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8 lakes horse trek, Terelj & the central part of Mongolia 8

8 lakes horse trek & the central part of Mongolia 8 days Private and Joint Group tour

The experience of staying in a Mongolian Ger hotel in Terelj park. Ride a camel and hike through dunes in Elsen tasarkhai. Ride a horse for two days in Eight lakes (Khuisiin Naiman Nuur). Discover the culture by visit honourable nomadic family in the remote 8 lakes. To relax in Tsenher hot spring, these areas have lots of nomadic families and Mongolian main animals of a horse, cattle, sheep, goat. The tour has 1735 km drive road. 

Brief itinerary

  • Day 1 Terelj National Park and Manzushir temple hike in             Bogd mountain, Chinggis statue 
  • Day 2 Elsen tasarkhai - semi Gobi and camel ride
  • Day 3 Eight lakes base camp beside Shireet lake
  • Day 4 Horse trek to Bugat lake and nomadic family visit
  • Day 5 Horse trek to other lakes and Orkhon (Tsutgalan)             waterfall
  • Day 6 Tsenher hot spring
  • Day 7 Erdene zuu and museum in Kharhorin
  • Day 8 Ulaanbaatar

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Terelj National park Manzishur temple and Chinggis statue

Morning, driver and guide will pick you up from your accommodation and drive to Manzushir temple in Bogd Khan mountain valley. It is a refreshing morning hike through the forest and open space of valley. There will be vultures, an eagle soaring, squirrels running and the air is fresh. After a small hike, we will visit the Chinggis statue. Have lunch in Terelj lodge. After lunch, we will visit Ariyabal temple in the other beautiful valley. From here you will see the full scene of Terelj National Park. When we go back to camp, we will stop for a Turtle rock to climb or have a picture. 

Day 2: Elsen tasarkhai camel ride

Today, we will drive to Elsen tasarkhai to ride a camel and climb to the dune. Elsen tasarkhai is 100 km long dune in the green part of Mongolia. Hugnu Khan granite rocky mountain is just north side of the dune. We will stay in Teepee shaped camp in the bottom of the Hugnu Khan mountain. Camel ride through the steppe. And walking through the dune. You will see a beautiful natural scene from the top of the dune.

Road length 360 km

Day 3: 8 lakes base camp (Khuisiin Naiman Nuur)

When we drive further to the west, the monadic families getting more and more, mountains and hills continuous, yaks, horses will appear more frequently. We will have lunch in Arvaiheer town. And we will buy our food for 2 days horse ride from this town. Afternoon we drive farther to 8 lakes base camp. We will drive over the mountains and hills. Evening arrives at the camp beside Shireet lake. Sleep in tourist Ger camp.

300 km

8 lakes camp


Day 4: Horse riding through other lakes and Nomadic family visit

We will ride a horse for two days and see our car on the second day. The total riding km is nearly 17 km in two days. So you can take clothes and some stuff for a day in a small bag back. We will carry our luggage to yaks. Morning, preparing luggage and load up to our horses will take some time. The first day we will ride 4- 5 hours through 3 lakes. We will have a picnic lunch beside the shore of the lake. And Afternoon arrives at nomadic family. You will ride the same horse for two days. If you are riding a horse just the first time, it will be a new experience. Most of the beginner visitor ride very well. Our horses are calm with tourist and our horse guides – the horse herders are experienced with visitors. Today we will stay in nomadic family’s spare ger. The family has horses, sheep, goat and yaks. And they stay just beside the the fourth lake.

4-5 hours

Monolian Ger at Eight lakes

Day 5: Horse riding and Orkhon waterfall

Morning, we will pack luggage to yaks and mount on our horses. We will have a picnic lunch on the way in the forest. After riding 3-4 hours, see our car. The driver will pick up us and drive to Orkhon waterfall. We will stay beside the waterfall in a Ger camp with hot shower. Evening, we will walk through a waterfall, if you want to swim, you can swim here.

4 hours

Day 6: Tsenher hot spring

Morning hours, we will drive through Hangai mountain range and arrive at hot spring camp at lunchtime. After riding horse for 2 days, relaxing in hot spring will release your body. The hot spring is 86 Celsium from underground. The Tourist camps have their own swimming pool in a fence. You can relax in the pool from 7 AM – 10 PM. Optional hike around the stream of hot spring.

Day 7: Kharhorin Erdene zuu temple and museum

Today we will drive to  Kharhorin village to visit Erdene zuu Buddhist temple and history museum. Stay in the camp beside Orkhon river in the Orkhon valley.

Day 8: Ulaanbaatar

Morning, drive to Ulaanbaatar. On the way, have lunch. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar around 3-4 PM.



Price for 2 people 1190$ per person

Price for 3 people 990$ per person

Price for 4 people 890$ per person

Price included:

  • 4 WD air-conditioned car 
  • 8-night accommodation  7 night Comfortable camps with hot shower and 1-night nomadic family
  • English speaking guide
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, water intake during 9 days tour
  • 2 days horse riding cost with horse wrangler
  • Camel trek cost with camel wrangler
  • Museum, monastery, National park’s entrance fees, all taxes  




Number of days: 8
Start Date: Jul 18, 2020
End Date: Jul 25, 2020
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Transport: Minivan
Start in (City): Ulaanbaatar
End in (City): Ulaanbaatar
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For a confirmed booking, a deposit of (10%) is required. Deposit is paid by credit card (secure payment via Stripe, no credit card fees). The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon start of the trip - unless Host & Traveler agree on different payment methods.

Cancellation Policy

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