Gold Altai. AkTru, Uchar, Teletskoe. - 8 days

 A bright and unforgettable journey through Gorny Altai with a visit to the picturesque AkTura mountain gorge, the sacred valley of Ak Cholushpa, KatuYaryk pass, Stone mushrooms in the Akkurum, Bolshoi Chulchinsky waterfall and of course Teletskoye Lake This tour with auto off-road, walking along mountain paths and an unforgettable vacation and enjoying energy and natural purity of Gorny Altai.

 In this tour you will see:

  • Chui tract (road)
  • Seminsky mountain pass
  • Chike-Taman mountain pass
  • Chuy Oozy (place of confluence of two rivers Chuya and Katun)
  • KalbakTash (cave paintings of different eras)
  • Kurai steppe
  • Chui steppe
  • North-Chuya mountains
  • Mountain gorge AkTru
  • Mount Ak-Tru 4,044 m.
  • Glacier B. Aktru.
  • Blue lake
  • Ulagansky mountain pass
  • Martian landscapes
  • lake Geyserovo
  • Red Gate
  • Ulagan Plateau
  • Pazyryk mounds
  • KatuYaryk mountain pass
  • BazhiKaya
  • KaraSuu waterfall
  • Stone Mushrooms
  • Uchar waterfall
  • Korbu waterfall
  • Southern shore of lake Teletskoye and this is only a small part of what you have to see.

Dates of arrivals for 2020: 04/07 – 11/07; 26/06 – 03/07; 17 – 24/09. On the other dates - on individual requests, in these months - July, August, September.

100% guaranteed tour.

 Accommodation in warm houses.

The price includes: transportation costs, 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner), an English speaking guide, accident insurance, accommodation in warm houses, a mini concert of throat singing, meetings with Altai shamans, tickets to museums and sightseeing facilities.

 All my travels begin with the city of Gorno-Altaisk.

Under the additional agreement I can meet you in the cities of Biysk / Barnaul / Novosibirsk.

 Tour program:

 Day 1

On the first day of our trip, you will have a fascinating tour of the Chui road. We will pass through two picturesque alpine passes Seminsky and Chike Taman. We will visit the sacred sites of the indigenous population, we will see cave paintings, we will visit viewing platforms. You will see forever white mountain peaks. In the evening, waiting for you dinner and hot Russian bath.

 Overnight at the recreation center in warm houses.

 Day 2

The next day we are waiting for the move to the village of Kurai (Kosh-Agach district). In the village of Kurai, the road leaves the Chuisky tract, and then goes along the off-road to the “Perevalka ”. From here the group’s entry in all-terrain vehicles along the r. AkTru moving to the alpine camp is about 10 km (2000 m. Above sea level).

 Accommodation in wooden houses at the recreation center "Aktru" for 2-3 people.

 Day 3

Today we will have an amazing walking tour: along the river. Aktru, along the Bolshoy AkTru glacier to Blue Lake (2900 m above sea level). The lake is called "Blue" in fact, the water in the lake is a beautiful greenish-turquoise color. The water in the lake is + 2 degrees, but there are many who want not only to see, but also to feel with their whole body, the beauty of this beautiful lake. In good weather, a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks. In good weather, the top of AkTru opens (4075 m).

 Overnight at the recreation center in warm houses.

 Day 4

Today we descend to the Chuisk road in the direction of Kyzyl Chin. The Kyzyl-Chin Valley amazes with its fanatic landscape. In this area, a very powerful weathering crust of red, white, and yellow flowers is developed. In it  gully and steep canyons are cut through streams. Formed almost Martian landscape.

 Overnight in a guest house in the village of Chagan Uzun. Today will be a hot bath.

 Day 5

Today we have an exciting excursion program to the valley of the river. Chulyshman, on the way we take a photo on the lake Geyvoe. We will drive through the Red Gate. Let us stop at the high Ulagansk pass. Visit the museum in Ulaghan. We'll stop at the royal burial mounds of the Pazyryk culture - the archaeological culture of the Iron Age (VI-III centuries. BC. E.). Let us stop at the viewing platform of Bazhy Kai, where a picturesque view of the Chulyshman valley opens up. We will drive through the picturesque pass Kathu Yaryk.

 Overnight stay on the basis of the tourist base Uchar  in warm houses.

 Day 6 

Today we have a pedestrian walk to the Uchar waterfall (20 km). The largest waterfall in Russia! Its h is 160 meters. The sound of water stuns even on the approach to it.

 Overnight in the recreation center on the bank of the river Chulyshman.

 Day 7

Day of rest. The weather on Chulyshman is usually sunny and hot, today we will walk on the Stone Mushrooms, see the surroundings of the Chulyshman valley. "Stone mushrooms" were formed from solid materials as a result of leaching and destruction of softer rocks. Transfer to the Southern coast of Lake Teletskoye. Lake Teletskoye is considered to be one of the main attractions of the Altai Mountains. This is one of the largest reservoirs of Russia.

 Overnight on the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye in warm houses.

 Day 8

Boat trip on the Teletskoye Lake to the village of Artybash, calling at the Corbu waterfall, then moving to Gorno-Altaisk.

 Farewell to the group


Number of days: 8
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Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: ticket to Gorno-Altaisk, lunch on the way.
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Transport: SUV 4x4
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