A fascinating journey through the Pamir highway to Dushanbe


 Then you will have an opportunity to see the sights of Osh, including the jaima-bazaar - one of the largest markets in Central Asia, Suleiman Too - the sacred mountain for local Muslims, also known as Solomon’s Throne and the cave museum. Here we can offer you a variety of options: a food tour, visit to bazar, organization of a trip to the Kyrgyz-Ata National Park (which is only 40 km from the city where you can see the Kyrgyz nomadic way of life).

Day 1: Osh - Karakul

From the early morning we will start a trip 210 km trip towards the Kyrgyz-Tajik border with a view to the summit of in (7,134 m), which dominates over the area. The end of the Kyrgyz section will be on the Kyzyl-Art Pass (4,280 m), which forms the border with Tajikistan. Border formalities can take time, after which we will see the shore of Karakul Lake located at the altitude of 3915 meters. Karakul was created as  a result of the earthquake, tectonic activity and melting glaciers and  considered to be the largest lake among the nearly 800 ancient lakes of the Pamirs. On the shore of the lake there are several mysterious stone circles. The night stay will be in the local guesthouse.

Day 2: Karakul- Murghab

Trip to Murghab (135 km) through the Ak-Baytal Pass (4 655 m), the highest section of the road in the former USSR. Murgab is the center of the highest mountain region in the CIS bordering China. Here the terrain becomes barren and rocky. This region is the dwelling place of ethnic Kyrgyz. Murgab is located in a valley at an altitude of about 3000 m above the sea level and surrounded by high peaks. At this point you can see the peak of Muztag Ata - the highest mountain in the Pamirs in 7546 m. ​ The night sky has the best view of the Milky Way ever-imaginable. Overnight and the dinner with Kyrgyz and Tajik cuisine will be held in the local guesthouse.

Day 3. Murgab - Lake Bulunkul - Langar.

It will be a long day since our trip will be towards Bulunkul Lake and by the end of the day you will arrive to the Vahan Valley. The drive to the Bulunkul Lake will be through the picturesque Alichur Valley. The village of Bulunkul is a small settlement on the banks of Bulunkul and Yashilkul lakes and consists of only a few families. A lunch with a local family after one hour of trek to the shore of Lake Yashilkul. Return to the main road to reach Langar (126 km) along the Khargush Pass 4,344 m. When we enter Wahan corridor, there will be amazing views to the Pamirs on the right and to the Hindu-Kush on the left. As we will be driving by the Afghan border you will have a chance to see the Afghan settlements. The view is severe and deserted. Overnight will be at the guest house in Vakhan

Day 4. Langar - Yamchun.

It will be mostly culturally explorative day as we will climb the mountain to see the petroglyphs carved into the rock depicting mountain goats, caravans, horsemen with banners and the symbol of the Ismaili hand. Then we will head to the Wrang, where the Buddhist complex dating from the 4th-7th centuries is located. In Yamchun we stop at the Yamchun’s Follower’s Fort. Further on the mountainside are the hot springs in Bibi-Fatim. The crystal clear water is full of minerals and very silty, in a rocky cave you can take a natural steam bath. The overnight will be spent with a local family.

Day 5. Yamchun - Ishkashim - Khorog

After the breakfast, we will head towards the Ishkashim, which stands at the mouth of the Vakhan-river. It is a historical place where in the 19th century the British and Russian Empires signed an agreement on adding a strip of the Vakhan valley to Afghanistan and creating a neutral buffer zone between the two empires. We continue the way towards Khorog (130 km) - the center of Gorny Badakhshan. On the way we will see the hot springs.

Day 6. Khorog

Khoroge is gorge city located on a gorge. You will have a chance to walk through the city and visit the botanical garden, which contains the collections of plants harvested during the USSR. If this day falls on a Saturday morning you will also visit the Afghan market to buy traditional Afghan hats and scarves. In case if you are not tired after this all we can visit a small historical museum. Overnight will be at the guest house.

 Day 7. Khorog - Kalaykhimb

A day-long ride (240 km) to Kalayhun which is a small village on the Pamir Highway, our track will lie along the Afghan border, where we can stop on the way to make memorable photos of Afghans. Arrival at the guest house and having a rest.

 Day 8. Kalaikhumb - Dushanbe

Today's path will be accompanied the changing landscapes of the beauties of Tajikistan.

Day 9. Dushanbe

Full day in Dushanbe: visit to Rudaki Square, Ismail Somoni Monument and Friendship Palace. Anyone who is interested in archeology may visit the Museum of National Antiquities. Exhibits in this museum are mainly from pre-Islamic civilizations of Tajikistan (Greek / Bactrian, Buddhist, Hindu and Zoroastrian). The central element is the 14-meter reclining Buddha in Nirvana. After the tragic destruction of the Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan, this is the largest preserved Buddha statue in Central Asia. In case of extra time, we will see two beautiful madrasas of the 18th / 19th centuries, one of which nowadays is a fine ethnographic museum. 

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