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5-day tour in Issyk-Kul region


Our unique offer is following:

  • Visiting the highlight places around Issyk-Kul lake in short time
  • Introducing with a true Kyrgyz eagleman who tell about his life and all about eagle hunting
  • Introducing with a true Kyrgyz master of Kyrgyz yurts who tells the process of making and building Kyrgyz yurts


Route: Bishkek- Burana Tower - open-air museum of petroglyphs -  Cholpon-Ata-  Grigoriev gorge and Semenov Gorge–- Karakol - Jyrgalan Valley - Djeti-Oguz Gorge - Fairytale Canyon (Skazka Canyon) - BIshkek


Detailed itinerary

DAY 1. Bishkek- Burana Tower (~85km/1.30h) - Grigoriev gorge and Semenov Gorge (~50 km/1.30)

On our way we will visit Burana Tower and the museum of artifacts: go into the tower, the museum and walk to the open-air museum of balbals (stone statues), rock paintings, milestones, grindstones.

Further, we will drive to the famous attractions of Kyrgyzstan – the Semenov Gorge and the Grigoriev Gorge. All the day you will be surrounded by picturesque landscape of the mountains Kungey Ala Too covered with majestic Tien Shan spruce. In spring and summer, the clean mountain air is filled with scents of alpine herbs. You will meet the rapid mountain river Ak-Suu with crystal-clear glacial water.

Accommodation:  guest house with private bathroom, no signal and Wi-Fi

Meals: picnic in Kyrchyngorge, dinner - guesthosue in Kyrchyn

Altitudes: Semenov and Grigoriev gorges: 2000-2300 m,


DAY 2. Kyrchyn gorge – Yrdyk village - Karakol (170km), 3-3.5h

Yrdyk village is situated near Karakol with the population of 3000 people where Dungan people (Muslim Chinese people who derived from Chinese (lady) and Arabian (man)  are dominated. We will visit Dungan Museum where a true local Dungan resident tella us the impressive history, life of Dungan people. In Karakol we will visit Dungan Church and Holy Trinity Othodoz Church and then try the best meal - Ash-lyamfu which is most popular in the city.

Accommodation: guesthouse (twins room with private bathroom, signal, Wi-Fi)

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Karakol: 1760m


DAY 3.  Karakol - Jyrgalan valley (~40km/1.30h)

Jyrgalan is popular with its magnificent spots around for trekking or horseback riding. Here we will go for trekking for some hours and have picnic enjoying the view.

Accommodation: homestay (twins room with general bathroom, signal, Wi-Fi)

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Altitude in Jyrgalan: 2477 m


DAY 4. Jyrgalan Valley - Djeti-Oguz Gorge (~95km/1.40h)

We will drive to Djeti Oguz Gorge where we will pass “Broken Heart” rock, further Seven Bulls. The main point is Kok-Jaiyk valley, which is about 30 minute far from Seven Bulls. In Kok-Jaiyk we will do trekking to the waterfall translated from Kyrgyz language “Girls’ hair”. It takes about 1.30 min/2 hour to get there on foot. The overnight will be in yurt camp in Kok-Jaiyk valley.

Accommodation: yurt camp (no shower, no Wi-Fi, toilet is outside  wait for made from a simple construction. 1 yurt is for 4-5 people

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner


Djeti-Oguz resort: 2200m


DAY 5.  Djeti-Oguz Gorge - Fairytale Canyon (Skazka Canyon) (~100km/1.30h) - Bishkek


The next point is Fairytale Canyon/Skazka. Amongst the weird rock formations, there is a ridge, which resembles two walls of fortification, something like the Great Wall of China, rising vertically out of the surrounding sandstone.

Next point is driving back to your hotel. We will have dinner in one of the Kyrgyz ethnic restaurant in Bishkek.

 Accommodation: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Altitude: Fairytale Canyon - 2200 m



-All transfer + an experienced driver + off road vehicle (Toyota 4runner or Toyota Sequoia)

-Accommodations: 5 overnights – 4 in guesthouses, 1 in yurt camps

-Meals: 11 breakfasts

-Tour guide

-Dinner in Kyrgyz ethno restaurant after coming to Bishkek

-Stopping to take photos on your requests


NOTE: Tour can be shortened/prolonged or changed (added) upon your request.




Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Accommodation in Bishkek, Consular fees for Kyrgyzstan tourist visa; • Kyrgyzstan visa support; • International flight tickets before and after the tour; • Personal insurance.
What to bring: Rain-coat; Warm hat; Warm jacket; Sweater/fleece; Wind-stopper; Enough t-shirts and with long sleeves; Hat (remember – the sun can be violent) 6.Sun-screen cream; Insect repellent (skin + clothes); Good trekking boots for easy hikes in the mountains; Personal first aid kit (most likely problems: blisters, sunburns, allergy, diarrhoea, sore muscles after hikes. Take painkillers, anti-histaminic, antibiotics of general action, and anything you need for your usual medical conditions); Personal hygiene kit (disinfection gel is highly recommended) + some toilet paper; smaller backpack, except for your normal suitcase; Flash light (torch); 16. Money exchange – if you plan to exchange dollars /евро/ to KGS, we recommend to take the notes of 50, 100 USD without stamps, inscriptions and other any damage, because damaged banknotes are not accepted by banks and exchange offices.
Transport: SUV 4x4