15 DAYS - National parks, Gobi desert and lakes tour

You will see there an eternally clear sky, blue mirages, golden sands and boundlessly expansive steppe lands, wild asses, ibexes camels, mountain sheep and gazelles flourish here, as do different types of flora. That’s the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and Waterfall, horse riding, hot spring, White lake. Also we will see National parks which are Terelj and Khustai national park. 

Group size: Min 2-3, max 6 (big groups are available)
Duration: 14 nights 15 days 

Transport Type: by Russian Van (4WD)
Meals: 14 Breakfast, 15 Lunch, 14 Dinner
Accomodation: Local family's guests ger

Day 1. Chinggis khaan statue and Terelj National Park 

Our driver and guide pick up from your accomodation and drive towards Terelj National Park. It's one of the most visited national parks in Mongolia.
On the way we will visit “Genghis Khan Statue Complex” which is currently the biggest (40m high) equestrian statue in the world. There is a recreation area, restaurants, and souvenir shops occupy the base structure. From here, we use an elevator or walk to the head of the horse through chest and back neck of the horse, where we can have farseeing and good panorama view over the complex area.
After visiting statue we drive to Terelj National Park. You can see the extraordinary formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite similar to turtles. After arrive in family we have a lunch. And then we will see Turtle Rock and visit Ariyabal meditation temple, which is surrounded by scenic mountains with interesting rock formations and sits at top of the mountain.
Stay overnight in tourist Ger camp. (L, D)

Day 2. Baga gazariin chuluu /Rocky formation/

Our trip will continue to the Baga Gazariin Chuluu Ruins 1768 high granite stone mountain in the territory of Adaatsag village, Dundgobi aimag. Is another place with unique scenery that many tourists compare with Lunar scenes. They are not only rich in mineral and crystals, but also eye spring, old stone temple ruins related with 17th century. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger.

Day 3. Tsagaan suvarga /White stupa/
After having breakfast, we will drive to Tsagaan Suvarga /White Stupa/. In the afternoon, we will reach the Tsagaan Suvarga and explore to see white stupa and go for hiking around. Tsagaan Suvarga, an amazing series of cliffs, white and pink limestone rock formations taking the appearance of stalagmites up to 30 meters high. It is an excellent site for taking photography of the beautiful panoramic views. Stay overnight in family ger. 

Day 4. ” Three beauty Mountains” NATIONAL PARK
We will drive to Yoliin Am in the middle of the Gobi desert National Park which is a strictly protected area, covering 70sq.kms. Pass Dalanzadgad which is capital of Umnugobi province. The mountains are most easterly points of the Altai mountain complex and the highest peak is 2815 meter above sea level. A number of rare plants and animals are found in the park, including the elusive snow leopard, wild goat/ibex/, wild sheep/argali/. We will visit local museum and walk to end of valley. It is wonderfully picturesque place with ice even in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or tent camping.

Day 5-6 Khongor sand dune

The Khongor is some of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. We will see beautiful views, huge sand dunes and a cold water spring with a river that leads to two small ponds. We will climb and hike to the top of the biggest sand dunes. There is an oasis near Khongor creek at the northern edge of the sand dune. The dunes make sound like plane engine in a windy day so it’s named as “Singing Dunes”. Also, if you wish, you may walk alongside the creek for about 10 kms. We arrange a camel riding trip on the real sand dunes. Have Mongolian traditional BBQ for dinner (upon your request). Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or tourist ger camp.

Day 7. Bayanzag-Flamming cliffs
After having breakfast this morning, we will drive to the Bayanzag which is an important fossil finds have been made. It was given name by American paleontologist Roy Chapman who visited there in the 1920s. The area is the most famous place for finding the first discovery of dinosaur fossils. There is a picturesque saxaul forest the place is named after and colorful rocks which is brilliantly colorful. We will visit Mongolian family there and will staying overnight with their ger.

Day 8. Ruins of Ongi monastery

We will drive to Ongyn hiid, where you can see the ruins of a big monastery on the bank of the Ongiin River. This monastery has 28 temples and other buildings on the south slope of the Rocky Mountain like Balsa country and stupa which are not broken. This monastery had about 1000 lamas and it was destroyed during the Stalinist purges in 1930s. the Ongyn hiid was one of the biggest temples in Gobi’s area of Mongolia. Stay overnight nomadic family’s ger or tent camping or tourist ger camp.

Day 9. Orkhon waterful - Ride Horse

In the morning we will drive to Orkhon valley where we will see the Red Waterfall and Mongolia's longest river which is named Orkhon. The waterfall was formed by a unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20,000 years ago. We will ride horse about a hour around waterful. Stay overnight in the nomadic family’s ger. 


Day 10. Tsenher hot spa

We will drive to the Tsenkher hot springs. It is one of the biggest hot springs in Mongolia with a temperature of 86 degree, a high flow rate, high alkalinity and relatively high amounts of fluoride. The hot spring is mostly used for relaxing and restoring your health. Stay in the tourist ger camp.

Day 11. Terkhiin Tsagaan nuur (Terkh lake)
Arrive in Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur / White Lake National Park. Here you will stay on the bank of White lake and visit some hundred years old Khorgo volcano crater and other natural sites. White lake which is about 20km long, was formed when volcanic lava dammed the suman River, cutting a large gorge through the basalt. In the middle of lake Terkhiin Tsagaan is a small island called the "Head of lake", which rises about 30km above the surface of the water. This is favorite spot for bird watching in summer. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger.

 Day 12. Khorgo Volcano

Today we have free time,  once we get there we will climb to a volcanic crater, the Khorgo at 2100m. From the summit there opens a splendid views over the landscape and the lake. We will ride back to the same family and stay overnight there.

Day 13. Kharkhorin and Erdenezuu monastery 

We will drive to Kharkhorin which was a capital city of Mongolia in 13th century for about 30 years, located in northwestern part of Uvurkhangai province of Mongolia. On the way to get to the Kharkhorin we will have a lunch on the open space of Mongolian countryside. We will drive forward to Kharkhorin after the lunch. One of the Mongolian most attractive monasteries Erdenezuu locates in Kharkhorin City. The Erdenezuu monastery is the most ancient survived Buddist monastery in Kharkhorin, Mongolia. Stay in ger. 

Day 14. Elsen tasarkhai 

After having breakfast, we will drive to Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes which is a semi desert typed beautiful landscape with big sand dunes. We will have our lunch on the way and will be transferred to a next family ger. We are going to have an optional camel riding before dinner. After having dinner we can hike around the sand dunes. We can possibly see the sunset brilliantly in the area. Stay overnight in a family ger.

 Day 15. Khustai national park and back to Ulaanbaatar city

After having breakfast at the ger camp, we will drive to Khustai National Park. This National Park locates in Tov province. The park is about 100kms from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar to the west, a home to the world’s only naturally surviving wild horses. The Przewalski horse has been successfully reintroduced into the wild and has a light yellow coat.  We have lunch on the way and  arrive to Ulaanbaatar, we will be transferred to a hostel or hotel for tonight.

The tour price includes the following services:

Accommodation during the local trip 
Driver + 4WD vehicle + Petrol
English speaking tour assistant/cook
All meals as displayed in the itinerary
Bottled water supply for 1.5 l pp for  every day
Entrance fees for National Parks and Museums
Camel & Horseback  riding with local guide /1 hour in each/
Lunch, Dinner, Entrance fees,tickets for Museums 

The tour price does not include the following services:

International Airfare

Accomodation in UB city
Personal items
Optional activity costs
Alcoholic drinks 
Travel insurance
Hand gifts for Nomads
Gratuity for Service team /Driver & tour guide/

Travel with us to wonderful places for the best memories & the best quality.

 Best regards, Ogi

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