificent panorama of the surroundings opens from the top of Barkhan. In the south there are thin striped rivers. Or Violet Mountains, Sokhets and Boguty. Kalkana, from the east - small. Anesta, Mount Chulak, Matay and Altyn-Emel. At their foot stretches a foothill valley, cut by thin strips of dry rain channels. If the weather is dry and windy, the sand dune will sing a song that stretches for several kilometers ... such weather is not uncommon in these places, it rains a little from May to September.

The huge conical mountains of Aktau (from the Kazakh White Mountains) resemble the Egyptian pyramids. Altyn-Emel. The Cretaceous Mountains are a world famous paleontological deposit. In the layers of lake sediments, well-preserved remains of ancient animals, whose age is estimated at 25–30 million years, are found. Among the finds are remnants of rhinos, brontoty, crocodiles, mollusks, turtles, giant rhinos, mastodons, deer. Fully preserved skeletal brontoteries and three skulls were discovered during the Kazakh and American expeditionary works in 1995-97. The mountains of Aktau are amazed by the variety of shapes and shades.

Altun-Emel. These volcanic mountains of the Permian period are complex with rhyolites, andesites, dacites, diabases, basalts. In the eastern part of the island there are two paleovolcanoes. Volcanic eruptions were powerful.
Heavy lava tongues, garbage, servants, tracked steps from the ashes covered large areas. There are also various yellow, red, purple rosettes and variegated clays. The Katutau Mountains are the most waterless, with steep slopes and numerous canyons. It is home to a large number of argali and mountain goats. In search of animals you can find cave paintings.

n the southeastern foothills of the Katutau, there are high mountains called the Tiger Mountains because of the coloring of the clays that make up these mountains. High mountains have been rising for the last two million years. The highest point of Katutau is the height of 1720 meters.

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