Halal tour, Uzbekistan, 8days/7 nights

Don't miss the chance to see the most wonderful pearls of Uzbekistan in our authentic way.

Day 1 Monday


Arrive, the driver  will meet you after arrival with the sign of the company or the name and surname of the appointed representative from the group, stay at the hotel to rest.

 Overnight in Tashkent

Day 2 Tuesday

Tashkent city tour

Tashkent sightseeing tour will be held from the morning.

Tashkent is considered as trade and business center, all high-ranked meetings and discussions are held in this city.

The capital and the minor city by its population is Tashkent. The number of people is nearly 4 million. Being destroyed in 1219 by Chenghis Khan, one of the oldest cities in region was rebuilt and became the prominant strategic centers of science, commerce, and trade along the Silk Road.

 Places to visit:

Hast Imam Complex (The complex consists of mosques, madrassas, mausoleum which date back to 16th century). The complex is considered as a pearl of the mediaval city as the old Osman Koran is placed and secured. The history of the holy book goes to the 7th century. Chorsu Market (The huge vast territory of trading is an open air market for locals and tourists).Kukeldash Madrassah  (One of the still functioning madrassah in Uzbekistan, is the construction of 16th century). 

Visit the applied art museum with its beautiful finely decorated walls
Overnight in Tashkent

Day 3  Wednesday


In the morning transfer to the local airport, flight to Urgench and drive to Khiva. (HY 051 time: 07:25-08:55)

Early check-in the hotel.

First view of the ancient and mystic Khiva. When you enter the 2,500-year-old city of Khiva you travel back in time to an earlier millenium – a land of caravanserais built to quench the thirst of travelling silk traders and madrassahs filled with young students studying the Koran. Khiva – the exotic and undiscovered masterpieces in the desert.  Like an oasis in the sand, the city of Khiva is remarkably well kept – aquamarine tiles line the 800-year-old minarets and ancient stones pave the streets. Every corner you turn is another exotic angle.  The Khan’s palace is a labyrinth of courtyards and hidden rooms and you’ll have the day to explore this enormous open-air museum.

Places to visit in Itchan-kala (Inner city):

Pakhlavon Makhmud Pakhlavan Makhmoud (Pahlavon Mahmud), the Hercules of the East, Palvan Pir the kurash wrestler-saint, Pirar Vali the antireligious Persian poet, Mahmoud the district furrier, in 1325 to enter local folklore as a hero of both brain and brawn and to become an adopted patron saint of Khiva. Over the years a small mausoleum grew up ove the sight of Mahmoud’s original furrier shop, but it was not until 1810-1835 that the tomb was given its present glory by the Kungrad Khans of Khiva, as they transformed  the shrine into the last great family mausoleum erected in Central Asia and the most renowed building in the city. Tosh-Khovli Palace, the introspective and labyrinthine corridors of the Stone Palace comprised the stylized world of Allah Kuli Khan (ruled 1826-42) his extravagant encourage. When royal architect Usto Nur Mohammed Tajikhan timidly suggested that the 163 rooms and three countryyards could never be completed some years later, but only with the help of over 1 000 slaves.

The appearance and colorfulness of  the blue dome was finished 500 years after his death. Shergazi-Khan Madrasah, muslim school which was well-known not only in Uzbekistan but in Turkmenistan as well.

Djuma Mosque is wonderful an unforgettable place, which performance will stain in your memory for its identity…

Overnight in Khiva

Day 4 Thursday


8:45-14:48 Take a morning fast train from Khiva to Bukhara , this train way you could see the Amudarya river and Kyzyl kum desert, both of them are very attractive destinations.


Nature has bestowed this harshly arid land with two channels of hope; the Amu Darya and Syr Darya, sweeping down from the Roof of the World, the high Pamirs and Tian Shan to the east, bringing the dessert to life  up to Khoresm and the Aral Sea. The Greeks knew them as the Oxus and Jaxartes; between their middle reaches lay Transoxiana, the Arab Mawarannahr, the ‘land beyond the river’.

Fascinating sights on our tour today includes exploration of the exotic city of Bukhara, where images of the past are embodied in brilliant architectural masterpieces from empires in the past. During  your  tour of historic  center  of  Bukhara, a  capital  site  listed  by  the  World  Heritage  Committee, you’ll marvel at the  Kalyan  Minaret  or  The "Tower  of  the  Death,  and  observe  students  at  the  Mir-i Arab  Madrassa,  the  only continuously  functioning  madrassa, or  religious school throughout Central Asia. The madrassah was functioning during Soviet time.

Arrive  in the afternoon, check into accommodations at the hotel, have a lunch and walk around the sights in the old part of the town.

Places to visit: Lyabi Khaus complex and domed trade markets.

Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 5, Friday


Fascinating sights on our tour today includes exploration of the exotic city of Bukhara, where images of the past are embodied in brilliant architectural masterpieces from empires in the past. During  your  tour of historic  center  of  Bukhara, a  capital  site  listed  by  the  World  Heritage  Committee, you’ll marvel at the  Kalyan  Minaret  or  The "Tower  of  the  Death,  and  observe  students  at  the  Mir-i Arab  Madrassa,  the  only continuously  functioning  madrassa, or  religious school throughout Central Asia. The madrassah was functioning during Soviet time.

The ancient caravanserai, bathhouse  and scenic chai- khana(tea houses)  that  you'll  see  throughout  the  center  and  step  into  the  past  with  a  tour  of  the 1st - century   Ark  Fortress  Museum, offering an  opportunity  to delve  into  the  history of  the  first  foreign  visitors  to  Central  Asia  and  their  enigmatic end  at the  hands  of  the  ruling  emirs, visit Bolo Khause Mosque. In the evening, you will be entertained by an Uzbek Folklore Ensemble under the stars in the courtyard of the Divan Begi Madrasa followed by dinner and fashion show of rainbow masterpieces made from khan Atlas.

It is available to go and pray in one of historical mosque in the city. 
Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 6, Saturday


After breakfast visit the Summer residence of the three last emirs of Bukhara. The palace was turned into different museums which are situated at the same place and considered as a wonderful pearl of the Holy Bukhara.

Visit the mausoleum of Nakshbandi, who was a great leader oft he sufiy brotherhood and his grave is situated on the land of Bukhara.

Visit the necropolis Chor bakr of Djuybar sheikhs which is situated in suburb of Bukhara.

Coming back to the city and go to the railway station.

Arrive to Samarkand by the evening time and have a walk around the town.

Overnight in Samarkand. 

Day 7,


Samarkand city tour, Samarkand-Tashkent

Samarkand, legendary capital of Great Tamerlane

Visit   the  Registan,  the  most  astonishing  monument of  all of Central  Asia  and  the  traditional  town  square  of  Islam the  ensemble can  be  read like  a history  of  Islam  in  the  region.


The Registan of Samarkand was originally, and is still even in ruin, the noblest public square in the world. I know of nothing inthe east approaching it in massive simplicity and gradeur; and nothing in Europe… which can even aspire to enter the competition. No Europen spectacle indeed can adequately be compared to it, in our inability to point an open space in any western city that is commanded on three of ist four sides by Gothic cathedrals of the finest order.

George Curzon, Russia in Central Asia, 1899

The Registan ensemble at the heart of Samarkand, restored to its original splendor, ranks first in Central Asia and among the greatest of all the grandiose and magnificent works of Islamic world. Ist meaning, sandy place, after a stream that washed sand over the earth, does little justice to the architectural and decorative wealth on show. Like the Shakhi-Zinda necropolis, repeated visits are necessary to grasp the depth in detail as changing light explores multiple shades of mosaic radiance.
The Ulugbek’s Madrasah  (1402) is concerned as a connection between observatory and educational unit, as it is heavily decorated with starts, symbols of astronomy.
Sher-Dor Madrassah (1612), the Kosh-approach of building was really widespread that time.
the translation of “Kosh” is eyebrow.

Tilla-Kori Madrassah (1646) is the real treasure finding for those who get used to splendor as the name of this construction says better than any photograph as “tilla-kori” means covered with gold!

After lunch, continue the tour around Samarkand.

Gur-Emir Mausoleum (1403) was constructed by Amir Temur hiself and became the dynasty memorial mausoleum intentionally. The enormous territory was involved in for the great complex proves the power and colossal ruler.
Your  tour  will  also include  the  Tomb  of  Tamerlane, with its  dome  inlaid  with  gold  and  onyx;  and  the  Mosque  of  Bibi-Khanum which  according  to  legend  was  built  for  Tamerlane's  favorite  wife. Bibi Hanim Mosque (1399-1404) was constructed as the main mosque devoted to the most beloved wife of Amir Temur and was named after her. She was really beautiful and even they didn’t have children, she was smart and helped to bring up his other heirs.

Spend the time in Samarkand's lovely bazaar.   

After lunch you’ll visit the Observatory of Ulug Bek, Ulugbek’s observatory and the museum next to observatory (beginning of XV century), is a unique evidence of high intelligence and advancement of people living in Samarkand even during mediaeval times. Perhaps the heavens determined heavens determined his enquiring nature by birthing Mohammed Taragai on 22 March 1394, during the vernal equinox. Tamerlane soon recognized his grandson’s talents, for he named him Ulug Beg, 'grand duke’, and took him on campaigns to the Caucasus and India. From 1424 to 1429 he ordered the construction of an observatory without equal in east or west, on a scale to ensure unprecedented accuracy and make Samarkand the stargazing capital of the 15th century. In 1447 events simply overtook the new head of the troubled Timurid realm, exposing his as lettered scholar, not decisive ruler. 
Next you can see Shakh-i-Zinda, a complex of Mausoleums from the 14th century which display the various forms of well developed craftsmenship. 

Spend an our in that shady and peaceful place.  Take an evening train to Tashkent.

Overnight in Tashkent.

Day 8, Monday

Transfer to the airport
Take a safe flight to your home town.

Price for a person in agroup of 2           1480 $                            Price for a person in agroup of 4           1228 $
Price for a person in agroup of 6            1147 $                            Price for a person in agroup of 10          1100 $                            Price for a person in agroup of 15+ 1     1103 $                            Price for a person in agroup of 20+1      1044 $                           
Price for a person in agroup of 30+1       996 $               
For single accomodation +427 $ for the whole trip                   

The price includes:
Accomodation in the hotels 4*  (7 nights)
Air ticket Tashkent-Khiva
Train ticket Khiva-Bukhara, Bukhara-Samarkand, Samarkand-Tashkent
Certified English/Turkish/Arab/Spanish/Malasian/Indonesian speaking guide 
Comfortable Transport around the cities
Entrance fees along the tour
Two bottles of water per day
Full board:lunches and dinners (only Halal food, 6 Lunches and 7 Dinners )

The price doesn’t include:
International flights
Photo and video recording at the sightseeings
Extra personal expenses
Additional excursions

Number of days: 8
Covered regions:
Taskhent region
Samarkand region
Bukhara region
Andijan region
Jizzakh region
Kashkadarya region
Navoi region
Namangan region
Syrdarya region
Surkhandarya region
Fergana region
Khorezm region
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: International flights, Photo and video recording at the sightseeings,Extra personal expenses, Additional excursions
What to bring: Warm coat, umbrella, medicane,if you need some
Transport: Bus/Minibus
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Private tours
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