11 DAYS - Scheduled Nomadic naadam & White lake tour

This tour is designed for those who like to challenge themselves with outdoor activities in Central Mongolia. And who want to enjoy Mongolian Naadam Festival. 

According to organizers, from the moment that visitors set foot at the arena they will see and feel the Naadam, there will be traditional Mongolian “asar” tents set, Mongolian music played, and traditionally dressed locals everywhere as well as the Naadam competitors: wrestlers, archers, horse trainers and jockeys with their horses. All visitors will be greeted and welcomed to the arena to join the Naadam. 

The event offers of authentic experience and atmosphere of Mongolian Naadam, assure the organizers. 

Mongolian Naadam Festival consists of the Three Manly Games of the Mongols, namely, wrestling, archery, horse racing that nomads of Mongolia have practiced thousands of years.

Mongol Nomadic camp have organizing  a mini version of Naadam Festival since 2016.

Group size: Min 2-3, max 6 (big groups are available)
Duration: 10 nights 11 days 

Transport Type: by Russian Van (4WD)
Accomodation: Local family's guests ger

Day 1. Terelj National Park

After your breakfast our driver and guide will pick up from your accomodation and drive to Chinggis khaan statue. After visiting statue we will drive to Terelj NP and Nomadic family. Have a lunch and after relaxing, hiking to Meditation temple and back to our ger and have a dinner. Terelj national Park is recognized as a part of huge Khan Khentii reserve and established as a Strictly Protected Area in 1. The Park’s most spectacular features are its huge granite bloks and cliffs as well as meadows rich in wild flowers. Terelj offers fascinating rock formations against a background of pine covered mountains. The average elevation is about 1600m. with peaks reaching 2900m.We will ride a horse.  Overnight in a ger . (L+D)

Day 2. Mongol Nomadic Ger Camp-Mini Naadam Festival

After breakfast drive to Mongol Nomadic tourist camp.  Naadam Festival mini is version of Mongolian Naadam Festival. This event tour gives you a great opportunity explore nomadic culture which consists wrestling, horse ricing and archery for 50 kilometers. We will enjoy traditional nomadic culture. We will see everyday life of nomadic family. For example: making dairy products, tasting, ox carts, making felt by wool of sheep, milking yaks, sheep and goats. Afternoon we will see three manly sports:  wrestling, horse ricing and archery.

Naadam program:

The event will begin with Mongolian long song & horse head fiddle performance as a tradition.

Then 16 strong wrestlers will compete in the 1st round of wrestling competition, followed by the archery competition

 Afterwards a musical performance of a local artists (Mongolian dances and song)

Archers will perform archery showcase and spectators are welcome to try.

 Also a group of locals will perform traditions of moving with a Ger etc loaded on a yak cart, and they will join the Naadam later too.

Horse racing will follow soon after the little jockeys sing Giingoo – a special song/blessing echo for racing horses.

The winners of the competitions will be awarded with sheep and other traditional gifts of nomads. And visitors have the opportunity to meet the competitors and take photos. Visitors also can make bets on the race horse and wrestlers.

When: The Nomadic Naadam will be held on the following dates at 02-04 pm

Where: Mongol Nomadic camp (55 km from Ulaanbaatar to the right).

Nomadic naadam schedule:

Day 3. Khugnu Khan Natural Reserve-Semi Gobi

Drive to Elsen tasarkhai /Khugnu Khan Nature Reserve Area/ which is mountains, forests, steppes, Gobi desert and mineral water sources all in one location represents three different natural zones. Around area is nice place to hiking, climbing. You will visit to older family to explore the nomadic lifestyle and to have talking with nomads about their life and tradition. We will ride a camel to sand dunes. After dinner you have a chance to play Mongolian traditional game by ankle bones with nomads. Stay in nomadic family.

Day 4. Orkhon waterfall

Drive to Orkhon Waterfall. It was formed by a unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20,000 years ago. The waterfall cascades from an impressive h of 20 meters and its width is 10 meters. Excursion to the beautiful Orkhon Waterfall. Hiking and photo session along the river.

Day 5. Orkhon valley

Free day. After breakfast visit a yak herder’s family. Learn about their unique lifestyle and culture. There is an opportunity to ride a horse, fish, and hike.

Day 6. Tsenkher hot spring

After breakfast drive to Tsenkher hot spring. It is one of the biggest Mongolia’s hot springs, has a temperature of 86 degree with flow rate and high alkalinity and relatively high amounts of fluoride. The hot spring is mostly used for relaxing and resorting your health.

Day 7-8. Khorgo Terkhiin tsagaan nuur National Park

Early morning drive to Khorgo Terkhiin tsagaan nuur National Park. On the way we will see Chuluut gorge. Extinct volcanic craters, pine-clad lava fields and the occasional herd of grazing yaks, the Great White Lake, as it’s known in English, is the natural highlight of Arkhangai province. There is an opportunity to hiking and fishing.

Day 9. Kharakhorum and Erdenezuu museum 

Drive to Kharakhorum, site of the 13th century capital of Mongol Empire, visit the the impressive monastery, named “Erdene Zuu” by Mongolian and local museum where see the Great Mongol Empire, Stone Age, Bronze Age. The monastery was erected from the ruins of the legendary city of Kharakhorum. Visit small history museum. Stay in Local Camp.

Day 10. Khustai National Park

Today we will drive to Khustai National Park.  Khustai was established in 2003. Unique wild horse – Takhi reintroduction project at Khustai National Park started in 1.

Day 11. Ulaanbaatar city

After lunch back to Ulaanbaatar.

Our Transfortation:passenger seat 6

Our accomodation - Nomadic famlily's guests ger

Some nomadic people who live within national park area have their own small business for ger accommodation for tourists. Staying there gives you a chance to get closely acquainted with the way of life and culture of the Mongolian people.

The tour price includes the following services:

Accommodation during the local trip 
Driver + 4WD vehicle + Petrol
English speaking tour assistant/cook
All meals as displayed in the itinerary
Bottled water supply for 1.5 l pp for  every day
Entrance fees for National Parks and Museums
Camel & Horseback  riding with local guide /1 hour in each/
Lunch, Dinner, Entrance fees,tickets for Museums 

The tour price does not include the following services:

International Airfare

Accomodation in UB city
Personal items
Optional activity costs
Alcoholic drinks 
Travel insurance
Hand gifts for Nomads
Gratuity for Service team /Driver & tour guide/

Travel with us to wonderful places for the best memories & the best quality.

 Best regards, Ogi

Number of days: 11
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Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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