Legendary Gobi & khuvsgul lake, 18 days

The tour will explore wildness of nature, great wild gobi of Mongolia,historical heritage of Mongolia, unique culture and life style of nomads and beauties of natural features of Mongolia. We will have camelriding,' horseriding in the dune and in the vast steppe, boat travelling in khuvsgul lake, hiking, cooking Mongolian BBQ ''khorkhog'' ...etc 

Unique  features of Mongolia  such as vast steppe,great gobi, northern part of Mongolia will give you wonderfull pleasure of soul. Our professional driver will take care of every moment of the trip and do the best for travellers. Totally we will drive around 3400km for 18 days, but depending on the destination we drive 3-6 hours  for each single day. During the trip tour guide will cook meals, but also depending weather or activities we can have lunch or dinner in local restaurants. Vegetarian options are available.

About the price, price must be getting lower depending on numbers of travellers.

If you need more detailed imformations and questions, i will be happy to answer as fast as i could. 

Full itinerary :

Day 1  baga gazariin chuluu 

We will pick you up from your hotel or hostel and then we start the tour to ''Baga gazariin chuluu'' natural protected area.

Baga gazar is located to south 267 km from ulaanbaatar and surrounded by plain. It's a boundary area between steppe and gobi desert . The highest one is 15km long and 10km wide. Granite rocky mountains elevated at 1768 m above sea level. It's really amazing and peacefull to camping, gazing stars and sunset and doing meditation.

Overnight we will stay in family ger camp.

Day2 tsagaan suvarga

In the morning after breakfast we will continue our trip to ''Tsagaan suvarga''.

This is a stupa - shaped high mountain around 30 metres." Tsagaan suvarga " name is honored by Mongolians.Millions years ago it was covered by sea. Because of wind, rain and natural law of many years,now thisplace look like an image of dead city or ruin of palace. Travellers go for a walk around , explore the white stupa, amazing wall of cliffs, white and pink limestone rock formations.It's wonderfull point for taking photography. 

We stay in camel farmer family's ger camp.

Day3 yoliin am

This day we drive around 4 hours to great canyon ''yoliin am''.

Yoliin am is located in south 620km from ulaanbaatar. It's a deep and narrow gorge in the " gurvan saikhan"mountains. There are some ice lying on the river before naadam festival. Middle of july that ice is melted. It's amazing valley for hiking between canyons and wonderful point for taking photography. 

We stay in family's ger camp.

Day4-5 khongoriin els 

After breakfast we drive to the khongoriin els. The most beautifull. We stay there for 2 nights. Because It's the most beautifull sand dune in the gobi desert  and we will have some activities here like camelriding ,sandsledding, climbing up to highest point of the dune and see sunset from there. The highest point of the singing dune is around 250-300m. The long of the sanddune is around 180km. when the sand moves it makes a noise like flying plane. So it's called singing dune. It's really nice to see sunset from the top of the sand dunes. This place is splendid complex of blue sky , blue rocky altai mountain, golden sands and landscape. We stay in family's ger camp.

Day6  Flaming cliffs 

Three hours driving later we will come to Bayanzag.

Bayanzag is one of the imfortant and beautiful  attractions in gobi desert. Baynzag means rich in saxual tree. There are saxual grow up. Saxual is tree which only grow up in the desert. Bayanzag is similar to "tsagaan suvarga ", but colour of the view is more red. It's very famous for palaeontology. In 1922 American palaeontologist Roy chapman andrews discovered this place. He founded dinosaur egg and bones.He was travelling and working from China to Europe via Mongolia. We will stay here in tourist camp.

Day 7 ongi monastery

After breakfast we will continue our trip to the north directon to ''Ongi'' monastery.

It was one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia. The Monastery originally established in 1660 years. It consists of 2 temples complexes on the north and south banks of the ongi river. During the time of activities there were around 1000 monks worked in the town. Unfourtunately it was badly destroyed by communism and communists killed over 200 monks. Many surviving monks were imprisoned and forced to join the communist army. Other monks were escaped certain death by becoming farmers and common workers. Now this area look like destroyed town, many historical ruins, some rebuilt temples, museum about town and some archelogical findings. 

We stay overnight in tourist camp.

Day 8 kharhorum / ancient capital /

After breakfast we drive to the kharhorum city. Kharkhorum is the first capital of empire of Mongolia. The city is located 376 km far away from ulaanbaatar. There is a first buddist monastery, centre of buddism in Mongolia"erdenezuu monastery ".

Also very modern museum " kharkhorum " shows history and culture of every periods of empires of Mongolia. Kharkhorum museum is rich of archelogical findings. The city now looks like a small town. The Monastery constructed by style of Tibetian buddist monastery. The Monastery originally constructed in 1585. /434 years ago since now /. 

We stay in tourist camp.

Day9-10 Orkhon valley and waterfall 

4-5 driving later we will get Orkhon valley.

After a strong rain this magnificent seasonal waterfall, also called " ulaantsutgalan ", it's one of the best attraction in central Mongolia . About 25m downstream from the waterfall and 22m deep. The water doesn't run all year. And will only start to flow after the first good summer rain. Mid july and august is the best time to see it. If it's not running, you could consider your travel schudele to visit later in summer. But it's still gorgeous and nice area for camping and horseriding. We have horsetrekking in the valley and stay in nomadic families ger camp.

Day 11 Tsenkher hot spring 

After only bit more than 2 hours driving we will get ''Tsenkher'' hot spa.

Tsenher hot spring is surrounded by forest and mountains. The spring is kept in high pressure under the ground flow rate is high . There are several tourist camps which are offering for tourist indoor and outdoor baths. They transfer the hot water via tubes from and build some pools.Night bath is great sitting in the pool, drinking while gazing stars at the dark sky. It's one of the favourite activities in here.

Overnight we will stay in tourist camp.

Day 12"Terkh" white lake 

khorgo volcano surrounded by the khangai mountains. The most area of national park is covered by peach forest. Khorgo volcano is situated at an altitude of 2210m, 200m wide,  100m deep. Lake Terkh is 16km wide 20 km long, 20m deep. The lake is extremely beautifull with fresh water and rich species of fish and birds . It's really picturesque area and amazing spot for taking photos. 

Day 13 Shine ider. 

This day we drive from central region to north of Mongolia to get khuvsgul lake. It's long distance. so we should stay on the road next to lakeside "zvvn nuur" 18Km from Shine Ider Town. It's really beautiful point for camping. 

Day14-15 Khuvgul lake. 

Khuvsgul lake is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the border of Russia. It's 1645m above sea level, 136 km long and 262m deep. It's the most second fresh watered lake in asia. It holds almost 70 % of Mongolia 's  fresh water. and 0,4% of all the fresh water in the world.

Khuvgul lake is the very imfortant zone of tourism of Mongolia. Every summer many of Mongolians and foreiners travel to there. We stay there for 2 nights in ger camp of lakeside.we will have boat travel and We cook Mongolian Barbecue "khorkhog"

Day16 Uran togoo 

after breakfast we drive to the Urantogoo volcano.

It's a designated as a natural monument with an area of 5800 hectares. The peak over 1686m, circle -shaped ridge about 500m across that contains a crater lake at about 20m wide and 1.5m deep. This volcano formed about 20-25thousands years ago. The highest point of the volcano provides you unobstracted, panoramic view of the volcanic field. We climb up the highest point .we stay in nomadic family. 

Day 17 Amarbaysgalant monastery. 

" Amarbaysgalant " monastery whose name means monastery of the quite felicity, is located near the selenge river.It's one of the 3 largest monasteries in Mongolia. The Manch empror enkgamgalan khan built the monastery in the 18th century, in memory of the first bogd zanabazar in order to keep and preserve his mortal remains. The construction began in 1727 completed in 1737. It's one of the rare monastery that have partly avoided the destruction of 1937 by the Soviets. 

The Monastery shows a real archelogical unity. The style is generally Chinese with Mongolian and Tibetian influnces.

We stay here in ger.

Day 18 We drive back to Ulaanbaatar






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