Golden Eagle Festival & Real Hunting Tour

Golden Eagle Festival is the biggest features of Kazakh people. There are about 250 eagle hunters around the Western Mongolia. Every year about 120 eagle hunters participate to this eagle festival with their eagles that trained by hunters themselves.

On Eagle Festival there will be not only the competition itself, also our customers will get a chance to know and see the life of a eagle hunter and unique connection between an eagle and it’s master. In addition, in order to win the competition eagle hunter must work on eagle’s agility and speed training. We can say that this festival is sum of the great traditional games, which are the Bushkashi, pick up flags from the ground, race of a man and women on the horseback, camel race and many others and our clients will have the opportunity of photographing.

Eagle hunters are only people in the world, who have been keeping their unique hunting skills with eagles for thousands of years.

Training of golden eagle is high art. Not all the nomads of West train eagles to hunt, because it is culture and tradition at the same time adopted by Kazakh people, the culture were impacted from the father to son and they have keeping this culture for dozens of centuries.

Two days after eagle festival our customers will have a chance to visit nomad families and get some experience about hunting with an eagle. You will feel yourself in culture and traditions of real Kazakh people and see the real lives of local eagle hunters.

Important tip
Domestic tickets schedule which is considered as Summer flight schedules will be announced in Late March and domestic return tickets for October specifically during the festival will HAVE TO be booked as soon as the flight schedule is announced. So it is very important. Local aviation companies make domestic tickets at least 2 times more expensive during this time of festival. And Local hotels make their prices 4 times more expensive during this festival. So this trip is quite costly.
Full Itinerary:

Day 1-Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. 2nd OCT 2019.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and our team will pick up you at Chinggis Khaan airport. We will visit the city and see Gandan monastery, which is huge monastery in Ulaanbaatar. There are many sight seeing places in UB and you’ll make decision for where do you like to go by talking with your tour guide. After dinner your team take you to your hotel(They’ll remind you the flight time). Overnight.

Day 2-Fly to west Mongolia & visit Kazakh nomadic family. 3th OCT 2019.

Our team will pick you up from your hotel before your flight and take you to airport. You will fly to Olgii approximately 2-3 hours we will be waiting for you with our off-road jeeps at the airport. You will have your breakfast from our restaurant then we will visit Bazaar and museum. After lunch we will head to Sagsai town (45km). There we will visit kazakh nomadic eagle hunter’s family. You will get to see golden eagle, traditional clothes of Kazakhs and shoot photos of your journey, our professional guide will give you some information about Kazakh traditions and how to do hunting with eagles. Our team will also organize a small nomadic ceremony by Inviting all the neighbors nearby and make traditional feast, you will(if necessary) sing a songs and enjoy your time with nomads. Overnight in ger camp(We will always offer you the best options and depending on weather conditions we will offer you warmer place to stay).

Day 3-Argali(Mountain goat) in Bayanzurkh mountains. 4th OCT 2019.

We will start driving to Bayanzurkh mountains to see Argali(about 2-3 hours). Once we get there, we will be trekking to Argali’s home place about 1 hour. Argali is considered as an endangered or threatened species throughout their entire range, due largely to habitat loss from overgrazing of domestic sheep and hunting. As the world’s largest sheep, the lure to gather a trophy specimen is strong among sports-hunters. Argali have been extirpated from northeastern China, southern Siberia, and parts of Mongolia.
Then we will drive back to Olgii. You will stay 4 nights in hotel until the end of the eagle festival.

Day 4-Golden eagle festival. 5th OCT 2019.

After breakfast in our restaurant, we will move to Hunter’s hill at 10:15am in the morning, the place where the eagle festival is held. At 10:30am Parade of all participants after that we will see hunter’s ability, calls “fox skin”, eagles must catch a fox skin dragged behind their trainer’s horse. Then we will have 1 hour break for lunch. We have gers at eagle festival site, if you want, you can use the ger to rest or to get warmed up and have a tea and coffee, anytime. We will have our lunch in these gers. After the lunch Western Mongolian Archery Competition will be started. Archers will shoot special balls made with a skin and goat skins on horse back. At 16:00-17:00pm one more Kazakh’s exiting game called Kyz Kuar. A race between a man and woman on horseback. By the end of the day there will be “Tiyn Ilu” . Riders compete to pick up flags or flowers from the ground during the race. Then we will drive back to town and have dinners there.

Day 5-Golden eagle festival. 6th OCT 2019.

Same time we will be on eagle hunter’s hill. In this day eagle festival will be more exiting, because we start our festival with eagle call. Tests hunter’s ability for calling the eagle to their horse from a distance. After lunch(13:00-14:00pm) we will continue the festival with camel race. Maybe you will not see the camels running fast, but actually sometimes camels can be faster than horse.
At 16:00-17:00pm we will have the most interesting part of Eagle Festival, which we call Bushkashi. Tug of war played on horseback with goat skin, which is common throughout Central Asia. After Bushkashi there will be Awards and Closing ceremony.
We will drive to town and after dinner we will see Kazakh traditional concert in dramatic theater in Olgii town.

Day 6-Throat singer and Shaman. 7th OCT 2019.

After breakfast early morning, we will drive to Omnogol mountains to meet throat singer and he will sing for us ancient Mongolian throat songs(which is very interesting amongst our ex-clients). After taking some break there after lunch we will head to region, where Uriankhai families dwell. There we will meet local shaman. For our clients we offer the great chance to ask the shaman questions that our clients may have or predictions of their future. We will set up our camp approximately 30-40 km from families, where we can have our dinner and spend the night.

Day 7-Real hunting with eagles. 8th Oct 2019.

In the morning, more than 3 eagle hunters will arrive to mountains, where we invited them to come. With our team and clients we will drive to the mountains, where eagle hunters will be waiting. There we will initiate the real hunting with eagles. Eagles will hunt fox or rabbit(depending on what we find on wild nature). Meanwhile, if there are people(clients) that are tired on this journey we will have place, where they can take rest or have some drinks. There will be great opportunities to shoot live photos of the action. After this unforgettably incredible moment, we will drive back to Olgii and have goodbye party in restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 7-Fly from Ulgii to Ulaanbaatar. 8th OCT 2019.

We will take you to airport after breakfast then you will fly out of Olgii to Ulaanbaatar and also your team will pick you up you and you will drive out of Ulaanbaatar to Sonjin-Boldog which is the historical place where famous Chinggis Khaan statue is located. We’ll spend there 3-4 hours and drive back to UB, your team take you to your hotel.

Day 8-Departure. 9th OCT 2019.

Your team pick you up from your hotel and take you to Chinggis Khaan international airport. You will fly out to Mongolia. End of the trip.

Price Includes for the whole trip:

1 Landcruiser for every 3 people
Vans 4×4 with drivers for the kitchen team and assistant and for gears
Fuel for all vehicles during the whole trip in West
2 English speaking local guides for the whole trip members
Hotel in Olgii, Museum and concert tickets
Ger Camps, Tents, Camping Equipments and all cooking and camping gears
All food during the trip and at restaurants in Olgii
Domestic return tickets between UB and Olgii
Accommodations during the real hunting and Tourist sim card

Price Excludes:

International Airfare
Hotels & Meals In Ulaanbaatar
Travel Insurance
Alcoholic Drinks
Personal Needs

What to bring:

Watch, Alarm Clock, Torch Flashlight & Spare Batteries
Insect Repellent, Phrase Book
Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Sunhat & Sunglasses
2 Strong Plastic Garbage Bags For Laundry & In Case Of Rain
Refillable Water Bottle
Warm Clothes - When Travelling In Cooler Climates
Wind & Waterproof Jacket
Comfortable & Sturdy Walking Shoes With Good Walking Socks

Number of days: 8
Covered regions:
Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Transport: SUV 4x4
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