Migration of Nomadic Kazakhs, Western Mongolia, 14 Days

Migration is the biggest culture of nomads with thousands of years history, moving from one place to another. We will be following nomadic family on the horseback from morning to evening and our cars will following us in case of tiredness of our customers. There you will have many good photographing opportunities and good memorable moments. After finishing migration, you will have a chance to meet with family of eagle hunter. After all of that you will spend 2 days in “Eagle hunting” festival.

Day 1-Arrive in Olgii, drive to Dayan.

Fly to Western Mongolia about 2-3 hours and our team(guide, driver, cook) will be waiting for you at Ulgii airport. Generally, flight to Ulgii takes place in morning so as soon as you arrive we will take you to our restaurant, where you will have your rest and breakfast. After taking some rest and having your breakfast we will drive you to Dayan about 5-6 hours, which is home place of many nomadic people. There you spend the night with nomadic family.
Day 2-Start Migration with nomads.

Early morning we will pack away the ger and help family to put their frs on the truck then we’ll start the migration. We’ll ride over steppe and cross some rivers then we’ll get camped the place called “Ashyly Bulak”, which means “salty springs”.
Overnight in expedition tent.(B+L+D)
Day 3-Ride to Buudal (hayloft).

After breakfast we will get on the horses and ride through Black lake(local name), which is the isolated lake from rivers and springs gathered with snow and rain water, which is the huge fence built by nomads for protecting their animals from snow storm and wolves. Black lake is the isolated lake from rivers and springs just staying with snow and rain water. Overnight in tents.(B+L+D)
Day 4-Historical Valley.

Tin this da, we will be riding through “Tanbaly” valley. “Tanbaly” means “symbolized” and it is the homeland of Tuvan people. Tuvan people are another ethic group of Mongolians. There were Turkic people in turkic age and, when you look at the rocks you can find shape of something from that rocks. As a folklore where they buried all of their assets under the clumped rocks before they went to war. We’ll get camped over the “Taldy Bulak” river. Overnight in tents.(B+L+D)
Day 5-Riding through Wolves road.

Today we gonna ride through most interesting part of our trail. The road called by “way of wolves”. Wolf is the one of the monster animal in steppe, which live in wild nature and over rock mountains, however the places like this whcih would be safe when you moving like this. Most dangerous thing is the snow storm while nomads moving with their animals and today we’ll get camped in main part of this valley. Overnight in tents.(B+L+D)
Day 6-Snowcapped Tsengel Khairkhan.

After our breakfast we’ll start riding towards snow capped mountains, which is the place with high altitude and little bit windy there. The landscape is very beautiful and people are hospitality. Overnight in tents.
Day 7-Arrive in new place.

Last day of migration. Today we reach our new place, set up our ger and make a small party for get the new place. We’ll talking about most interesting things of migration and get conversation with family. Overnight in ger camp.

Day 8-Meet the Eagle hunter family.

After breakfast we will drive to Sagsai village eagle hunter family, golden eagle, the amazing bird and have traditional clothes and take pictures of your life, we will give you some information about Kazakh traditional customs and how to hunting with eagles, also organize a small traditional concert performance by Inviting singers and enjoy your time. Then we’ll turp up in Olgii, overnight in hotel.
Day 9. Eagle Festival.

Most exiting 2 days waiting you. After the breakfast at restaurant, we will drive out of Olgii to Altuntsugs village, which is the place where the eagle festival is held. At 10:30am Parade of all participants after that we have the real test of a hunter’s ability, calls “fox skin”, eagles must catch a fox skin dragged behind their trainer’s horse. Then we have 1 hour break for lunch. We have gers at eagle festival site, if you want you can use the ger to rest or to get warmed up and have tea and coffee, anytime. We would get our lunches at these gers. Same time will be started Western Mongolian Archery Competition. Archery people will shoot from bow to balls and goat skins on horse back. At 16:00-17:00pm one more Kazakh’s exiting game called Kyz Kuar. A race between a man and woman on horseback. So we have “Tiyn Teru” in the end of day. Riders compete to pick up flags or flowers from the ground during the race. Then we will drive to same family and overnight in house with family.
Day 10. Eagle Festival.

Same time we will be eagle hunter’s hill. Eagle festival will be interesting, because we start our festival by eagle call. Tests hunter’s ability to ‘call’ Eagle to their horse from a distance. After lunch(13:00-14:00pm) we would continue the festival by camel race. Maybe you’ll never see that camels are running fast, but actually camels can be faster than horse.
At 16:00-17:00pm we have most interesting part of eagle festival. That we call Bushkashi or Kokbar. Tug of war played on horseback with killed goat, common throughout Central Asia. After Bushkashi we have Awards and Closing ceremony.
We will drive to town and after dinner we will see Kazakh traditional concert at dramatic theater in Olgii town.
Day 11.Fly back to Ulaanbaatar.

We will pick you up from your hotel and take you to airport then you will fly out of Olgii.


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