The Golden Ring of Zaisan Tour in Kazakhstan, 8 Days

The route:

Ust-Kamenogorsk city – temple complex Akbaur – Sibinsky Lakes – petroglyphs Moinak – Kiin-Kerish Tract – Shekelmes Cape – Ashutas Canyon – Zaisan city – Small Jemeney Tract – petroglyphs Okay – Shilikty Valley – natural object “Burning Adyrs” – Ust-Kamenogorsk city. 

We invite fans of educational trips to travel around the ancient Zaisan Lake in East Kazakhstan. You will plunge into the history and culture of Kazakhstan, get acquainted with the lifestyle of contemporary rural life, visit the steppes, mountains and forests. Plunge into the history and culture of Kazakhstan, get acquainted with the modern rural life, visit prairies, mountains and forests!


In 8 days of our trip, we can visit the most interesting historical sites of the region. In the first place, it is the temple complex Akbaur, in which ancestors observed the heavenly bodies, performed various religious rite, painted pictures of the ritual life on the walls of the sacral grot. We have breathtaking views of the group of the mountain Sibinsky Lakes lay ahead. There we will walk among the remains of a medieval lamasery and take a lot of memorable photos on the background of rocks overgrown with pine trees.


To get to the largest gallery of petroglyphs Moinak in the open air, we have to cross by ferry one of the largest artificial reservoirs in Kazakhstan. Just a few hours out of Moinak, we will get to “the surface of Mars”. That is the impression the clay Kiin-Kerish city makes. The walk through the red hills will leave unforgettable impressions.

Now it is time to get acquainted with the ancient lake. We will start with the shore of the Shekelmes Cape. The waves have been producing souvenirs, that consists of various natural materials for centuries. With enough attention and luck, you can find prints of prehistoric plants and animals. If you don’t find the souvenirs on the Shekelmes Cape, you will definitely choose something on the canyon Ashutas. Local Residents believe that canyon clay can cleanse body of all toxins. There also will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the Black Irtysh River and its surroundings.

Now the road leads to mountains. On the background of the plain, the Saur Ridge rises in front of us by mighty wall. The higher we rise above sea level, the more diverse the landscape. We finally stop at the bank of the Zhemeneika River between the forest-covered mountains. Kazakh yurt, Russian sauna, wooden houses, mountain night sky and only the sounds of nature – a combination that you have to feel yourself!

But the way is not finished yet. We need to visit the tomb of Saka kings in the Shilikty Valley. There was found the third Golden man’s armor that is more rich than first two. It is a real royal attire. Nearby there is another rock art gallery Okay, where ancient hunters talk about the wealth of fauna in these places.

On the way back to Ust-Kamenogorsk, that lies along the southern shore of Zaisan, we will visit “Burning Adyrs”. The red clay of this natural object is literally glowing with bright colors in evening sunshine. Since Adyrs are as ancient as the lake and the valley, there you can find souvenir from distant times.

In general, for all time of travel, you can:

·              see mountains, prairies, forests and lakes;

·              communicate with local residents;

·              hear a lot of legends and stories;

·              do for a swim;

·              fish;

·              ride horses;

·              take memorable pictures.


Let us help you get an adventure of a lifetime! We are waiting for you.

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