Mongolia – Experiencing nomads and culture (14 Day's)

With this tour through Mongolia, we offer you not only the opportunity to experience the culture of Mongolia, special you are also the nomadic life in the desert to get to know.
Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country on earth (if one disregards the poles). Hospitality and in the truest sense of the word "an open door", are an integral part of the nomadic culture. The family live dispersed in in small groups in this endless sea of grass. On this trip you will get to know some of these families and their simple life.

Karakorum Cradle of the Mongolia and the ancient capital of the medieval Mongol Empire. At the court of Chingges Khan, lived delegates, scientists, artists, even a representative of the Pope was at the court of Khan's.

South of Karakorum, the landscape gradually changes into the Gobi. The Gobi exerts a peculiar fascination on visitors. Barren rocky landscapes are interspersed with endless gravel surfaces. The Gobi is home to the camel breeders. The camel is still in some regions the most important means of transport.

Within the Gobi are the Yol Valley with its unique desert landscapes and canyons and Bayanzag, with his mighty rock formations, a special experience of nature. Until late in the summer, the strait and narrow Yol Valley is filled with ice from the previous winter. With a little luck, can be found in fossilized dinosaur bones Bayanzag. This part of the tour follows in the footsteps of the legendary explorer and discoverer Sven Hedin.

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