The most intense tour! Here, as in a precious necklace, the bright gems of Baikal hid: the shamanic magic of Olkhon; the protected fairy tale of the Ushkany Islands and the Chivyrkuisky Bay; secrets of the ancient "Bargudzhin Tokum" - the land of their ancestors - the Barguzin Valley. The old Russian city of Irkutsk and the center of Buddhism in Russia are the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude. We invite you to a fascinating journey, where every day will open the whole world!


Day 1

Group meeting in Irkutsk at the airport at 8-00; at the railway station at 9-00 (local time, ahead of Moscow by 5 hours). Car sightseeing tour of the city.
Old Russian churches and a Polish church, wooden houses, ingrown into the ground by the window, and stone houses of the richest Siberian merchants, ¬- lives here the history of Siberia, the history of the Russian state ... Today Irkutsk is 358 years old!
Hotel accommodation.
Car tour in the village. Listvyanka, located on the shores of Lake Baikal, 70 km from Irkutsk.
On the way, an excursion to the “Taltsy” architectural and ethnographic museum. “Taltsy” is a unique open-air museum, a collection of historical, architectural and ethnographic monuments of the XVII – XIX centuries: the “corners” of the Russian and Buryat villages, the Evenki camp.
Arrival in Listvyanka. Visit to the Baikal Limnological Museum (SB RAS). This is the only museum in the world whose expositions acquaint with the history of studying the lake, its flora and fauna. Since 2004, the museum has a “living exhibition”: in the museum aquariums one can see some representatives of the Baikal fauna: omul, whitefish, sturgeon and, of course, the seal. Virtual dive to the bottom of Baikal.
Free time for walking along the village’s quay, visiting the observation deck, buying souvenirs. Return to Irkutsk, to the hotel.

Day 2

Departure for a tour of the Circum-Baikal Railway. The Circum-Baikal Railway is a historic railway, in the past - part of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It was not by chance that this road was called the “golden buckle” of the steel belt of the Trans-Siberian Railway: it has no equal in the world in terms of its saturation with unique engineering structures and natural sights.
. On a special excursion train you will pass from the station. Slyudyanka to the port of Baikal, with stops for a walk along the shore of Baikal and exploring the most interesting structures

Day 3

Transfer to Olkhon Island, to the village of Khuzhir (270 km). Traveling by ferry through the strait of Olkhon Gate. Olkhon, the geographical and sacral center of Baikal, is distinguished not only by its magnificent landscapes, but also by the multitude of holy “shamanic” places.
Accommodation at the recreation center

Day 4

Day trip to Cape Khoboy (the northern tip of the island).
The spectacular pillar-like rock that gave the name of the cape has its own legend. The cape is located near the widest place of Baikal (79.5 km). It is here that you will have the opportunity to assess the size of the lake, which the locals habitually call the sea. Along the way, you will see all the diversity of landscapes and natural monuments of the island: the picturesque steppes of northern Olkhon, the Three Brothers rock, stilted trees of the Peschanoye tract.
On a halt you will be served dinner cooked on a fire.

Day 5

Rest on the island. Olkhon concentrated on its territory all the diversity of the natural landscapes of the Baikal shores. For wildlife lovers and photographers, this is a real reserve of surprisingly diverse landscapes and majestic landscapes. Visit the famous 3-km long white sandy beach of the Saraisky Bay: the unusual nature and the purest water of Baikal.
This is a wonderful time to feel alone with the Great Baikal. Olkhon is a great place for rest and meditation, and at the recreation center you will be offered water, horseback riding and car excursions (optional, for an additional fee): in the Buryat village (from 600 rubles / person), in the southern part of Fr. Olkhon, on the lake Yalga, in the paddy of Tashkina, on the salty lake Shara-Nury (from 800 rubles / person); excursions by boat on the lake to the islands of the Small Sea, Ogoy Island (~ 650-1450 rubles / person), etc.

Day 6

After breakfast we go to the pier of the village. Khuzhir, from where on a speedboat we go on a water trip along Baikal. Passing through the Small Sea, we see all the rocks and cliffs of Olkhon already from the water; Going round Khoboy Cape, we approach the reserved place - Ushkany Islands - the main refuge of the famous Baikal seal - seal. For those who wish - landing on the island. (The entrance to the reserve to observe the seal at an additional cost is 2000 rubles, payable at will only in advance, when booking the tour!).
We go around the peninsula of the Holy Nose and, further along the reserved Chivyrkuisky Bay, we pass to the coast. This isolated corner of Baikal with picturesque shores, warm and clear Baikal water, a kind of comfort and “isolation” from the world disposes travelers to rest. Let us dwell in one of the bay of the bay to enjoy the beauty of the protected nature and swim - after all, the Chivyrkuisky Bay is considered the warmest on Baikal!
Go to the boat to the village. Monakhovo and further, car crossing to Barguzinsky Bay, in the village. Maksimikha. Hotel accommodation.

Day 7

Car tour of the Barguzin Valley. Barguzin Valley - “Bargudzhin tokum”, a particularly revered land, the birthplace of the mother of Genghis Khan.
A very rich excursion includes acquaintance with the natural, historical monuments of the valley, cultural traditions of its inhabitants. Let's start with a tour of the old village of Barguzin, which tells the story of the Barguzinsky burg, founded in 1648 by the Cossack ataman Ivan Galkin.
Acquaintance with Suva Saxony (picturesque outcrops resembling the castle towers), visiting the mineral spring, Burkhan (place of worship) about “Buhe-Shulun” (Bull-stone - guardian of the valley). A picturesque natural monument - Ininsky Rock Garden. A visit to the place of worship of the goddess Yanjima, whose face appeared on a large stone at the foot of the mountain several years ago. In the Buryat yurt, you will get acquainted with the traditions, lunch - national cuisine and a master class on cooking the Buryat dessert.
(in case of adverse weather conditions - spill of the river, the excursion may be slightly reduced, and do not include a visit to Yanjima and the source)

Day 8

Rest on the Barguzinsky Bay. Barguzinsky, the largest bay of Baikal, is famous for its long sandy beaches surrounded by pine forest. In the summer, in the presence of warm and quiet weather, the water in the Barguzinsky Bay warms up to 20-22º C.
This is the final day at Baikal, a day to enjoy the peace, tranquility and grandeur of the Sacred Sea. Let these silence, warmth and tranquility stay in your soul for a long time!
You can also continue to discover Buryatia: go on a tour of the Barguzin Valley to the Alla resort and visit the Evenks, visit the Holy Nose Peninsula, or go to one of the many healing springs with which Buryatia is so rich ... - our guide is ready to offer you many additional excursions (The cost of excursions from 2000 rubles / person)

Day 9

Transfer to the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude (300 km) ..
Excursion to the Ivolginsky datsan. “At the foot of the Khamar-Daban mountain range, on the steppe expanses, in a quiet tract, there is the spiritual capital of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia - Ivolginsky datsan. .... In sunny weather, gilded temples sparkle brightly, meeting pilgrims and guests from afar. It seems that the fleeting time has stopped here, and the air is filled with the tart and spicy scent of flowering herbs. ”(Datsan official site)
Ivolginsky Datsan - a large monastic complex, the interiors of its temples adorn original works of art. Here is the residence of Pandito Hambo Lama, the head of the Buddhists of Russia; Buddhist University, where the training of nomadic huvaraks is conducted, is home of llamas. Datsan is under state protection as a monument of religious architecture.
Hotel accommodation.
 A sightseeing walking tour of the city center with a tour of the main attractions: the famous monument to V.I. in ("in's head"), the opera house and the pedestrian zone ul. in, Odigitrievsky Cathedral.
You will see and feel the eastern beauty and the special spirit of this capital!

10 day

End of the tour. Transfer to a / port and railway station. Check out home.

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