8 Days: Reindeer herder Shaman visit and Taiga horse ride

Reindeer herders of Mongolia, horse trek in Taiga and visiting nomad families 8 days tour

 Visiting reindeer herder tour has 3 days horse riding adventure in forest taiga. To visit the Tsaatan people, the last people who live in forest herding reindeers.  

  • Round trip domestic flight to Murun town.  
  • Russian van drive in rugged mountainous off-road
  • 3 days horse trek (mostly morning to afternoon)

Day 1 Ulaan-Uul mountain valley

Morning, driver will transfer you to Ulaanbaatar airport for domestic flight to Khuvsgul province, Murun town. We will arrive around 15 PM. The local driver and guide will pick you up from airport and drive to Toom camping place (mountain valley). Drive through Darkhad valley, mountains by off-road. Hike in Hordil Sardig mountain Range. Stay in Ger guest house. (Fly 1,5 hours, Drive 4, 5 hours)

Day 2 Drive to Tsgaan nuur village. Hike around lake

Tsagaan nuur is the last driving village before riding on a horse to remote Taiga. Taiga is a summer camp of Reindeer herders. Tsagaan nuur means White lake, the town named by the lake. The lake is very pure, surrounded by mountains. Hike around the lake.  

Drive 100 km by mountainous rugged off-road (5-6 hours)

Day 3 Horse trek in taiga forest to drop off point.

Meet with local horse guide. Pack up tents, kitchen and all luggage on package horse. Ride a horse 5-6 hours. Camping in tent.

Day 4 Horse riding to Reindeer herder summer camp.

Pack all luggage to horse. Riding 5-6 hours. Visit Reindeer family. Have picnic lunch. Stay in a teepee.

Day 5 Full day stay with reindeer herders and discover their culture. Ride a reindeer and hike in the mountain.

Visiting reindeer herder families try their reindeer milk tea and let them speak their earlier life stories. We will realize the pre-civilization human life. 

Day 6 Horse riding towards Tsagaan nuur Village, camping in cottage.

Today we will ride our horse directly to Tsagaan nuur village. Total riding is 6-7 hours. Thanks to previous 2 days horse ride, you will become used to with your horse and you will be good rider. Have a picnic lunch and ride. Dinner in the Village.

Day 7 Drive to Murun town

Today we will drive back towards Murun town. It will be a long drive (8-9 hours). After a long drive, you will relax in a comfortable hotel.

Day 8 Fly to Ulaanbaatar

Morning, we will visit deer stone monument complex. After history discovery tour fly to Ulaanbaatar. You will arrive in Ulaanbaatar at 14 PM. Driver and guide will pick up you from airport. Have lunch in restaurant and drop off to your accommodation.

Price for 1 person: 2700 $; For 2 people 1490$ 


  • Round trip domestic flight
  • Car service Russian 4 W van, driver and fuel
  • Accommodation (2 nights in Teepee, 2-night cottage, 2 night in tent and ger, house, 1 night in 3*Hotel)
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and water intake
  • Horses and horse specialized guide 3 days
  • Tents and camping equipment
  • Transfer of domestic airports
  • English speaking guide
  • Not included
  • Personal expense,
  • Alcoholic drink
  • Gratitude for stuff



Reindeer people or in Mongolian “Tsaatan” tiny ethnic minority numbers just over 300.  They live in rugged taiga ecosystem of Khuvsgul Sayan mountains, in the northern edge of Mongolia. There are two settlements, they live in a group. Western and Eastern taiga divided by west and east side of Shishged river. The nature is same colorful, wild forest mountainous zone.

They live in Teepee. In the Teepee, in center is being a stove. They cook on it and it heats the teepee in winter. Along the wall there are 3 simple wooden beds. And in the eastern corner of the teepee is a small wooden kitchen shelf. They don’t have table, chairs and other furniture. They simply live in a harmony with reindeers and nature.    

Taiga means subarctic biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches. Reaching temperature is -50 Celsius in winter. The weather become colder, the reindeer become fatter. Reindeer herders move towards colder terrains.


What to bring

We ride on high altitudes in mountains. In the taiga morning gets easily wet. The weather can vary very easily from warm sunny to sudden down pours. The temperature ranges from +15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F) during the day and from +20°C (68°F) - +5°C (41°F) during a night.

-          Water resisted mid-calf boots as they double as hiking boots

-          Light shoes or Sneakers for camping and in car

-          Gloves

-          long, thick socks on horse riding

-          riding chaps (optional)

-          Rain suit, or rain and wind resisted coat. Not the ponchos or light plastic. (they spook the horses)

-          A hat with string

-          Bike pants or some softer clothes for your buttocks.

-          Sun glasses

-          Sun cream

-          Insect repellent spray

-          Personal medications, first aid kit (specially pills for stomach, nose drop and eye drop)

-          Warm clothes

Light, power bank for phone charge or extra batteries, car pillow,



Number of days: 8
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Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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