Kazakhstan, Uzbekstan,Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan tour 24 days


Tour program:

Day 1

Today we drive to Altyn Emel. Altyn-Emel National Park is the largest and most famous nature conservation area in Kazakhstan, where the famous Singing Dunes, the majestic Saki barrows and the picturesque mountains of Aktau and Katutau are located. these places are attracted by the cleanest air, amazingly beautiful mountain landscapes and unique monuments of ancient cultures. Altyn-Emel Park occupies 523,053 hectares and is located in the valley of the Ili River, in the territory of Almaty Region.

After lunch we go on Singing Dunes

Singing Dune, reaching a height of 120 meters and a length of about 3 km, located in one of the corners of the Altyn-Emel National Park, a few kilometres from the Ili river between the mountains of Big and Small Kalkan. This sandy hill consists of very fine pure sand, which starts to “sing” in windy weather and its sound reminds the organ music. If the weather is dry and windy, the sand-dune will “sing” you its song, which could be heard as far as several kilometers…

Overnight in  the village of Basshi at the guest house.

 Day 2.

After breakfast drive toAktau and Katutau . Aktau is a small mountain massif located in the Eastern part of Altyn Emel National Park. Its origin is connected with the rising of land area that is a long time ago-back in the Cretaceous period was the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean. Before lifting and draining of land, sea currents, connecting and intertwining with each other, lowered portable terrestrial rocks of different composition and density to the bottom. Over millions of years after the retreat of the ocean, the water and wind have washed and weathered weak rock, erecting of the remaining species whimsical shapes and compositions. The whole landscape of Aktau mountains is so unusual and fantastic, that it feels like another planet. It is impossible to descried the beauty: it is definitely should be visited

1: 00pm lunch

After lunch we drive to Lake Kolsay1

Distance 15 km Travel time 40 minutes

Sightseeing tour 1 hour

Departure to the gesthouse or yurt than we walk around Lake Kolsay

Day 3

This days you relax and swim and explore amazing mountainous area.  These days you can see and learn regular day life of nomads and their tradition.  The nearest “neighbors” of the three Kolsai lakes are the mysterious Kaindy lake, located 11 km to the east, and the beautiful blue Issyk-Kul lake, which can be reached by overcoming the Sary-Bulak pass. Like horse riding, fishing and hiking around. The water in the Kolsai lakes is extraordinary: the centuries-old Tien Shan spruces were reflected in the dark blue depths - and now the water is already emerald green - like a coniferous forest colored the lake in its colors! But the next moment a high blue sky peered into the lake - and the water immediately turned bright blue.Also, we see the mountains, in the bridge connecting Zailiisky Alatau and Kungei-Alatau ridges, between natural high spruce slopes of Kolsai gorge, these natural treasures are securely hidden - wonderful lakes. Each of them has its own unique charm. Each in its own beautiful

Day 4

Moving to the location in the region of 4 Canyons

Visit each canyon:

1 Canyon Temirlik

2 Canyon Yellow

3 Clay canyon

4 Charyn Canyon (VALLEY castles)

Lunch in one of the canyons

Overnight in Almaty Hotel.

Day 5 Almaty- Shymkent We go to by bus or by plane, by car The distance between Almaty and Shymkent is 607 km

 The cheapest way to get from Almaty to Shymkent is to train which costs $10 - $19 and takes 15h 9m

The quickest way to get from Almaty to Shymkent is to fly which costs $50 - $140 and takes 3h 4m. Almaty to Shymkent without a car is to train which takes 15h 9m and costs $10 - $19

Day 6 Today we relax and tour of the city Overnight in Hotel

Day 7 Shymkent to Tashkent (Uzbekstan) The border crossing Kazakhstan- Uzbekistan

 Short excursion: Kukeldash madrassah and Chorsu bazar. Amir Temur square, Independence square, overnight in Tashkent

Day 8  Tashkent-Bukhara

After breakfast transfer to Tashkent railway station, departure to Bukhara (train "Sharq" (08:30 am.) You can discover heart of Uzbekistan along the way: cotton fields, wheat, and part of the Asian central steppe but also bridges the Syrdarya River (the largest in the country). Lunch at train buffet.  We reach to Bukhara (15.30pm.). First discovery to old Bukhara, all Liab-i-Hauz, madrasas. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Bukhara

Day 9 Buhkhara

 Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the summer palace of the last Emir of Bukhara: Sitorai Mohi Hossa, set of pavilions around a romantic harem. Then discover the Nadir Divanbegi, Magoki Attari, Ulug Beg, Abdul Aziz Madrassahs as well as Registan Ensemble, Ark Fortress and Bolo-Hauz complex.  Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 10 (Buhkara-Gijduan-Samarkand)

 After breakfast we visit to Minaret Kalon, Kalon mosque then return to the hotel. 
Transfer to Samarkand through Gijduvan which is famous with its kebabs. We’ll stop in Gijduvan village to visit famous private pottery workshop which was previously visited by Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Sir Charles and many others. There we’ll be a chance to learn the history of pottery culture of Uzbekistan. Arrival in Samarkand. Hotel check-in. Free time. Overnight in Samarkand

Day 11  Passage of the border Tajikistan - Uzbekistan. Arrival in, Sarytag accommodation in a guest house.

Day 12 . Departure to Iskanderkul lake in fabulously beautiful Fann mountains. The road to the lakes runs through the Anzob Pass (3,372 m) with stunning panoramic views. A waterfall 38 meters high, named Fann Niagara, is 40 minutes' walk from Lake Iskanderkul. We can visit the snake lake and a water spring called Panjchasma (five springs) with healing properties. The village of Sarytag, the night in the guest house.

Day 13  Dushanbe. Bazaar Shohmansur, Victory Park on the hills, the National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan. cafe "Rohat". Independence Square, a grandiose monument to Ismail Somoni, Rudaki Avenue, Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 14 Dushanbe - Kalai Khumb

We will start our journey from Dushanbe. Departing in the morning we will cross the Shurabad Pass (2200m) and visit Hulbuk ancient fortress 8th Century which has been recently restored. We continue towards the Pamirs and make our way to Kalai Khumb, driving through beautiful scenery and interesting villages en route. This area is a little more conservative, and we see many men with beards, and women wearing traditional dress. We will arrive in Kalai khumb (360km) in the early evening. Overnight in a guesthouse in Dashtak village near Kalai Khumb. LD

Day 15 Kalai Khumb - Khorog

This morning we will set out to Khorog, the biggest city in Pamirs. We will drive along the Afghan-Tajik border for 260 km with the views of Afghan villages across the river. Before leaving Darvaz region we will also visit Karon archeological site - an ancient town and famous Garmchashma Hotspring, where we will take bath in the evening and stay overnight.

Day 16  Garmchashma - Karakul - Yurt camp near MT in Peak

We set off in the morning towards Murgab stopping off at some lakes. Having lunch in Murgab then Continuing on the Pamir Highway we will sett off for the Kyrgyz border today. We will cross the border and change cars on Kyrgyz side after which we will go over Kizil art pass (4336m) and continue to Yurt camp near Sary Mogul village in Kyrgyzstan. Overnight in Yurts.

Day 17 Yurts camp - Osh

In the morning we drive to Osh 4 hrs, on arrival, we will have the opportunity to explore some of its sights, including Solomon’s Throne – the rock that looms over the city and is an important Muslim pilgrimage site. This Silk Road town is so old it celebrated its 3000th birthday a number of years ago. It is a place steeped in history and claims to have the best bazaar in all Central Asia – something we will check out.Overnigth in hotel

Day 18 Osh –Djalal abad –Kazarman
Kazarman was one of the strategic cities during Basmachi revolt in Turkestan. It was here where local fighters for independence from Imperial/Soviet authority hid from the enemies. 
Now this district is absolutely safe, but it's still difficult to reach and sparsely populated.

On our way we'll admire the most picturesque and highest passes of Kyrgyzstan and breathtaking views around us stretching hundreds of kilometers.

We'll visit the valley of one of the main waterways in Central Asia, Naryn River.

We will spend the night in Kazarman guest house.

Day 19 Kazarman –Naran –Tash-rabat

Transfer (115 km) to this historic resting place on the Great Silk Road - the Tash-Rabat Caravan-Sarai (12th C). Free time in the afternoon. You can go for a short walk or a horse riding excursion and visit Kyrgyz shepherds who live in this area. Overnight in a yurta camp. (2,800 m above sea level

Day 20 Tash-rabat- Song Kol

High mountain lake Son-Kul. It's a big alpine lake at an altitude of more than 3016 m. above sea level. This is the area of eco-tourism with pristine pastures, plenty of birds and livestock.

We'll get there by a scenic road through Naryn Region with high mountain passes of the inner Tian Shan.

And spend a night in a yurt by the lake between clouds and mirror-like water surface.

Day 21 Song Kol- Jeti Oguz- KaraKol

Reach Jeti Oguz Jorge. On the top of the hill you can see amazing view of mixed landscape of mountains,valleys,green fields and trees that gives you a unique picture like an artificial painting of landscape Overnigth in Karakol

Day 22 Karakol-Cholpan ata Issykkol

After breakfast, you will start to move towards Bishkek through the north shore of the Issyk-Kul lake. lunch in Cholpon-Ata city. After lunch, you will visit the cultural centre of Ruh Ordo, named after the famous writer of Kyrgyzstan Chingiz Aitmatov, who unites the history and spiritual heritage of various cultures and nationalities of the world. Overnigth in gest house

Day 23 Issykkol –Burana- Bishkek

. The Burana tower - today is the heritage of UNESCO and Kyrgyzstan as one of the Great Silk Road sight. Burana itself is a tower-minaret, was built in the 10th-12th centuries under the Karakhanids. You will have an unforgettable excursion in the entire complex territory, visiting the museum and a panoramic view from the Tower itself. After Burana excursion, you will go to Bishkek

Overnight Hotel or gest house

Day 24. Bishkek- Ala Archa

After breakfast short trip to National Park Ala-Archa. There you will have a small trek to the river, surrounded by high junipers on the snow-covered peaks even during summer time. You can breathe in the fresh mountain air and try cold water coming from the glaciers. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to make the most memorable photos of your trip to Kyrgyzstan

Overnigth hotel or gest house


I can change program of the tour or you can propose your own program. 

We can travel by train ,by bus or by car

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