Golden gobi tour, 6 days, Mongolia


The tour explore gobi desert,nomadic life, enjoy gobi nature and attraction. we will have hiking  in the narrow gorgeous canyon ''yoliin am'', camel and horseriding, sandsledding, to see sunrise and sunset from the highest point of the sanddune ''khongor'', cooking Mongolian BBQ ''khorohog'', taking photographies on every destinations. As a written in historical resourse ,Mongolian gobi desert was a bottom of the sea miliions years ago. So now some part of desert looks like dead continent or bottom of the dead sea and very dry. you will feel very silence and peace. It's a far away from civilization.

full itinerary

Day1 baga gazariin chuluu

We pick you up from your hostel or hotel and we start tour. Our first destination is Baga gazariin chuluu.

Baga gazar chuluu is located in south 260km from ulaanbaatar and surrounded by plain. It's a boundary area between steppe and desert. The highest one is 15km long and 10km wide granite stone mountain elevated in 1768 m above sea level. Really amazing and peacefull area for camping, gazing stars ,sunset, and doing meditation. and overnight we will stay in ger camp.

Day2 yoliin am

After breakfast we will continue our trip to Yoliin am. we drive around 5-6 hours for this day.  There we will visit to the small museum about gobi desert and animal who live in gobi desert.And some hiking between the canyon.

Yoliin am is beautiful place, last part of the altai mountain range and coolest point of desert. Big canyon, deep and narrow gorge in the gurvan saikhan's amazing place for hiking and taking photos. After dinner , we stay ni ger camp.

Day 3 khongoriin els 

Afterbreakfast we will continue our trip to the ''hongoriin els'' sandddune. We will have camelriding, sandsledding, climbing up the highest point of the dune. there we would have very active time. 

Khongoriin els is the most beautiful sand dune in the gobi desert of Mongolia. The highest point around 250-300metres. The long of sand is 180km .when the sand moves it makes noise like flying plane.its really nice to see sunset from there.its splendid complex of blue sky,blue rocky altai, golden sand and lands. Overnight we will stay in nomadic family's ger camp.

Day4 flaming cliffs/baynzag/

After lunch we will continue to the flaming cliffs for 3 hours driving.

Baynzag is one important and beautiful attraction in gobi desert. Bayanzag means  reach in saxual. There are saxual grow up. Saxual is tree which only grow in desert. It's famous place for palaeontology. In 1922 american palaeontologist Roy chapman andrews discovered this place. He founded here lots of dinosour bones and eggs. We stay in tourist ger camp ''Turtle rock''.

Day5 white stupa- tsagaan suvarga.

After breakfast we will continue the trip to the ''tsagaan suvarga'' it's called ''white stupa''. It's better to bring drone, cos if you make a vidie here by drone that would be unforgettable video for your life.

This is stupa shaped high mountain around 30 metres ."tsagaan suvarga" name is honored by Mongolians . Millions years ago it was covered by sea. Because of time, natural law  this place looks like an image of dead city or ruin of palace.Overnight we will stay in ger camp.

Day6 go back to Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast we drive back to Ulaanbaatar.


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Central Mongolia
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