Spring in the Altai. Chemal, Yustid, Kurkure - 8 days

In the month of May we invite you to one of the incredible spectacles. During the May holidays, the Altai Mountains turn into a huge flowering glade. The mountains of Altai are blazing purple. But it is simply unreal! The slopes of the mountains really become completely purple. But in the other months Altai is magnificent in its own way.

 This is also a tour for those who prefer comfort. We slowly drive in a warm car from one sight to another, stop and spend the night in warm houses. Mountain passes, lakes, rock paintings - that's what you have to see. The trip will be exciting and interesting.

You will see on this tour.

  • Chui, Teletsky tract
  • Lake Teletskoye
  • Oirok Mountain Gorge
  • ChuyoOozy (r.Chuya and r.Katun)
  • KalbakTash (petroglyphs)
  • Kurai Steppe
  • Chui steppe
  • North Chuya Range
  • Lake Geysernoe 
  • Red Gate
  • Lake Kedele
  • Ulagan plateau
  • Ulagansky Mountain pass
  • Kurgan complex Pazyryk
  • Bazhi Kaya
  • Mountain pass KatuYaryk
  • valley of the river Chulyshman
  • Ancient Khans burials
  • Kyzylchin (Marisansky landscapes of Altai)
  • River Yustyd
  • museums of Altai
  • Nature park "Uch Enmek"
  • waterfall Kurkure
  • Kurgan complex BashAdar1 and 2 and this is only a small part of what you have to see.


Dates of arrivals for 2020:  01 - 08/05; 12 - 19/05. On the other dates on individual requests.

100% guaranteed tour. 

 Accommodation in warm houses.

The price includes: transportation costs, 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner), an English speaking guide, accident insurance, accommodation in warm houses, a mini concert of throat singing, meetings with Altai shamans, tickets to museums and sightseeing facilities.

 All my travels begin with the city of Gorno-Altaisk.

Under the additional agreement I can meet you in the cities of Biysk / Barnaul / Novosibirsk.

Tour program:

Day 1

Excursion along the Chuisky road with a stop at the Tavdinsky caves. Walk through the cave to the monument of nature of the Tavda karst arch. Next, on the other road (Chemal path) we will admire the beauty of Chemal - let's go to the island of Patmos, take a walk along the goat path, look at the Chemal mini hydroelectric station. We will drive a little more and stop for the night in s.Elanda. Accommodation at the recreation center in the village of Elanda on the banks of the Katun River.

In the evening we will have dinner and a hot Russian bath.

Day 2 

In the morning we are planning a trip to the valley of Chechkysh mountain spirits, which offers a breathtaking view of the valley of the Katun River. The ritual of worshiping mountain spirits takes place in the valley. Further along the Chui road we go to the Seminsky pass, we will make a small stop on the pass. Sightseeing walk through the cedar grove. After a short mountain walk, we will continue along the Chui road to the "UchEnmek" natural park.

Day 3 

 This day excursion along the Chuisky tract (roade). Ahead we are waiting for the picturesque mountain pass Chike-Taman - a walk through the pass. Next, we will make a small stop at the mouth of the Ilgumen River, where a beautiful view of the Gorny Altai, Katun and Ilgumen rivers opens. Ahead after Ilgumen, stop at the picturesque viewing platforms (Katunsky bom, ChuiOozy). The incredible beauty of Gorny Altai along the entire road. After lunch we will have an excursion program on the rock paintings of the KalbakTash and AdyrKan sanctuaries.

 Overnight in hotel rooms in Aktash village. 

 Day 4 

On this day, we will visit observation platforms on the North-Chuya Range, the Kurai Steppe and the Martian landscapes of KyzylChin. During the day, stunning views of the mountains and steppes of the Altai.

Overnight in a house with the locals.

Familiarization with the traditions and way of life of the indigenous population. 

 Day 5 

 Excursion along the Chuya steppe to the valley of the Yustyd river. Hiking in the red mountains, KyzylShina mountains. The valley of the Yustyd river, a sacred place for all mankind, the insane energy of these places inspires, Martian landscapes and Kurgan complexes of Altai, that's what you will see on this day.

Overnight in a house with the locals.

Familiarization with the traditions and way of life of the indigenous population.

Day 6 

On this day, departure to the valley of the river Chulyshman. Stops along the entire route to the picturesque places of the Ulagansky Tract (Red Gate, Ulaganskoye Plateau, Uzun, Kedel and Uch Kol, Ulagansky Pass, BazhiKaya, KatuYaryk).

Overnight at the recreation center in warm houses under the KatuYaryk pass.

 Day 7 

 Today we plan a walk (18 km) to the beautiful Kurkure waterfall, walk along the bank of the river Chulyshman.

 Overnight on the bank of the river Chulyshman in warm houses, in the evening we are waiting for a hot dinner and a Russian bath.

 Day 8 

 Return to Gorno-Altaisk along the Chuisky tract with stops for snacking along the route.

 Farewell to the group.


Number of days: 8
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: ticket to Gorno-Altaisk, lunch on the way.
What to bring: What to bring along we discuss at the stage of booking
Transport: SUV 4x4
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